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Mazda5 Suspension



  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    I just got off the phone with Mazda Canada regarding the suspension squeak in cold weather. We had a sub-zero C morning recently where we had a reminder that our suspension problem (front and rear) was still a problem. Mazda Canada has no solution for this problem as of yet, MUCH to our disappointment.
    If you are faced with this same problem, i urge you to get in touch with Mazda and let them know that this is unacceptable. Mazda Canada's number is 1-800-263-4680 and the Customer Service rep to whom i spoke was at extension 7163.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    This is very disheartening news. I am anxiously anticipating the cold snap. I know others on various web forums who have had the "fixed" applied more than once and the problem continued. Did you have the "fix" appplied to your car?
    I met a fellow Mazda5 owner in a parking lot who complained about the suspension noise, but he was told that it was "normal" :confuse: I suggested that he call my "investigator at Mazda Canada so that the ball gets running. It's the only way that Mazda Canada will pay any attention to consumer complaints.
    Can someone tell me why there is a three time rule for the service center to attempt to repair a defective item? Why three times why not fix it right the first time? Otherwise, buy me out, or replace my vehicle.
    Off to search the forum for vibration under the brake pedal.
  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    Thank you for your posting. It was great to feel that *someone* was listening because Mazda Canada surely is not.
    Yes, we had a fix done in late Nov 06 and the problem returned in Feb 07 (i have written this up in earlier posts in this forum). Another good thing about this forum is that it is a good way to document your issues for future reference.
    I would like to take this up the Mazda ladder. Who would i go to next? I am thinking of calling the customer 'service' rep again and asking to speak to her manager, just to get some sort of answer other than "We have noted your issue in your file and you will be notified when there is a solution". You mentioned your "investigator" at Mazda - who might that be?
    This squeaking in cold weather is enough to drive you bonkers and we have 6 months of this weather up here! To have this problem in a new car is something i never would have imagined. Mazda needs to buck up and do something about it or they will never have repeat business from us.
    I hope you find the solution to your vibration problem.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    I believe I did read your prior message and I may have quoted your non-fix to others in this forum or the others that I belong to.
    Winnipeg is cold too, and my problem started two months after I bought the car - could have bought the 2007 but didn't - not sure they had fixed that model year either because 2007 owners complained as well though not in large numbers. Did Mazda Canada provide you with an investigator of your own? What I did was email Mazda Canada - was logical, emphatic, and more disappointed in the denial of my service center that there was a problem (BTW they continue to deny problems exist and when they do I call my investigator- he has been quite helpful in making things happen).
    Other than emailing (written record) or letter writing, ask your Dealer for a meeting with the Mazda regional rep when he or she comes to visit the dealership. :D Ask to talk to the General Manager - put it in writing. I was tempted to wear something on my lab coat to draw people's attention to the problems with the Mazda5 (I work with 5000 people who love to know in advance about problems with cars). I know they were taking the cars up to Thompson to trial the re-designed parts. Perhaps they could just revert back to "rubber" bushings for starters in the meantime.
    It is too bad, I love the car, the roominess, the access to the back, higher speed acceleration when passing (Zoom Zoom) etc.
    I hate finding many other problems that are creeping up - vibrations, road noise, interior reverberation with the rear windows done (yikes), and worse the obvious lack of power when initially excelerating at lower speeds - something that I may take up with Transport Canada again - got an investigator there too.(Doom doom)
    One thing I would like on this web site forum, that other forums have) is the ability to privately email members. :shades:
    For all those anxiously waiting for winter - stay tuned
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    I am very interested in buying a 2008 Mazda5, but this suspension noise I'm reading about annoys me. I hope it will be gone in 2008. If anyone is buying a 2008 early, please let us know if the noise is still there. Thanks.
  • chattbchattb Posts: 1
    I also have a noisy Mazda 5. I purchased this car in February 06. It has had the rear doors fixed, a new motor, 2 blown tires, the ignition has dropped out in my hand and I am going into my third set of struts and the bushings were repaired about a month ago. Mazda has told me when the warranty runs out I am out of luck with the struts. And it almost is. I will definitely phone Mazda Canada. How can something this well documented and complained about continue to not be something recalled? Where do I go? I really wish I had known about this forum before I purchased the car. BBB told me it was my problem. :mad:
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    It doesn't sound like you have had a good experience with your Mazda. Makes you wonder if they really cut the corners on some cars just to get it out there. In addition to contacting Mazda Canada as you are doing, you might want to check into CAMVAP (website included below) however, CAMVAP will only act on your behalf if the dealer doesn't make things right according to your Owner's Manual (you know the three times trying to fix it then you have a case). Perhaps they should change that rule to "three things go wrong before the new warranty - they owe you a new car or your money back ;) "
    It is really hard to determine how many Mazda5s are effected since there are so many websites. My CarStats will notify you of any problems that are registered if you subscribe to their service (free to subscribe). When you look at the stats for all makes and models of cars, you come to realize that there are some other really bad car manufacturers out there and only a few provinces (plus the states' Lemon Law)that offer owners any recourse.For the amount of money people shell out for their vehicles, you would think someone would take some steps to protect people from these manufacturers? BBB is not the place - a consumer's organization might help but I think if there were many people effected perhaps some documentary program would be interested - W-five - Fifth Estate etc.
    It may be true that if you had reviewed these forums beforehand, you may not have made your purchase of this particular vehicle. I am researching other similar vehicles myself before my warranty runs out.
    I wonder why Phil Edmonston (lemon Aid for Cars) never said anything about the problems with the Mazda5. I have never been able to find any way to email him - has anyone else? :confuse:
  • It's back. The noise is back. Taking it to the dealership ASAP.
  • 8a1dy8a1dy Posts: 1
    I haven't read all the replies, but I've been having the front suspension "clunk" noise for awhile now in my '06 Mazda 5. They replaced the sway bar end links, then the control arms (TSB), then the struts.

    Still made the noise, so they said they were going to do the sway bar end links again, and the lower-right control arm. But I just talked to them, and one of the technicians found a bulletin mentioning loose bolts holding the windshield wiper cowling on. He said the TSB specifically mentioned that it would be mistaken for a front suspension noise.

    They said they checked the bolts, and they were loose, so they tightened them. They said the noise is gone, but I'll find out for sure when I pick up my car today.
  • Ah if it were only that easy ;)

    The cold weather is just arriving in Manitoba which to me means that the "crunch" is back and it's not Captain Crunch. Heard the first crunch from the left rear of my Mazda5 when I went over a big bump in the road. But I know it is back. So much for the fix though I was warned that it might be temporary.

    What to do now? Hmmmmm I think I'll wait till spring and be done with it. :P
  • I have contemplated that for at least 5 months of the year maybe and become a snowbird.
    I attempted to contact my "investigator" at Mazda Canada but he has since moved out of this position, and it appears they closed my file. Why they would close it when they knew the fix they applied was only temporary until they came up with a permanent fix (if ever). Now that I have filed another complaint, hopefully, this will generate another "investigator" for my case - who knows. Also she was unable to tell me if the 2007 or 2008 models have the same problem or not, if not, then they have fixed it. Might need to take a ride in one when it gets really cold.

    It was interesting that this customer rep had no idea about this problem - and perhaps she doesn't. Called the dealership and yes there is another fix for the "front" bushings, but none for the "rear" bushings - why because no one has complained to either Mazda Canada or their dealership. Sure I will get the "front" bushings done but only when I need to go back for oil change or other servicing.
    The Automobile Protection Association (Ontario) doesn't know that Mazda5 owners have had a problem with their vehicle - perhaps a quick email or call to them might help.
    In the meantime, I will crunch along - search through other manufacturers' forums and get a feel for who is having problems, but more importantly, who had problems and were satisfied with the resolve - perhaps that will be the vehicle for me.
    I believe that most cars suffer from some problems, but I also believe that there are dealerships and manufacturers who value their customers and their image more than others. :surprise:
  • I have a 2007 Mazda5. With the onset of cold weather here in Minnesota, I've begun experiencing the suspension crunch. The dealer says they are aware of the TSB and I am bringing the vehicle to the service shop today. I'm eager to see what they do. From all I can tell, the U.S. TSB on this issue covers 2006 vehicles, not 2007. But my crunch is definitely there. Mine hit when the temp was about 10 degrees F. Went away after a drive of 15-20 miles. This morning it was 25 degrees, and the crunch was much reduced. For the record, I love my Mazda5 otherwise and hope this turns out to be a one-time fix.
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    I have a 2006 Mazda 5, live in the Toronto area and I do notice the crunching sound especially when cold. The 2007 model has the same problem, as I sat in one. Dealer gave me a courtesy ride in the 2007 model, when I got my oil change. I don't think Mazda has a permanent fix. I went around to some Mazda forum, according to the TSB on this problem, the fix was to put some grease around the joints. This is a tempoary fix, as you will need to grease it every so often. Poor design. I think they need to put some rubber between the metal components.
  • Well I guess that ends my option to trade this vehicle in for a 2007 model.
    Wonder how the 2008 model is fairing?
    Though it would be truly a kick in the pants if the 2008 model didn't have a problem as that would mean they fixed the problem but not for our models (2006 and 2007).
    My crunch has spread from the rear to the front, so at least I will go for the front bushing replacements and wait for the rear bushing bulletin to be issued. Remember to complain otherwise they won't pay any attention to the issue.
  • Update on Nov. 28 post about the crunching noise on the 2007 ... The dealer replaced the lower control bars and sway bar bushings. No discussion, no haggling. I paid $0. The fix took about two hours. The mechanic showed me a TSB that listed 2006-2007 models with a range of VINs. So the question of whether some 2007 models are included in the TSB is at least partially answered. Unfortunately, I didn't get a TSB number or copy. I took delivery of my 2007 model in February 2007. If Mazda fixed the problem, perhaps they did so after some of the 2007s rolled off the line. I'm happy to report that it dipped below 10 degrees F this AM and there was no crunching at all from my front end. Looks like the problem was solved with zero cost and fairly minimal hassle.
  • That is encouraging news - keep us posted on the permanency of the fix - there may be hope for us all.
    Haven't heard from anyone else who was in the same boat last winter - have all of these vehicles been purring along without any noise?? :confuse:
  • Nope. My suspension CRUNCH is still there, and I think I was the first to complain about it on these boards back in the winter of 2005, so it hasn't gone anywhere. It has recently started to get cold here in NYC - at times dropping down to freezing point (32 degrees). At that point is when my rear suspension has crunched over speed bumps, and other similar large bumps on the road.

    I already knew the crunch was coming back, so I was expecting it and so it doesn't iritate me or grate me as much as it used to. Nevertheless, I have printed out the TSB someone posted on here, and I will return to my dealer and let them apply the TSB fix. Hopefully, it will be permanent, but by the looks of it, it doesn't seem as though it will.

    I'd love to know if the 2008 version still has this problem! I don't see why it wouldn't since it's basically the same design but with a 5 speed auto - all they're changing is some parts of the interior and slight front and rear styling cues. Well, to whomever gets to ride in one in the cold, please let us know!
  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42
    I have a couple of questions about the suspension crunch. Our '07 Sport was purchased in October and so far no "crunch" as far as I know. It is my wife's daily driver, but she's pretty much on top of weird sounds/feelings/vibrations in the car. I have also driven it in the cold and have not heard a crunch. In order to try and help out those here with the issue I have a couple questions, and I'm open to questions as well.

    1. Does the "crunch" show up anytime when the weather is below 32F, or does the car have to be out all day/night and cold soaked to get the noise? We have an insulated garage that usually stays above freezing, but the car is parked outside all day in sometimes sub-freezing weather.

    2. Are there specific times the your hear the crunch? I have seen speed bumps noted, but is it only over bumps or even during cornering or even backing out of the driveway?

    Since it is the wife's car, most of my driving has been short trips to the store from the above freezing garage. So far I haven't heard the crunch. I will ask her more about it as well, but I'm sure she would tell me about it. Also, I can look at the VIN plate for a date of Manufacture for anyone interested if it turns out we aren't hearing the crunch.
  • 1. Does the "crunch" show up anytime when the weather is below 32F, or does the car have to be out all day/night and cold soaked to get the noise? We have an insulated garage that usually stays above freezing, but the car is parked outside all day in sometimes sub-freezing weather.
    My response: anytime the temperature falls to -10C or lower - that's when the rear end crunch occurs. If it falls below -20 to - 25C - and standing in an uninsulated parking garage all day- it soulds like the rear end is going to "break away" from the front end.

    2. Are there specific times the your hear the crunch? I have seen speed bumps noted, but is it only over bumps or even during cornering or even backing out of the driveway?
    My response: The crunch can be heard by going over irregularities in the road - minor crunch if the temp. is -10C. Going over things like big bumps - speed bumps and railroad tracks at -10C it is much louder; though at -20 to -25C the noise is loud enough for others outside the vehicle to notice it - inside it was nerve -wracking in the beginning, and as the previous poster said you know it's coming so you don't get to out-of-joint about it. It is still embarassing to drive others in this vehicle with the crunching noise. I imagine they wonder why I put up with it, or why I bought it in the first place.
    If I drive the car for an hour or so, then the noise will lessen as the vehicle parts warm up, but that only happens in the milder cold weather, in the deep freeze, it is there always.BTW, your wife would certainly let you know if she was experiencing the same problem but it is interesting that she isn't. Does that mean that some vehicles have the poorly designed bushings, while other vehicles don't?
    Also what happens once the warranty runs out and the problem hasn't been resolved permanently?
    Now I have a question for you - does your wife's VIN fit within the range of the TSB that was issued?
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