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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis Electrical/Lighting



  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    Two winters ago the interior lights in my 99 Grand Marquis began going on and off throughout the night. (Not the headlights). I took out all the interior bulbs. It was easy getting used to life without them. This spring I put all the bulbs back in and within one week they started again to go on and off throughout the night. I again removed the bulbs and am living without them.
    Other than that, the car has reached 103,000 miles without any problems. I change the oil,changed the serpentine belt,changed the spark plugs,coolant,and brakes and that's it!
  • texasgal1texasgal1 Posts: 3
    Regarding that light problem on the 2000 Mercury GM, a mechanic suggested I let it dry out real good, as it had been raining really hard and I drove in a driving rain. He said some Fords have a problem with water getting in the electrical. As of today it has not repeated the problem. I am hoping this holds. Other than that it has been a great car.
  • i'm having a problem with the car lighter on my 98 grand marquis. there's no power coming through for the lighter or any car adapter. i would change the fuse but i don't have a manual so i don't know which one to try. any ideas?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,321
    What other accessories do not work? The fuse for the lighter enables other minor electricals to function. If the others function, it is the unit itself.
  • Hey gang,

    My headlights ('03 CV) were turning themselves off after about a minute of burning. It didn't matter what position the headlight switch was on. Sometimes I could get the lights to come back on if they were off by turning the switch to off and then back to on. But the lights would always eventually go out. I found I could hold the turn signal back in a flash-to-pass position as a temporary fix. Finally took the car in and needed a new multi-function switch in the steering column and when that burned out it also took the lighting control module. This was $900 and not at a dealer, a local shop. Hope this info can help someone else. Overall, car has been pretty good--also had to replace the climate control module (also $900).
  • kwookkwook Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Grand Marquis, and the dome light started to come on on day. It would light up after my car was parked, and stay on. Eventually it drained a battery, so I tried another, and it drained that one as well. Now I disconnect the negative terminal from the battery everytime I park it. I have been doing this for sometime, while I have tried to look for the problem. Any help would be great.
  • The short term fix: pull the bulb.
  • I am looking for info on the 2006 GM harness. Does it have all the connections for keyless entry etc even if they were not installed? So if you got the module you could plug it in?
  • I have the same problem on my '99 GM. The battery saver feature should shut off the dome light after ten minutes. When I checked the wiring schematic and seen that it goes through a computer module I stopped my diagnostic work and went to Radio Shack for a $3 on/off toggle switch. A ten minute job to lower dome light and wire the switch in. I just left the switch dangle from the dome light. Works fine. I'm sure the dealer could give me a prettier solution for $300.
  • 1993 Crown Vic. A couple years ago the door chime started sounding whenever the driver's door is open. It doesn't matter if the engine is on or off, the lights are on or off, the key is in the ignition, or if anyone is seated in the driver's seat. The chime almost always sounds when the driver's door is opened. On rare occasions it will not sound for about 30 sec when the door is first opened, but then start with the ding ding ding. I'm going nuts over the ding ding ding and if I could find the chime I would hit it with a hammer. Should I replace the door switch, the chime relay, or what? Thanks. Bob
  • The high beam head lights on my 95 Mercury Grand Marquis quite working. The low beam and parking lights work fine. Checked the bulbs, both ok. Checked the voltage to the bulb sockets and got 2 volts. Thought it was most likely the multifuction switch, but checks out ok. (Took apart, no broken parts, cleaned and reassembled with electrical grease to keep corrosion down) Per the wiring diagram, I beleive the main light switch provides power to the multifuction switch, which in turn powers the high beam head lights. I get 12 volts going out of the multifuction switch. When I activate the multifuction switch, I hear a clicking under the dash. Is there a relay under there somewhere? Or do I just have to hunt down a bad connection or short? Anyone else ever have this problem?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,321
    Do your Hi beams work when flicking the "Flash to Pass" on the Turn Signal switch? If so, then you know there is a connection from that switch to the Hi lites.
  • tosktosk Posts: 2
    I have 1999 Ford Crown Vic. Never had a problem with wipers before this morning. Today, the “intermittent” function stopped working, only works on “full speed” and when I shut it off it does not park, stops wherever it happens to be. When I turn it on (not full speed) there is an audible “click” that comes from the lower center dash. This also happens to be where the windshield wiper control module is located. I was wondering if that “click” points to the control module and not the signal/wiper/washer switch on the steering column as the problem? Though its probably not related, 160 miles ago I had the intake manifold replaced ($1100) because it was leaking all over the place.
    Thanks in advance for any help
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,321
    I had the intake manifold replaced ($1100) because it was leaking all over the place.

    I hope the intake manifold replacement was courtesy of Ford as a result of their TSB recall a few years ago. ;)
  • tosktosk Posts: 2
    No, ford did not pay, even though the car only had 71,000 miles, the recall program expired last year and the recall was for leaks at the crossover, mine was different. Towards the back of the manifold, near the firewall, there is a metal fitting for the heater hose that screws into the plastic manifold. The manifold threads gave out and the fitting popped out.
  • I purchased recently a 2004 Crown Victoria LX. I do not have corner lights. I do not know if I have them and they don't work or maybe the 04 Crown Vic LX did not come with cornering lights. Any help?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,321
    If you don't have CL, perhaps the dealer or independent body shop could install a pair for you.
  • Cornering lights should have been standard, unless it is an ex-fleet that deleted them, for whatever reason. Your dealer should be able to tell you from the VIN.

    I would think you can see the bulbs in the cornering lamps - maybe the bulbs are not there?
  • About a month ago my wipers started coming on and the fluid squirting when they were turned off. They would stop where ever they were. Now they stopped working when off but only on high speed but still will not automatically go in the park position. Not sure if it is a switch control problem, wiper motor, or electrical. Any advise??
  • My 99 GM has started the interior light thing

    after all the charging system diagnosis

    I replaced the 6 yr old battery

    still baffled i found no excessive current draw...charging system is great

    thismorning 5 am i look out the lights inside are going on and off

    about 10 second intervals

    even the buttons for the keyless entry are lit

    as well as the 5oo bulbs lighting the interior

    well I know whats killing the battery

    the dealer says this car doesnt have a Lighting control module

    suggests a def door jam switch ( built into the latch $60

    or perhaps a button stuck down on the keypad

    i think illpull most of the bulbs and put a switch on the dome light

    maybe its trade in time lol

    any idea where i migh look for a LCM?

    Tom :lemon:
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