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2007 Honda CR-V News and Views



  • Try ordering a head restraint from Honda. They call them head rests.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    It's a bit of semantics, but head restraints are typically cushioned and padded, making them useful to rest your head on. Edmunds likes to call them restraints, I call 'em headrests.

    Whatever you call it, keep it lined up with the top of your head in case you have a collision.

    Lots more here:

    Pain in the Neck

    Checklist: Protecting Yourself from Whiplash

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  • Just purchased the CR-V Ex-l and would appreciate best place to purchase a dog screen that keeps the dogs in the back of car? Thanks Scott
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    I would try They have a pet barrier that should work for the crv. I've bought a couple of hitches from them including one for my crv and I couldn't be happier. Also I have a card that they sent with my order with the code XBBJ7 it will save an additional 5% on any order that you could use. :shades:
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