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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis Climate Control



  • thetazthetaz Posts: 8
    I would love to see a picture of this fix. I have spent over $1200 and it is not fixed yet.
  • These are usually a case of a vacuum leak where the vacuum harness is not tight to the back of the control head. Two 10" twist ties holding the vacuum harness tight to the control head should fix it. You can replace the vacuum harness for $20, but I would still install the twist ties. The would feed through the back if the unit.

    pull the long trim piece covering the control head straight out. Remove the 4 screws on the control head. Remove the 2 torx screws holding the back cover on, so you can feed the tie straps around it.
    Vacuum harness is F5VY-19C827-A, 2 feet long.

    If that doesn't fix it, then look up Gino on ebay, He fixes the internal vacuum leaks in the control head solenoids on an exchange basis.

  • I will post this week.
  • nebula7nebula7 Posts: 3
    I have this problem too except it found out it was my EATC unit because it worked sometimes and sometimes not, then one day it pissed me off so much that I just took it out one day and beat the crap out of it and I heard a loud electric SNAP and it's worked perfect for a week so far, I still plan to replace it with a lifetime warranty though.
  • How do you post a picture/image on this site?
  • I have 2 good pictures of the fix. How do I psot them on this site?

  • nebula7nebula7 Posts: 3
    Yes I thought it was a vacuum problem at first, but turned out to be an EATC module failure, The unit from 1997 I think? to 2009 is complete crap and can't handle the vacuum pressure and fails. I took mine out and beat the crap out of it while it was all still hooked up and I heard a kind of a loud snap like it was electrical or something and it's worked for 2 weeks now perfectly no matter what I do.

    No you don't have to remove the WHOLE dash, just the wood trim piece, I can post pictures sometime of what I did. All you really have to do is pop off the wood piece (starting from the far right) and then it comes off.... After that the screws are visible in which to remove the EATC module, easy as pie, Also a lot of places on ebay give you a new one for $200 with a lifetime warranty. Very good deal if you ask me considering the Dealership wanted $700.00. I will probably do that myself once I return from the Marines.
  • The blower motor speed controller. It provides 20 speeds for the EATC vs 4 for manual system.
  • ten29mten29m Posts: 1
    I have a control head for a 04 GRAND MARQUIS that needs to be rebuilt. Can you please list the Name and address of the guy who rebuilds them in LA. I also live in LA and would like to talk to him. Thanks.
  • thetazthetaz Posts: 8
    Contact this guy. He gets $175 for the unit exchange and it worked for me.
  • My EATC in my 99 Marquis worked fine for one day after buying it then fuse #5 blew. which i pinpointed to my EATC. It keeps blowing fuses if i hook up the display wire (gray connector) to the back of the unit my display and all work but when i hook up the black connector the fuse will blow? Anyone tell me why? And what i could do?
  • Before you replace it, try pushing the vaccum harness against the control head for a better fit at the 5 vacuum hoses. This vacuum harness relaxes over the years and you develop a vacuum leak. 2 tie straps from the hardware store will hold it tight. I posted a picture of the fix here somewhere. The vacuum harness is $25 but still needs the tie straps.
  • could be the blower motor speed controller. has like 20 speeds that vary the voltage to the blower motor.
  • get 2 tie straps to hold the vacuum harness (5 hoses) tight to the back of the control head. I have pics if needed.
  • I have a 2003 Grand Marquis and the blower motor is not working at all. All controlls (heat/vent/ac) were blowing out the defroster vent for approximately one year. Recentlly everything just stopped working. I wasn't getting any wierd noises or other disruptions prior to it going out. Any suggestions on where to start. I'm unemployed and can't take it to a mechanic right now. Can do the work myself with some guidance. i just don't know my way around this car at all. Thanks.
  • Did you ever find a fix for this? I am having the same problem on a 99 LS.
  • I have not found a fix for this yet. Still hoping someone responds with some advice on how to proceed.
  • Hi....i need your help. my pop has a 2003 grand marq. ..has the same issue -air is stuck on defrost. can you send me a pic. got your repair info. thanks.
  • Mr.snorkelbobby, I have the same problem with my 2003 Merc. GM. Is there someway you would provide me with the pics you are referring to. I have very little experience working on things so with your pics I will try to repair my AC problem. Your pics would increase my confidence level on this project. Thank you! Donald
  • I'd like to help those who have problem on their AC being stuck on defrost. A very cheap solution was to replace the o-rings. you can find it here... eatc+today&page=12

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