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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis General Maintenance



  • The info came right out of Alldata, which mechanics use but when I look at the Motorcraft site, that number has been superceded.

    Motorcraft shows a variety of plugs for that engine actually, depending on what type you want and also depending on something called a "W engine code" which I don't know about. For that code they list a very similar number to the one from Alldata---AGSF32PM

    SP493 seems to be a platinum plug for the Non W code engines.

    Ford changes their plug numbers so often that by the time he reads this, there will be a new # :P
  • My 01 MGM started missing at 94K miles and I installed the Bosch double platinum plugs I bought at Walmart. That was 22K miles ago and it has been running great ever since then.
  • My local dealer has an '08 CV with the commercial pkg. for sale. It's a bare bones car but seems to have all the essentials, which is all I need. Has the heavy duty package which inludes HD shocks, suspension (springs?), stabilizer bar, etc. Has the 2.73 rear axle & conventional engine. Anybody with any experience with one of these have an opinion? Thanks.

  • The 8th digit on the VIN designates the engine code. If it's a "F" them the motor is a 5.0L OHV V8 if it's a "W" then it's a 4.6L OHC V8. I can only repeat what the dealer told me. My 4.6 L engine takes the SP493 spark plug. The local auto parts store checked their computer for AGSF-32P and it cross referenced it to the SP493. The difference between the plugs has something to do with a full thread vs. a half thread. I didn't get into it with the dealer about the thread size. To add more to the confusion, my owners manual lists AWSF32P. That's why I stick to what the Ford dealer told me. If the person that has the cop car wants to know what plug to use, I recommend he contact the Ford dealership and go from there.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    The specs indicate a car that will corner like a locomotive while feeling tiny bumps & crack lines in the road. It will be slower on the take off, but higher in the gas mileage. Keep it out of mountainous territory.
  • sounds like your basic NY taxicab. I'd sit on a pillow if I were you, and don't expect to win any drag races.

    On the positive side, might be a comfy enough smooth-road, straight-line, long distance commuter.
  • Is 2.73 the standard CV/GM ratio? Am interested in good economy, not speed. Thanks.

  • The 2.73 the standard ratio on the CV/GM unless you get the HPP (Handling and Performance Package). I have a 2001 GM LS with the 2.73 and it is plenty adequate. The only other mod I have is a K&N air filter, which has been on for 115K miles and I routinely get 27-29 MPG on the highway. It has been a wonderful car and amazingly still has the original battery, which will be 8 years old next March.
  • What is the method you use to check the miles per gallon you are getting?
  • I have used both the trip computer and actual gas used at fill-up. I have found the car trip computer to be quite accurate. In town driving is in the 17-20 MPG range.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Tire pressure @ 35 psi, highway speed @ 60 mph, last September from Utah to Oregon, = 31.5 mpg, but the car was a 95 T Bird with the 4.6L engine.

    Checked on the level from pump to pump. :)
  • Thanks for the reply. But I'm wondering why you say it'll get better gas mileage than the standard car. It has the 4.6L engine & the 2.73 rear axle ratio which I assume is standard. What am I missing here? Want good mileage but am also considering a regular MGM which appears to have the same drivetrain setup. Thanks.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    It has been my experience that the 2.73 is the "Economy" axle ratio compared to the standard 3.55 or thereabouts.

    True, most of the driveline is the same, however compare the different hp ratings of the engines, tire size, and axle ratio.

    If mpg is important, lean towards the 2.73 & the standard 4.6L engine.
  • In one of the Edmunds customer reviews of the '09 MGM the writer states that he doesn't like, indeed hates, the ride of his '09 compared to his '03 MGM. He attributed the problem to the 17 inch wheels compared to the older 16 inch. He says they changed the wheel size but did nothing else to the suspension to accomodate the larger wheels. The car wanders at high speed compared to his '03. This concerns me since the car I'm considering also has the 17 in. wheels. Do you have an opinion on the 17 inchers & their impact on ride & handling? Thanks.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    My lack of experience with 17's over 16's = no opinion.

    Speculation: The car with 17's may also be equipped with the "handling package" or sometimes called the "touring" option.

    The "handling package" usually included, larger diameter tires, heavier duty stabilizers, air shocks in rear, heavy duty shocks in front, dual exhaust, high output alternator, plus other improvements i.e. 3.27 or 3.55 axle ratio.

    I am told the ride of the car with the "handling package" is not as fluffy as the standard suspension which would more likely have the economy axle ratio, but it corners like a locomotive.
  • bob4374bob4374 Posts: 3
    I was wondering if anyone knows if my 2006 Grand Marquis flex fuel has those long two piece spark plugs that fall apart inside of the engine like the trucks have? I'm about to change the plugs in it and I don't want to have any fun and costly suprises
  • yonsei93yonsei93 Posts: 22
    My car currently has 145000 mile and the car runs good but the gear seems to shift when I speed going up hill or whenever a speed like a clicking sound. The lights on the radio has gone out and want to bring it back. What is the average cost to replace the rear differential fluid? What kind of services do I need to do? :confuse:
  • zkongzkong Posts: 1
    2004 GM. Had CEL on once in Michigan winter, after snow, light salt dust on damp road surface. Went back home, disconnect battery, wait for a while, reconnect the battery, never see it again until next winter. Now at 78000 miles, total twice. My guess is that a sensor temporary malfunction due to weather condition. If it were keept on, then I'd take it to a dealer.
  • Its not too serious. Go to an auto parts store that offers a free diognostic tool that will verify which cylinder is not fireing. Once that is determined, it could either be the spark plug or the ignition coil that is attached to that particular plug. Each plug has its own ignition coil. If the plugs have not been change in the last 100k miles then it's definately time for a change. The ignition coil is about 35-40$. If you have a garage do the work, the cost for the coil is about $80. If you are not sure of what I'm conveying then you best have the garage do it. That is if the problem is a cylinder is not fireing. Good luck.
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