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Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis General Maintenance



  • mb0921mb0921 Posts: 1
    1997 Grand Marquis engine oil pan replacement, rusted and leaks.
    This job with 1 person, a strong floor jack, some 2X4s, two jack stands, a creeper and basic tools in a residential garage on a cement floor required 9 hours time. I have some experience but if you have a hoist it can be done quicker. The engine slid backwards and re-aligning the mounts became a time consumer. Maybe leaving the trans mount bolts in would help but the oil pan may not clear the frame. I raised the engine about 2 inches. The oil pan has a baffle/windage tray that interfers with the pick up tube that is why I removed the pick-up tube with the oil pan. Place oil pick-up tube into pan then place pan under engine. Install and torque pick-up tube before the oil pan, duh, don't loose the o-ring for the tube. The reason for removing the blower motor resistor, the trans tube bolt, the elec connector on trans tube, and the wiper assembly was to prevent crushing these items when raising the engine. I tried to accomplish everything needed on top before raising vehicle.
    1. Disconnect ground and positive battery cables.
    2. Remove wiper arms, windshield cowl, and wiper motor assy module.
    3. Release wire connector and remove bolt from trans dipstick tube.
    4. Remove cooling fan shroud and upper radiator support brackets.
    5. Remove blower motor resistor pass side.
    6 .Remove 1 bolt from RH mount under hood.
    7. Jack and support vehicle, block to prevent rolling or falling; be safe.
    8. Drain oil.
    9. Remove 2 bolts from LH motor mount and 1 remaining RH mount bolt.
    10. Remove trans cooler line bracket.
    11. Disconnect evap hose and remove bracket from rear of oil pan.
    12. Remove trans mount bolts.
    13. Remove trans inspection cover 2 bolts.
    14. Position a suitable jack with block of wood front edge of oil pan (I supported the engine on the harmonic balancer but this is not recommended).
    15. Raise engine to clear mounts and support engine under motor mounts.
    16. Remove oil pan screws.
    17. When pan is free remove oil pickup tube.
    18. Take the oil pan and pick up tube out together.
    19. Put the oil pan and pick up tube in together (Don't forget to install the pick-up tube or you will have zero oil pressure and a burnt engine).
    20. Use a torque wrench to re-install oil tube and pan screws.
    21. The engine may move slightly rearward this allows oil pan to slide out
    22. Will need to adjust engine and trans forward to align motor mounts. This may require a second jack under trans tail end.
    23. Reverse the process to complete. Don't forget to check drain plug and add oil.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,305
    Your mechanical apptitude is to be admired. :)
  • hack3hack3 Posts: 1
    Hi do you think a fat white guy could handle this job? :shades:
  • suzelowesuzelowe Posts: 4
    I lent my car out to a friend for a few months, got it back, failed to check the fluids, and it died on the freeway when my exchange student was driving it. The engine had overheated.

    After it was towed home I put 2 gallons of water in the radiator, and 1 1/2 quarts of oil

    The engine clicks pretty loudly when accelerating.

    The mechanic's quick diagnosis was oil pressure sensor leak, leaking radiator hose. But the radiator hasn't leaked overnight and after driving 5 miles.

    Any ideas on what the clicking could be?
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,637
    Hard to say what noises are when we can't hear them. At any rate, the car's cooling system should be put under pressure with a pump to find the leak (you can't tell from driving just 5 miles). The oil leak you can fix pretty easily. The clicking noise on acceleration could be all sorts of things, from a very unhappy camshaft and lifters after the overheat, to perhaps a cracked exhaust manifold from the same event.
  • suzelowesuzelowe Posts: 4
    Thanks for replying, and so quickly.

    The CV got an oil change today, and the clicking is much quieter. A neighbor's going to put on a new hot side radiator hose, to fix that leak. He might find the clicking source. It's inside the engine near the windshield side. The oil temp. sensor was $18.00 new aftermarket, by Airtex. There were a few to choose from, up to $37.00. Does it matter which one? Do you have a recommendation? My mechanic's helper thinks that is source of oil leak. What does that screw into? I'm hoping maybe the threads are stripped and a new one will fix it. I'm restoring the car and want to use quality parts. This is a rebuilt engine from 2 1/2 years ago, and sounded perfect before the overheating.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,637
    I wouldn't know about pricing and quality, but my rule of thumb is "if the part costs more in labor to replace it than the actual cost of the part, don't cheap out".
  • suzelowesuzelowe Posts: 4
    <img src="3 weeks later car update:

    Now the engine is sounding much louder. Have to see if it will pass Calif. smog today. BTW: The engine had 187,000 miles on it, then the odomotor broke.

    The engine sounds awful, it's gotten much louder over the last week. My mechanic thinks it's 1 or 2 pistons, and is quoting $3K for new engine. (He rebuilt the original one 3 yrs. ago. This one only has $10k Miles on it.) He say I should sell it or retire it for $1K-$1500. Calif. will pay me that because I'm collecting unemployment. A guy at the Park n Pull (?)junk yard will put in a used engine for $1300. He thought the used engine would be good for 80K miles.

    I have at least $10k into the car, my Dad had it for 10 yrs, I've had it the next 10, and I want to keep it forever. But I'm short on cash.

    Should I bit the bullet and sell it? Part it out? Auction? How hard is it to part it out. The trani was rebuilt 10K miles ago, new exhaust, a/c, alternator, velour interior is clean and comfy.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. I live in San Jose, and can't part it out at the complex. But maybe I could find someone who could. Thanks a lot. I'll try to upload a picture. How do I do that?
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