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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis Electrical/Lighting



  • ct45ct45 Posts: 3
    Actually this was in reference to 2000 - 2006 Merc. Gran Marquis. Not sure about the '94.
  • HI, I posted in here before about my 94 Grand Marquis about my lights going on and off.Well i'm back darn it,They 're doing same thing i replaced a burnt harness on my light switch,it worked for a bit.Come's to find out mine has a Wiper Control Module where the LCM is now i think.It was clicking i thought it was an LCM.So i'm wondering does it have anything to do with the lights?..I can turn on my wipers with the Multi switch and it will start clicking real bad..I did not replace the light switch itself just the harness...The wiper Control Module has relays in it like the LCM does.
  • In reference to question #234,does this sound like a headlight switch wiring problem?.
  • My 94 Marquis headlight switch harness is 9 prong,when i replaced it i had to remove 2 wires from it because the burnt one had only 7 wires.Is that the right harness that was on the car to begin with or does it need a 7 prong harness>?....i'm having light problems the one i replaced had a burnt wire.
  • roltyd22roltyd22 Posts: 21
    edited February 2013
    I found the problem with my lights,it was the autoheadlamp relay.It was mounted just to the right of the wiper control module and come to find out it was clicking when the lights flickered on and off.So I unplugged it and problem auto lights but who cares..,,,this is on my 94 Grand Marquis GS ..
  • Problem not fixed,my lights are still going out,i guess i'm going to re-wire from switch back as far as i can go.
  • Did you ever change the switch?
  • No, I never changed it yet,i left the autolamp relay out thought that was the problem,no luck so i'm replacing it today.So it could be the switch then?
  • bartbarterbartbarter Posts: 39
    edited February 2013
    Dangnabbed if I know :) I consider it likely though. As you don't have a LCM and iirc you don't have a relay driven headlight system - and your harness had damage - it's what I would do (as Shiftright mentioned), with a fair feeling of confidence.

    Panthers had a headlight switch problem for this very reason until they came factory with a relay system. You may find your headlights are brighter with the new switch too.

    If you're a bit handy and you're planning on keeping it you can also fix the problem pretty much permanently by converting to a relay system, as I have with my 85 Town Car. It did make the headlights noticably brighter too. (wiring colors and lengths not correct. I also used 8 ga for main power)

    Good luck :)
  • roltyd22roltyd22 Posts: 21
    Got a new battery,lights work fine now.
  • roltyd22roltyd22 Posts: 21
    Well the new Battery didnt fix the problem,but had an effect on the problem for the lights all but quit shutting off until today.It was raining tonight and when i ran my wipers,the lights started acting up just like before.
  • roltyd22roltyd22 Posts: 21
    Doe's anybody have diagram of the light switch showing which wire goes to what? 94 marquis has a 7 prong and the wire that keeps burning is the pin "A" wire.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,696
    answered in your duplicate post under "Technical Questions"
  • Had to get up under the dash to fix loose column shifter. Tightened up two bolts. Then somehow found out the next night that I had no dashboard lights, radio/AC cluster or tail lights. Turn signal lights work, as do high beam and turn indicator lights on dash work. Checked the fuses both under the dash and under the hood.

    Was wondering if it's just the light switch or could I have pinched a wire when tightening those two bolts?

    Someone thought there might be a lighting control module or something called an autolamp dual coil relay. Doe anyone know anything about this?
  • jag68007jag68007 Posts: 5

    I have a question regarding the LCM. Can it also affect the radio and climate control? I'm having all sorts of crazy electrical problems where on my 1999 Grand Marquis the entire instrument panel, radio, blinkers, climate control and interior lighting do not work. Each of these comes and goes individually, but it seems like the two that are dead the most often are the climate control and blinkers. Thanks!

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