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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis Tires/Wheels

fscaranofscarano Posts: 44
Any one ever used republic tires? Are they a good tire?

Thank you in advance.


  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    that Republic tires are the generic tires made by Goodyear, so I might guess they are almost up to Goodyear standards...perfect if you are selling the car...:):)
  • I put Kenda Kruisers on my old Mercury. They worked fine. Hard to find (not saying they are worth looking for), but Cooper Tire started some sort of cobranding with them.
  • fscaranofscarano Posts: 44
    I have a 2000 MGM. I just replaced the tires and man are they loud. I don’t recall having this much road noise with the Michelin Symmetry OEM.

    Any Ideas on a tire that is quieter and smooth ride.

    Don’t buy Republic tires
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Republic tires are a lot quieter than Democrats who hold more hot air, but will always let you down with a blow - out. ;)
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    Sounds good to me... ;) ;)

    fscarano: I believe that Republic are the "BrandX" generic tires sold by Goodyear...I would only buy the Goodyear or Dunlop tires...many others are good, too, of course, but I like Goodyear...
  • joe109joe109 Posts: 1
    Just passed 5000 miles on my new 2005 GM. Ready to rotate the WSW Michelins. Went to the trunk. The conventional spare was a Pirelli black wall. Took it to the dealer so they could "make it right". They gave me a Michelin black wall and said they couldn't go to the whitewall---Ford policy. No doubt they took the Michelin out of another new car on the lot. Three weeks later and many emails and phone calls to Dearborn still got me nowhere. They did take my complaint. Locally the difference between the WSW and black wall is $3 retail. So much for the "New FMC" we see advertised on TV. So if you want a matching spare with your new GM or Crown Vic you better have black walls on the ground. This was a $120 option I could have done without.

    Searching other Mercury brochures I find that they clearly state that the full size factory spare on the Mercury Mountaineer is "non matching". For $63 plus tax I'm going to swap the Michelin in at Discount Tire and get a matching spare. Next rotation will be a 5-way.
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    If they don't give you a matching spare, why offer a full size spare on any car that comes with WSW from the factory?

    Sounds pretty silly to me.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    With their computer sequential production system, there is no reason whatsoever why they can't install five matching tires on a vehicle.
  • g45g45 Posts: 17
    Thank you so much for letting us know about this incident. It appears, sadly, that Ford continues their asinine behavior.

    Is it any wonder they recently had to close fourteen factories! It is unfathomable Ford executives actually are paid a salary to treat customers in this manner. Quite literally, these idiots need to have their heads examined.

    You were generous and understanding with them. You gave them the opportunity to put the matter right. Instead of jumping at the opening you very kindly offered them, the jackasses at Ford stonewalled you and treated you like sh--. It boggles the mind.

    Only last December, after losing two court cases (the original case and their appeal), Ford finally settled the CV/MGM plastic intake manifold fiasco. This Ford disaster, which emanated from the same kind of Ford arrogance seen in the present incident, impugns all unrepaired CV/MGM vehicles manufactured between 1996 and 2001. They obviously had a serious design problem. But they denied the problem and refused for many years either to change their design or make things right for customers. They did not clean up this design problem until 2002!

    Folks we are in an internet age. News travels really fast these days. Consumers are networked to a degree unprecedented in history. Can anybody tell me how Ford expects to get away with these kinds of customer abuse? Stuff like this just leaves customers shaking their heads and running for the rice burners (which I detest . . . because I happen to be an American).

    I am retired now, but I used to work for a large Fortune 500 corporation. During my working days we treated customers like Gods. It is because the customers were solely responsible for keeping our business afloat. The customer was always right. But NEVER was this more true than when (as in this incident) the customer actually WAS right.

    Ford HAS to know their response in this matter is wrong. If they continue with this kind of customer abusive thinking Ford will fail and go out of business.

    A non-matching full size spare tire! How outrageous! Ford executives must have gotten their brains at a discount store. They are deranged.

    Just for the record, my own 2005 MGM has the reduced size spare tire. But IF I had ordered a full-sized spare I would simply have ASSUMED it would match my other four tires. I would not have thought to check something like this. It is just so obvious!

    If the potentates at Ford do not wake up they are all going to die in their sleep.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Forty years ago my 66 Mustang's spare matched. A year later, my 67 Ford Country Sedan's spare matched.

    In 1996 I toured the Wixom plant and learned of their "Computer Sequential Production" system which enabled the Lincolns to be built with parts on the premises for less than 24 hours. The spares matched then so what has happened?

    If your spare is one of those little doughnut tires, replace it with a full size, for safety sake. We lost a tire North of Kelowna, BC and our full size spare was a Godsend.
  • turbo301turbo301 Posts: 73
    Hmmm, I like the sound of a 5-way :D

    Seriously, though, I'm really amazed at how animated everyone is getting over the idea of the spare tire being different from the regular tires. I mean, it's a SPARE, it's there for emergencies, who cares what it looks like? I believe that a tire rotation should only involve the four on the ground anyway; throw one brand new tire into the mix, and you're asking for squirrley handling, uneven wear, and all the rest of it.

    My CV's factory spare is not only a different tire, but on the police-issue steel wheel - no fancy aluminum for me (does Ford give an aluminum wheel to you GM buyers?). Imagine the look of THAT 5-way :confuse:

    When you buy a new set of tires for your car, do you buy a new spare too? I'm assuming that everyone answers a resounding, "No, why the heck would we?" Thus, as soon as you get new tires, your spare won't match anyway, so give the Ford boys a break. a.) Be happy that there is still a car that offers a regular, full-size spare, and b.) Ford has much bigger issues to worry about... like why my CV didn't start this afternoon, after only 300 km after my 40,000 km service! :sick:
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    When the brand new vehicle has a matching spare, tire rotation would include the five tires. After they have all worn out, keep the least worn of the five as a spare and buy just four new tires. Would not running the first five tires equally enable the tire mileage to increase at least 20%? It works for me. ;)
  • turbo301turbo301 Posts: 73
    [quote]Would not running the first five tires equally enable the tire mileage to increase at least 20%? It works for me.[/quote]

    It depends on whether or not your tires last long enough to get four tire rotations, which I highly doubt would happen. Factory tires don't seem to last very long, even if you do drive nicely (although I'm hoping to get 80,000 km out of mine :) - that's still only two or three rotations). The whole five-tire rotation schtick never made sense to me, even back when almost every car had a conventional spare. The best way to ensure even wear is to only involve those tires that already have wear on them. How do you determine which tire gets replaced by the spare in the first rotation (or subsequent rotations, for that matter)? Judging wear is too subjective. Do you go by the most worn tread, the most rounded corner, the most cracks? With all four originals on the ground, you don't have to make that judgement.

    Now, on the other hand, one good reason to involve the spare is that, after 20 years, it's hard to trust that your spare, whether it's used or not, is still good! Using it up with the rest of the tires prevents you from finding out the hard way. ;)
  • fscaranofscarano Posts: 44
    I purchased a set of Uniroyal tiger paw touring. The tire rides like a dream I’m confused about the tire pressure. The installer placed 38 psi in each tire. I told them ford recommends 32 psi. They told me never to go by what the auto maker recommends go by what the tire manufacturer recommends’. Now I can’t find any thing that tells me Uniroyal recommends 38 psi. The installer also told me that tires have changed since 2000 and the plate in my door jam is not to today’s standards. If the sticker on my door jam is incorrect wouldn’t Ford have to update all G/M owners? I’m curious what the 2005-2006 G/M tire pressure is? If any of you have tire experience and could assist me I would be grateful.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    The maximum air pressure is printed on the side of the tire. 32 = comfort; 35 = economy; 38 = sport (& increased mpg)so get out the magnifying glass & take a look.

    What was the previous tires brand? Michelin?
  • fscaranofscarano Posts: 44
    yes Michelin I keep 32 psi in them.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    As US Royal makes a very good tire and because you choose to replace Michelins with them, which in your opinion offers a better or more comfortable ride? I'm starting to look at new tires to replace our Michelins & am leaning towards Michelin's Symnetry. Thanks for your reply. :)
  • fscaranofscarano Posts: 44
    I hade Michelin's Symmetry OEM I replaced them do to the age 5 years. The uniroyal rides like a dream, quiet I was confused on the 38 psi vs ford recommended 32psi no other tire installer recommends this so hence my confusion. Still no light shed on the subject.

    Have a great day.
  • edwin10edwin10 Posts: 32
    If you think Ford is the only one that treats customers
    that way, where have you been.

    They all do this the Asians, Europeans, and Americans.

    I had an expensive Asian car, and had some problems
    with it, they stone walled me over, and over again
    because they could not figure out how to fix it.
  • g45g45 Posts: 17
    You wrote:

    "If you think Ford is the only one that treats customers that way, where have you been."

    Read my post again and tell me where I say Ford is the _ONLY_ company which treats its customers poorly. Nowhere did I write that.

    Your faulty interpretation of my writing is solely your own affair. Words have meaning; mine were carefully chosen.

    While I do not dispute your assertion that other manufacturers are sometimes abusive of their customers, be aware my post spoke only of treatment by FMC of FMC customers, one of whom was in this case the OP.

    I was sharply critical of Ford's idiocy, and I stand by that criticism.

    FMC falls easily within the topic set of this forum. My post was on topic and spoke directly to the matter raised by the OP.

    When I want to comment on OTHER manufacturers' actions, I will offer those comments in the appropriate venue.

    Regardless what others do, Ford needs to clean up its act and treat customers with respect. The sooner they face up to their failings in this regard, the more successful they will be.

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