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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis: Audio



  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Car makers have been placing AM/FM antenna on rear glass (above rear defroster) on most cars today except some pick up trucks and some small cars. On minivans and SUVs, they put it in the side glass (less effective compared to rear glass)

    Depending on the antenna design, sometime, there is little reception degradation except directionality (more sensitive in one direction vs. others). Sometime, they screw up big time and as a result, the radio reception is very bad.

    The whip antenna is still the best antenna for radio reception. However, it projects the low tech image and causes wind noise.

    So test drive that vehicle and compare with you reference one. Sometime, if the glass antenna is good enough, the new radio with better technology could compensate for the overall system and you may like the new system better.

  • Thanks for the reply. My existing 2000 Neon has a whip antenna, but the new Grand Marquis I am getting does not.
  • I'm buying a 2008 Grand Marquis LS, but the one I test drove did not have the audiophile unit, so I have never heard it. I ordered a car with that option. Does anyone have that stereo and is it good? Sound quality is very important to me and was unhappy that the only model the dealer had did not have that option for me to hear.
  • cdoc1cdoc1 Posts: 1
    in a car or truck, its allways best to run your power cables as high as possible in the engine compartment. go thru the firewall at the best place you will be able to have acces. Please use grommets, I have seen two carrs burn to the ground because of this. 400 to 800 watts i suggest 4 guage wire 800 to 1200 i suggest 00 guage, with caps the amp draw can reach 120 amps under load. the wire and support for big amps is A major factor in planning for a system but well worth it in the future.
  • dcahilldcahill Posts: 2
    the radio on my 2003 grand marquis works on cd and tape but keeps scaning
    on am/fm1 and fm2 i hear volume but no reception
  • ibtomibtom Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Grand Marquis LS and my radio just stopped working... I checked the fuse under the dash and also under the hood audio fuse. Both are OK. Is there another fuse on the radio itself? I looked at the dash and truthfully cannot figure out how to take the radio out to check... HELP!!!
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