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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis Tires/Wheels



  • Well, after finally using a different web browser, I managed to check sizing, ect on the tires..... The Good Year tires that I have listed is the only one out of the two that come in the current size that's on the car now..... The also have an 80k warranty.... So I guess the answer to the above question should be an easy one now, though I still would like to know if anyone here has these tires or not, and if so, what do you all think of them?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Our Town Car came with Goodyear 225 X 15's & they lasted 60,000. I replaced them with Michelin X and they lasted 90,000 and 12 years. I just replaced them with Michelin Symmetrys and they ride the best.

    Our T Bird has had Hydro Edge tires for over two years and no complaints.

    If you have 225's you probably have dual exhaust and the "touring" suspension. Some Ford products call it the "handling package". If your Merc rides stiff and you feel the cracks in the pavement, I'd recommend the Symmetry Michelin. You could even drop down to the 215 X 70X 15 & have a White wall if you wanted to do that.
  • assuming that these are the original sized tires on he car, how would I be able to tell what packages this cars has? It only has single exhaust and I would not say that the car has a firm ride. I used to work as a correctional officer, and have driven he police edition Crown Vic a few times, and that car had a stiff ride to it, but it would get on down the road a bit easier to, lol. I don't have the window sticker that came with the car, and the people who I bought the car from inherited the car from their parents when they passed, so... Once I get the new tires on it, I would like to turn my attention a little more to the performance side of the car, due to the fact that the 4.6 in it, just doesn't seem to be all there..... I know it's not a Mustang, but I figure it should do more than it does.... I would love to have a Marauder, and there was one being sold not too long ago at the local Ford dealer, but heck, not many of them made, and this is a daily driven car, so the Marauder would end up getting some miles on it.... Anyways, thanks for the mentioning of the tires euphonium, I'll look into them.
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