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Oldsmobile Intrigue Transmission / Suspension Problems



  • ohio3ohio3 Posts: 1
    I have had 2 (1999 & 2002) olds intrigues. The first one got to 100,000 miles & I started to have the same problem you experienced. That is if I shut off the car & re-started the harsh shifting was gone. I change the trans fluid & problem did not come back for a year. Then it was back & again I changed the fluid. By the time the car reach 190,000 miles the problem was showing up every few days, but would go away when you shut off the car. I did not have this care repaired.

    My 2nd Olds now has 96,000 miles & I am experienceing the same problem but shifting in not as harsh compare to 1999 Olds.

    My question to you is the problem the Pressure Control Solenoid or are there more than one Solenoid that affects the shifting in your tranny? You mentioned that you purchased the various solenoids did this correct your problem or was just Pressure Control Solenoid needed to be replaced? What other solenoids are involved? Please reply. Thanks
  • donp9donp9 Posts: 29
    It is my understanding that the main culprit in the harsh shifting is the pressure control solenoid. However just to be safe my mechanic suggested we replace all the solinoids as he didn't want to replace only the one, put evrything back together and find out the problem was still there. In addition to the pressure control solinoid we also replaced the pressure switch assembly, the 1-2 shift solenoid, the 2-3 shift solinoid and the input speed sensor. The work was done at 255,000 km (153,000 miles) and I now have 280,000 km (168M miles) and have had no more problems with the harsh shifting in either hot or cold driving (I live in Manitoba). I purchased most of the solenoids in the US and the total came to around $300.00. We did the work at my mechanics home in his garage and from start to finish took about 4.5 hours. To me it seemed like we took lots of things apart but to him it was no big deal or hard to do. Hope this helps
  • I read with great interest the posts regarding harsh upshifts. I have experienced the same problem. When I turn my car off and on the problem goes away. This has been happening every so often for a year or so now. Recently, though, sometimes when I start my car I've noticed that there is a slight rev to the engine and when I put it into reverse (or drive) the shift is hard like it's idling too high. When it's in drive the engine sounds louder than usual. Sometimes this goes away. BUT, if I put the car in park or neutral the noise goes away. Also, if I start my car and it does not have that slight rev to it when it cranks, it runs fine.

    Does this sound familiar to anybody?
  • hey donp9. my moms car seems to be starting to do the same thing. shifts hard from 1st to 2nd. just started and only does it sometimes. sounds like your mechanic knows what he's doing. i live in winnipeg where about in manitoba do you live? maybe he could have a look at since he seen this problem before. thanks my name is mike. you can email me at thanks.
  • Hello,
    My 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue was recently bought a few months or so back. It has around 130,000 miles on it. About two days ago I started to hear a general thumping noise when accelerating. As I would accelerate to about 30-40 mph, the noise and shaking would start and get very bad. I had my Dad ride with me that night to see if he could determine what it was that was causing this, and he wasn't too sure what it could be. The next day, I drove my car to school. On my way back home, not only did it make a thumping noise but the car stopped accelerating and my RPMs would continue to go up. Eventually it died at the edge of a 4 way. We believe the transmission is shot. I cannot go in drive nor in reverse. And for some odd reason when we let it sit a while and cool off (if that's what it is doing, we're not sure) then it will be able to drive or go in reverse for a very short period of time.

    (My question.)
    I was wondering if this would be relevant to my solenoids or if anyone else has had a similar problem and could help me out. Because we'd rather not have to buy a brand new transmission or have it installed for practically 2 grand. Thanks.
  • Yes...i had simular problems with my tranny ...also with the flashers.....wat makes the flasher work besides the fuses is the hazard button...u need to slowly take out the heater vent right nex to it...the whole hazard button with the cruse control button comes u can replace it if u want....but wat i do is i have the cover to the hazard button loose and not all the way on......when it just stops working.....take the plastic cover off and just wiggle the hazard button...the signals will come right back on....its really simple......remember...the actual hazard button itself is the signal too....its even wat makes the signals make the blinking noise... i know pritty much everything about the 2000 olds intrigue bc i love mine and have worked on it for 7 years...its a great car if u know how to maintain it properly....eric
  • krakekrake Posts: 4
    My wife delivers newspapers with this car so there's a lot of stop and go driving. Lately now after she gets through her first dozen or so stops, the car shakes and shudders and seems to be shifting too soon and going through the gears too fast. Once the car is at around 45 MPH or faster it's fine until you stop and go again. Seems to downshift fine.
  • Sounds like a TCC solenoid issue. My car was doing the same exact thing, going through gears too quickly and shifting harsh. These solenoids are inside the side cover of the tranny which requires the sub-frame and transmission to be dropped. This is a 6 hour job with a lift and the proper equipment.
  • chuck0chuck0 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Intrigue that has a problem with the shift detent.

    The Problem= I can pull the shift lever back from P thru R & N into D without using the detent release button on the side of the shift knob. This is a safety issue without the detent lockout.
    Pushing the lever in the other direction (forward) the detent works from D to N and is OK, not allowing an unintentional move to R.

    Does this sound like a mechanical problem only? Maybe wear on a pin or detent surface?
    Thanks for any replies.
  • kobrien7kobrien7 Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Oldsmobile Intrigue. It's such a great car but the last few months when I get to 40 mph to 55 mph it makes such a loud noise. Its doesn't vibrate that I can tell....just the noise (although you can feel it a little). My car still runs great...can't really tell somethings wrong except what you hear. Any idea what it could be? It's an automatic of course.
  • 01intrigue01intrigue Posts: 92
    Sounds like it could be a front wheel bearing. They go out after a while and can cause what you describe. It also could be when you are in low-RPM and fourth gear. One thing to test is to disable overdrive, and see if he noise is still there at those speeds. If yes, then it's likely a front wheel bearing. If not, then the tranny could be complaining. I'd reco getting the tranny fluid changed and its filter replaced.

    And check again on your year, because the first Intrigue model year was 1998, and had the 3.8L V 6 in it.
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