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2007 Honda CR-V News and Views



  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Be thankful.

    In a collision, that headrest, so positioned, might save you a broken neck. ;)
  • Thanks for the reply Terry.
    A 2005 accord headrest fits and is about 1 inch narrower than the CRV headrest. The one I tried was cloth and much softer that the Leather, making the seat more comfortable for my neck. Will this accord headrest give up any safty issues and will the graphite black fron the accord match up with the indigo black on my CRV

  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Absolutely no idea!

    If it were me, I would try switching them on the dealers lot, and see. If it fits, order one.

    The alternative is to not make such a quick judgement, and live with it for a month or two first. Amazing how little things sometime don't seem as important after a while.....just takes some getting used to. :)
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Sometimes I wish headrests in all cars did that. They are supposed to support the head.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    This new geometry, placing the head rest closer to your head, is going to be universal soon:

    "Acknowledging the role that seat and head restraint design plays in reducing whiplash, (NHTSA) has created a new regulation that will require front-seat head restraints to sit closer to the back of the head and be centered vertically behind it. The regulation goes into effect on all passenger vehicles that are manufactured from September 1, 2008, onward. (NHTSA) estimates that whiplash injuries will drop by 17,000 when all new vehicles meet the requirement."

    New Head Restraints Can Help Prevent Whiplash

    If you get a car with active head restraints, the gap between your head and the head rest will automatically close in a crash, so those head rests may not be as close to your head while you are cruising around. (

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  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    I agree, but I think you might have the wrong idea about "support". They were only designed to prevent whiplash and serious neck injuries, not as a comfort item as a headrest on a recliner.....
  • The dealer usually has a warranty package to cover paint and the interior. I think it was about $500 for 5 years. It covered a lot on the outside, and stain removal on the inside. They said if they can't remove the stain they will replace the upholstery. If you plan on selling the car and want to keep it nice, or if you really are that hard on the interior, it might be worth checking into. If you are talking stains you should scotch-guard everything before you start driving, it you are talking wear and tear, I have nothing!

    Maybe Honda will now build a Hybrid --- Gas engine tied to a diesel engine. Good idea. With a setup like that, two engines, we may get a CRV with enough power to cruise at highways speeds (65 mph to 75 mph) with two adults, two childer AND two bags of groceries!

    Hmmmm, 2 engines, 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 bags of groceries ---
    we could name it the Honda "Twoler" Then we could all go "twoling" in our Hondas.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Actually it will have more torque therefore more pickup and pulling power.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Overall performance probably won't be much different (added weight and lower horsepower) although midrange performance should improve a tad. More significant will be gains in fuel economy.

    That said, does anyone know if CR-V with diesel in European market is being sold with AWD? At this time, however, Honda is offering CRV diesel with only 6-speed manual transmissiom (no automatic).
  • or did the dealer just not have any and was trying to pull one over on us?
  • my001my001 Posts: 17
    No, not true. I just got a call from a dealer in Portland, OR to look at the navi version of CRV today. It is true that not all dealers have navi versions and there are not very many have been shipped.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Salesmen want to sell what they have. They know if they can get you interested, half their job is done. So they are not too eager to risk a "now" sale for one in the future. This works for 75% of prospects. ;)
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    The biggest criticism of the 2.4 liter gas engine in the CR-V is that it lacks enough power to pass on hills. The 2.2 cid diesel has over 250 ft/lbs of torque, enough power throughout the range, not just midrange as you omnipotently claim.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    The key with performance regardless of torque is power at certain speed. As long as the vehicle is in the right gear for the speed, more power always wins the race. The diesel is indeed very strong at low rpm, but it also doesn’t rev very high (I believe, redline is around 4500 rpm compared to the 2.4 gasoline motor which has it at about 6500 rpm or so I believe). This requires taller gearing for same speed. There might be a little edge with diesel, just not sufficient as the torque ratings would suggest. Besides, as I indicated earlier, diesel engine also seems to add weight (diesel Civic and Accord seem to be about 150 lb heavier than their gasoline counterparts).
  • Not enough power to pass on a hill?? What are you smoking?

    The 2.4 doesn't have enough power to get OVER a hill, let alone pass a anything at the same time!

  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    LOL. Good going Superman.
  • harvey44harvey44 Posts: 178
    Do you guys have big families? Are you passing in the Rockies? The sucker really revs (our 2006) and in 4th or even 3rd if necessary I feel like I can pass. What kind of highway mpg are you squeezing out of a vehicle that has acceptable passing power?

  • guestguest Posts: 774
    2002 Windstar. 23 plus MPG on highway. Better without reformulated gas.
  • Does anyone know how I can add an outdoor temperature sensor to my new CRV LX? It's the only thing I really miss from my previous car. I called the service dept at the dealer and the answer I got was that Honda can't do it.
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