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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis Transmission/Suspension



  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    A set of Michelins is in your future. Our Town Car has the Michelin X and the T Bird has the Michelin Hydroedge. Both tires carry cars with over 111,150 miles on them & they are smooth and vibration free.
  • Is the bolt you found a "Torx" or "star" shaped drive? It is possible that the 2 bolts that retain the shifter cable linkage bracket at the back of the steering column have come loose, and one of them fell out. Simply reinstall them with blue loctite thread locker and the correct Torx bit driver and rachet. If the bolts are verified loose, this will cause multiple concerns with the trans linkage and your ability to put the trans in park. Good luck!! (an easy repair, if you have the correct bit and a flashlight) Just follow the shifter cable up the column, be sure to set the vehicles parking brake and be on a flat, level surface. It couldnt hurt to block your tires as well!!
  • My poor cars rear diff spews silvery grey goo
    It's all too evident what I need to do.
    I open my wallet to part with my money,
    My mechanic smiles and says "Thanks again, sonny!"
    But before I do, I come before you,
    and hopefully will walk away with a clue.
    How much cash will I need in hand
    before I go to mechanicland
    for a shiney new differential, and some fresh fluid too
    so my car won't spew that silvery grey goo?

    (in regards to a 05 Grand Marquis LS)
  • fordtransman,

    My shifter was loose on my 92 Grand Marquis so today I went under the dash and found the two torx bolts you talked about. They were lose so I tightened them as best I could without the correct torx driver. In looking for the correct size of these bolts I found your post. Do you know the size? My biggest is T20, way too small.

  • I have a 92' Ford Crown Vic and just recently, I noticed that my car has started tripping! It gets first and second gear fine but it hesitates and sometimes never gets out of second gear. It's an automatic transmission of course, and before I let a mechanic rape me and tell me I need all this unnecessry stuff...I wanted to get some advice on what I should try to do. I was going change the filter and fluid, but I just wanted to get some advice on the matter first.
  • I'm trying to see what would sound good as far as a system to put in my 92' Ford Crown Vic. I was just trying to see if there was anyone out there that had my type of vehicle and had a nice sounding system that could give me some ideas as far as what size speakers, what type, and how to set up the system. Hit me up with some suggestions please!
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    The car's mileage? Recommend you change the transmission & torque converter fluid and filter.
  • I kinda figured and hoped that was the problem. I bought it from a place and I said that I probably needed to go ahead and change the filter and fluid anyway but you just gave me confirmation as to what I was thinking. I just drove it again a while ago and it was shifting into 4th gear a little hesitantly but it was shifting so that's a good thing I guess. Thanx for the input
  • You should first check if the overdrive (if is equipped) is not disengaged.
    If working correctly, the overdrive mode will shift first through third gears and then into overdrive.
    If, on the steering wheel stalk (on the right side of wheel)
    is depressed, then overdrive has been de-activated and a light denoting this (usually in green) should be displayed on the dash, indicating OD/OFF.
    It is possible that you are in OD/OFF Mode, and perhaps it is malfunctioning.
    Good luck diagnosing.

    Sincerely, The Legendary Danny O'Doul
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    You are correct.

    In addition the OD transmission automatically reverts to using OD upon a fresh start of the engine.
  • It doesn't have an OD button, it just has the standard display and gear shift. I've noticed that at times when I am driving it gets all the first gears smoothly but on the last gear it hesitates to get that one and when it does get is when I'm going at least 45 or 50 mph when it hesitates but then slowly shifts to the last gear. If I accelerate and the speed makes a sudden change it doesn't go back to that just sounds as if I am in the previous gear. Could that be the shift sensor?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    The O'D button is at the center end of the directional lever, hard to see from the usual point of view. Try pushing in the end of the gear shift (directional lever) & see what happens. Otherwise, read the Owners Manual as to its location.
  • Hey thanks for the info...I read the owner's manual and it states that it is a automatic transmission with built in overdrive. It states that once the vehicle reaches a cruising speed it should shift into fourth gear but that is not happening. So, I was gonna take your advice and go ahead and get the filter, fluids, and torque converter fluid changed but do you think that it would be an issue with a shift sensor?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Not knowledgeable regarding the shift sensor, however, after the fluid, filter change, see how it operates.

    I've two Ford O/D's each with over 110,000 miles and haven't changed the shift sensors in either, just the oil and filter change in the transmission every 30 to 40 thousand miles.
  • I was wondering if you could give me any insite on the windows. My motors are functioning, but the windows down let up or down and as a matter of fact they slowly but surely fall. Would that be due to the plastic teeth in the window gear kit being worn or does that have anything to do with the regulator?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Re: Plastic teeth on window roll downs, don't know. What I have learned is to avoid slamming the doors. Door slamming seems to shorten the life of those little motors in the bottom that power windows.
  • 1999 cvi I backed out of a parking space and when I went to shift from reverse to drive I have nothing.The transmission is in netural.
    I tried to shift it manualy at the transmission with no results other than it is no longer in netural.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • My 1996 ford crown vic police interceptor shifts rough. Not really noticeable when cold but when hot you can feel it shift rough up and down.
  • To all that may know....please answer this question that I am not 100% sure of. I have a 92' Ford Crown Vic. I noticed that my speedometer needle had spuratic movement so I changed the speed sensor. The sensor is electronic and does not use a cable on this model car but after changing the sensor, the speedometer is not working at all. Do I need to have the system reprogrammed and if so, will disconnecting the battery cables reboot the car's system?
  • normhanormha Posts: 3
    EGR valve & tube replaced and still engine lite on.Has anyone any ideas.
    Carbon build up???
    valve is working when tested.
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