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Mazda5 Suspension



  • Dspider wrote a week or ago:
    "also I have looking everywhere and reading alot about this problem and somewhere along I read a post from a guy in Montreal who said he got his car fixed with what the dealer said were the new redesigned parts"

    I am searching (though not efficiently) to find the Montreal post so that I can email and find out what the redesigned parts were that were used to fix his/her car. Anyone out there recall when or who that poster is form Montreal??? It is this kind of evidence that is needed to force other dealers to act on the problem.
  • I my self am having trouble finding that post again probably because I have been to so many different sites, but I will keep trying. So I took my 5 for a drive this evening after getting it back from the dealer this morning , and as expected the noise came back with it .. It is not as loud as before probably because the temprature is starting to go up a little and the dealer might have greased the living hell out of it. Either way they will be seeing me by tuesday and I will be trying to make contact with Mazda Canada next week to explain to them that i am paying for a new car not something that seems used and defective...If all your Maz5 customers are telling you about the same problem why not do a recall( trough the dealer if they want to keep it quiet )and fix the problem..Well I say it is time for action if they don't want to deal I will be seeking legal advice( about the lemon issue in Canada )I will try contacting Peter Silverman at City T.V and I will try contacting transport canada and foward all the info I have to them..We were all treated like gold when we were spending alot of money to buy the car now when we are having problems we don't seem to be getting any kind of treatment at all...Just my 2cents.
  • I could not find the montreal post but i did find a link in this very forum I will post it but first look at this...
    Front Squeak and Rear Crunch GONE! A New Lease in Life.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -

    I gave a copy of this TSB,, along with a printout of the related discussion here as well as at to my dealer's service manager. A week later they called me to say that the parts have arrived. I promptly brought my 5 in at 8:30am, left, came back at 5pm and all my problems GONE. Right away I felt a big difference in the ride especially at the front. So I guess the "front lower control arms" apart from the bushings were redesigned not solely to fix the squeaks but maybe to address the harsher ride (I'm just guessing here). It felt like the front had real "rubber" tires now as against before where I felt like I had wooden tires. The rear crunching noise that I had since I took delivery of the car is gone as well. Of course it's not a real test yet as it hasn't stopped raining since the fix was made. The true test would be on dry weather for the rear as it is the only time when it acts up. Overall, I am extremely happy and loving every minute of my drive. Thanks to all who have contributed. If not for this forum, I would still be suffering.
    This is from B.c Canada post #134 page9
    apparrently all the dealers have a different story ,the parts are still being redesigned or its on back order... Now who is lying and who is telling the truth ? If the fix is in the U.S why are we not getting it here ?
    The link is at post #7 on page 2 of this very forum , from pages 3 and up ther is alot of interesting reading..
  • Thanks for the reply and taking time to look for the Montreal post - I too am on at least three different forums but regardless - what you and others are being offered as a potential fix (goodwill gesture on your dealer's part) is not what others are being offered.
    I still plan to go to my dealer - take the 2006 Mazda5 demo for a ride (my salesperson knows about this) - if that car does not sound the same as mine, I will have to assume that the demo has been properly fixed. There is no way they would take potential buyers out in a car sounding like mine or others with the problem. I understand the position the dealership is in - they sell the cars, Mazda warranties the cars against defects. In the USA, it it clear that there was no cost to the owner for these repairs under the TSB; there seems to be "goodwill" gestures in the form of cash/vouchers for some repairs that caused inconvience to owners for a variety of repairs.
    I am in the process of considering whether I want to waste my time and the dealer's sevice department in accepting their offer to apply the "non-fix" to my vehicle or not. If I don't accept this offer, have I breached anything that might give Mazda Canada any reason to not apply a permanent fix in the future? :confuse: Have to think about this.
    Before you decide to go the legal route (which may cost you alot), check out the CAMVAP web site -
    It is an "either or" option - either you go traditional legal route OR you let CAMVAP take it on for free.* you must follow the process for disputes that is published in your owner's handbook first before going through CAMVAP.
    Call Mazda Canada Inc. 1-800-263-4680
    Also you have a Consumers Association in Ontario as well (looked at their web site last night).
    Transport Canada - or call 1-800-333-0371 to report a possible "safety" problem or call Transport Canada general number 1-800-333-0510 to see if they can do or recommend anything.
    Contacting media or investigative shows like Marketplace (which I did) may help if there are enough people complaining.
    Someone posted on another forum that the North American Operations in the USA oversees customer service for USA and Canada - however, you can't email them or register with them because you don't have a ZIP code, but you can call them. :mad:
    If anyone else has a suggestion, please post.
  • This the first response from my home town from an owner who has had more of a fix than me (for sure) and others in Canada. While this fix is not complete by any means, I am sure the owner will let me know the final outcome.

    "We bought our Mazda5 from XXXXXXXXXXXXX Mazda on XXXXXXXXXX and at first they replaced the front sway bar bushings at no charge and have now ordered the lower control arms."

    If I were a dealership and someone had a problem and as a dealer I didn't offer to fix it or couldn't fix it, I would be very embarassed for that customer to take it elsewhere to get it fixed by a competitor :confuse:
  • Just checking to see how things are going with you?
    Planning on going in for the "fix" probably next week - with my luck the weather will warm up so I won't be able to tell if it is "fixed" or just hiding out until the cold weather returns. ;)
  • Im a little behind time this week.I called Mazda Canada on tuesday and explained everything,I was told that if the service manager cant solve the problem then i need to talk to the General Manager, so I called him and left a voice message because of course he was not there..Wensday was apparently his day off and when i did not hear from him at 6pm on thursday i called again.He was out.I left a message with the secretary and got a return call around 7pm.The G.M after hearing my story said the first thing on friday morning he will have a meeting with the service manager to go over everything that has been done so far and try to find anything that can be done and he will contact me sometime in the afternoon..Mazda Canada said they dont regonize the T.S.B so i suggested if it is the same problem as the U.S models would it not make sense to apply the same fix ??? I am still waiting for a response because they strayed from the topic when i brought it up......
    I will keep you all up to date once i hear from the G.M..
  • Thanks for the update. Correct re TSB only being applicable at this point in time in the USA and with cars with the applicable VINs. Correct they could apply the same fix as in the USA because it is the same problem BUT they haven't come up with a suitable Canadian winter fix and it is likely that the TSB fix will not help us in the short term.
    It is frustrating to owners, but at least the acknowledged the problem instead of saying it was normal and attempting to passive owners.
    It is nice here today (afternoon) so the noise has not presented itself. Tonight when it gets cold again, it will be back. Keep us posted please. :shades:
  • castg1castg1 Posts: 34
    Hi, am here in Regina Saskatchewan.
    Service advisor acknowleged the 'suspension noise when cold' and told me to bring the car in anytime. The TSB shows that my car's VIN is not in the range of 'affected cars'. But still I'm having the noise (rubber grabbing noise).

    Anybody knows the reason for the TSB? I mean why do they need to replace those parts? Is it for the noise? Or is the TSB also intended to fix another problem such as 'handling', etc? Because if it is only to fix the noise, then they should have only done replacement of rubber bushing and maybe lubrication.

    Will be nice to hear from mechanics in the forum.
  • I have asked the questions you are asking to both my dealer/service manager and Mazda Canada. The response was that it is not a safety issue, but if it came to that then a recall notice from Transport Canada would be issued.
    You can call any of the above to ask the question.
    I am waiting for my parts and only after they are installed will I know if there is any difference.
    I do occassionally feel a bit of a "sway" in the rear end that I had not noticed earlier in mid-October through mid-December.
    You are not alone with this problem.
  • dspiderdspider Posts: 9
    the handling is a little off because of the bushings and the lubrication will only last a day or two..Well all after a little down time my computer i back up ..After waiting a week I did not hear back from the G.M of the dealership so I tried calling him and of course he was not there ,after explaining to the secretary that i am tired of playing hide and seek i called Mazda Canada and they said they would look into it..2 days later i get a call from MazCan some guy saying he is handling my file and he will contact me in 24 to 48 buisness hours(3to6 days?)today monday 5th makes it 8 days . So i guess i will be calling him and he is not going to be happy when i do because i am tired of people pointing me in different directions trying to get me to go around in circles..They have got to understand i am paying for a new car but what i am getting seems like a defective reject and i will not give up or go away until they give me positive results..The game goes on --for now. ;)
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    I am sorry to hear that you haven't really gotten anywhere as yet.
    I am in the same boat as I have talked to Mazda Canada - was assured that something would be done through my dealership - emailed my dealer - yes they would be replacing the parts (same as someone else had done here - control arm and stabilizer bar etc.) - called to make an appointment - couldn't needed to discuss with Service Manager - emailed him - yes they would be ordering the parts (note no time frame could be next week, spring or summer)- oh yes it probably won't help much until they get the redesigned tested parts for cold climates - but they are working on it. Now that the cold weather has come back for a couple of days - the crunch, crunch is still there - at least I had a break while the weather was milder.
    I'm surprised that no one else has complained.
    Have you taken a 2007 out for a ride? I tried - they don't have any 2007 demos just a 2006 HMMMMMMmmmmmm why would that be? ;) Keep us posted.
  • dpegandpegan Posts: 1
    A new member has joined the fight. I have been experiencing the squeaky old bus ride for months. I went to my dealership in Hamilton armed with emails from this forum and the U.S. TSB. My dealership has been in complete denial that this is a widespread problem. At first they didn't want to fix it because it was a US TSB but I persuaded them to do the fix. After four weeks of waiting for the parts, they reluctantly fixed the van yesterday. The dealership only replaced the front control arms. They didn't replace the bushings in the rear. When we got it back, it drove like a dream. A day later with a temperature of -3C, it is squeaking again. Not sure how to deal with this. Some other Mazda5 owners I know don't seem to have this problem.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    Thanks for the email and sorry you are amongst those of us with the problem. You must have some persuasive powers to get the fix though there are others out there who have had either the lesser lube fix (with no end to the problem) to others who got redesigned (?) parts. I'm still waiting.
    It seems that not every Mazda5 has the problem if you know others who aren't complaining. Did you happen to contact Mazda Canada (email works well)? What about Transport Canada's Defect phone number - they welcome calls about defects?
  • mopaulmopaul Posts: 3
    I have the same problem with my 5(Sport 5spd). Live in upstate NY, so there has been plenty of oportunity for this noise to drive me insane. I feel like suspension compliance is pretty harsh during cold weather as well; robably directly related to this design/mfg. problem. Thanks to the people on this message board for bringing the TSB to my attention; armed with that, I was able to get the dealer to listen and order the parts. Don't know when the parts will be available, however. I look forward to getting it fixed and/or warmer weather; It's a sweet driving car.
    I will follow up when I have more information.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    I agree that the car is very nice to drive in warm weather.
    I wonder how longer it will be before someone with a 2007 posts with the same problem. Has anyone taken a 2007 out for a ride? I noticed they had redesigned the rear of the car. Not sure if this relates to the suspension problem or not, but it may relate to another problem I had with the separation of the bumper from the body just behind the rear wheel well. Keep us posted on your success with the fix.
  • simon76simon76 Posts: 8
    I have a 2007 Touring model that I purchased in November 2006. My car is usually parked inside a garage so the "crunchy" suspension problem never happened to me but when I go out somewhere and my car is parked outside in the cold for a long period of time, there definitely is some crunching going on when I drive. I don't drive my car much so it hasn't really been a huge annoyance to me. i'm sure once i move and have to park my car outdoors, i'll notice it a lot more.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    I am sorry to hear that the problem is also present in your 2007 vehicle. Obviously, the redesign of the rear end was not in aid of this suspension problem. :blush:
    Right now in my part of Canada, above North Dakota, the weather is 5 degrees C so I don't hear a thing and I can pretend that the problem doesn't exist - for now... ;)
  • favfav Posts: 3
    I have the same exact problem noise in cold weather. The dealer says they have a service buletin for this problem. I'm taking mine in on monday.... I'll update this thread with their solution.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    Not sure if you are in the lower half of North America or upper half? It would help to know if the service bulletin is from USA or Canada.
    I know there is a Transport Canada recall on the "frozen door locks/handles" and an obvious safety hazard if doors can fly open.
    Sure hope you get a solution.
    The cold weather is back here for a short period (I hope) and I keep hoping the crunching is just from ice on the roads (wishful thinking) ;)
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