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Oldsmobile Intrigue Transmission / Suspension Problems



  • Well I have been "manual" shifting, but yes, between 3rd and 4th it is terrible. Yes I do have a check engine light on, and when i took it to be checked, the very condescending autozone employee was only too eager to say "its your torque converter" and couldnt offer any information on what to do. I took it to an independent shop who drove it and said that it was the tranny and they didnt touch them. So I'm kind of stuck, I wish i would have asked him the exact code but im fairly certain that its the P0742, by what he told me.

    This is sheer ignorance talking, but would a transmission problem make a check engine light come on?

    Yeah, I was never too worried about the oil consumption after reading a few posts.
    I just had no idea if it was a design flaw.

    At the moment, I am thinking the worst, and if thats the case then I'll need a rebuild.

    I will get the car scanned asap, and Ill post the exact codes. Thank You.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I would find a good transmission shop and have the torque converter replaced based on the independent shops diagnosis. Ask the indy shop if they can recommend a place.

    here's a discussion on the P0742 code:
  • zenfmzenfm Posts: 10
    I own a 99 Intrigue that has recently reached 100,000mi. During the last month, the transmission started to shift roughly but only intermittently. It has since ran smoothly and I don't perceive any slippage. I went to a GM dealer who scanned the car and came out (after an hour) with the above codes. I was told the transmission needed to be opened for them to know exactly what repair was needed (at an expected cost of 800 $C). I visited another dealer who quickly said that all I needed was to replace the pressure control valve solenoid that is located on the side of the tranny. This is a 5 hour job that should solve the problem (expected cost of 800 $C). My usual mechanic also scanned the car, found the torque converter code. He concluded my transmission needed to be rebuilt at a cost of 1,700 $C. I also consulted with local tranny repair shops. You will not be surprised that they concluded to a full rebuilt. I am prepared to have the car repaired but I don't feel like rebuilding the tranny, if I don't have to, as I don't expect to keep the car for another 10 years. Could someone tell me if the Torque Converter Solenoid can be replaced without opening and dismantling the transmission or not ? I don't feel like spending 800 $C to replace a switch and then have to rebuild it a few months down the road. I have read the forum that goes back to 2005. Thanks to the contributors. :)
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    From everything I have rad on this forum and on another, you do not have to open up the transmission to replace the solenoid.

    I would go with the dealer who suggested replacing the pressure control valve solenoid. This is a common problem with the Intrigue.
  • zenfmzenfm Posts: 10
    Thank you for following up. I intended to go back to that dealer making sure that we are on the same page as this also being the solution to the Torque converter clutch circuit.
  • zenfmzenfm Posts: 10
    I went back to the GM dealer earlier this week and was able to have a scan performed while the harsh shifting problem had showed up on the transmission. On top of the above code, they found code p0748 which seems to be another solenoid. He pulled out a bulletin and concluded that changing solenoid switches located on the side of the transmission would solve the problem. Is this only one solenoid causing all those codes ? From message #22, I read that the TCC solenoid was located in the valve body ( located inside the tranny ?). :confuse:
  • flickfflickf Posts: 4
    My 2000 olds intruige is doing the same thing, I also was hoping not to have it rebuilt, have you found out what the cause is yet ? It shifts fine when cold, but after warming up it starts shifting hard. If u can let me know so i can also try to have it fixed without multiple maint, visits and costs.
  • flickfflickf Posts: 4
    my 2000 olds intrigue shifts hard after warming up, its fine cold, im trying to find out why its doing it, wondered if u found out anything on it. Ive had the transmission flushed and filter changed, didnt help, someone said something about maybe being a valve going out?? i just want to have what ever it is fixed without spending more than the cars worth.
  • flickfflickf Posts: 4
    i have no error codes, so it may not be the same problem. it shifts hard after warming up ... thats it.. its been going on for 6 months. hoping to fix with tax return without spending a arm and leg.
  • flickfflickf Posts: 4
    Ive just had the crankshaft sensor replaced, but the transmission shifts hard. When first starting out the transmission is fine, but after it warms up the thing shifts hard into most gears, there are no error codes, since it would have shown when they detected the crank shaft sensor. So my question is does anyone else have this problem and if so knows what to tell a mechanic to look for. I hope to avoid multiple shop visits and lots of cost getting it back to normal. Its been almost 6 months shifting hard. First thing i did was have the transmission flushed and filter changed, but it didnt help.
  • donp9donp9 Posts: 29
    My 2000 Intrigue GL started having the same problem back in Aug 08 at about 200M km (about 120,000 miles). It would sporadically hard shift between the first three gears. I decided to have a transmission flushed to hopefully clear the Pressure Control Solenoid which is usually the culprit. It seems to have helped somewhat as the problem is still sporadic - usually in the warmer months and only hard shifted a couple of times this winter - after sustained highway driving. I have found if it does hard shift i turn the engine off and after starting up again it goes away. Some times have to do this a couple of times at each occurence. Mileage is now at 250,000 kms. All the solenoids are contained within the transmission and the side case must be removed to access them. I have purchased all the variou solenoids and my mechanic is going to put them in next month. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • Hey, you been driving my 98 Intrigue? Mine also makes a whining noise when this occurs. Yes, park the car, shut it off , pop the hood to cool things off, have a cigarette (optionally used as a timer), then be back on your way. Thanx for the very descriptive post on symptoms and solutions. I'm on my 2nd transmission in this car (the first one did this also) at 283,000 miles would like to get to 300k . This looks like the fix.
  • I am noticing a common theme in the 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigues. Can anyone help me with the following clarification: Are the intermittent harsh upshifts a result of driving the vehicle hard? Are there other, more plausible explanations? Is it the case that these harsh upshift happen most frequently in the low gears, jumping to an erratic, unwanted much higher gear, say 2nd to 4th? Any information would be most helpful here. Thanks.
  • donp9donp9 Posts: 29
    Refer to my post #114 above. Most common culprit is the Pressure Control solenoid located inside the transmission side case. Tranny will harsh shift at 20, 40 and 60 kilometers per hour. Transmission flush may help in the short term however ultimately the PCS will need to be replaced. Had hoped to have had mine done by now however my mechanic has been busy. Hope to get to it this month. As mentioned when it happens if I'm able I pull over, shut off the car for a minute or so, restart and it usually goes away and may not reoccur for days or weeks. Ive noticed it is more prevalent in the summer when the outside temp is much higher.
  • billcarsonbillcarson Posts: 23
    has anyone tried a transmission cooler to try and prevent the harsh shifting?if this condition is accelerated during warmer months would'nt it help to keep the tranny cooler.i tried switching to synthetic transmission fluid and it seemed to help greatly as my car rarely does it now.
  • will 235/70/16 tires fit on a 2002 intrigue?
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,633
    No, too big. Not recommended.
  • sunksunk Posts: 1
    After a crank sensor replacement your computer has to be programed to the new sensor. This will take a dealer or someone with the proper diagnostic equipment.
  • I have a 2000 Intrigue gls. I got it at 35k from my dad. It now has 82k. Ever since I have had it I have experienced the hard shifting from time to time. Everytime I took it to a shop about this, I could not get it to repeat for the mechanic. Over time it has gotten worse. This weekend I thought the transmission was gonna fall in the road. For the first time, I had a check engine light w/ codes P0742A AND P1811C.
    I have taken it to a trans shop and their explanation is that the P0742A code is for a part that is supposed to help the transmission adapt to age. As it wears, this part increases the pressure of the fluid in the trans. The down side is that if there is damage inside the transmission, it does the same thing to the point that it then triggers the P1811C code which indicates that the Max Adapter & long Shift has hit its limit. He also described some sleeve inside that has worn down and several other parts that have been damaged with the continued use.
    Now the worn parts are being replaced and the transmission rebuilt $2200. With all of the complaints that are the same in this blog, it seems as though GM/Oldsmobile needs to step up with a recall or some compensation. What are your thoughts?
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