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Volvo C70 Convertible Top Problems



  • Hi. Would you happen to know how long I need to hold the yellow button? I've tried it for a couple of seconds and have also held it in while the compressor is doing its thing and nothing happens. No matter how long or short I press the button, the top does not lift. I have to wait a couple of minutes (truly) and then press the button again and the top will move. (And sometimes, it takes a couple of presses to even get there.) I just got this car last Monday (mine is a 2009) and took it to the dealer Wednesday. They seem to make it work but today it happened again that I could not access the trunk quickly. Nothing in the manual really speaks to the length of time to hold the button. Do you have any tips?
  • melitamelita Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2003 C70 Volvo convertible auto. she has now developed an intermittent fault. I stop and park, and then she won't start again. I have to wait, usually she will then start. But the other day I had to get AA out. They tested all the usual stuff, Petrol pump etc. But she just wouldn't start. Next morning, hopped in and she started first time. The local garage can't find anything via the diagnostic test. It sounds like there is no fuel getting through. ANY IDEAS out there. One thing it seems that it is when the weather is warm, but can that be right.?
  • melitamelita Posts: 2
    When I picked up my C70, the roof was very slow. While having her serviced I mentioned it to the garage. They lubricated all bits, and she now moves freely. Simple I know but maybe of a little help. As for the button, like I say at first I seemed to have to wait ages for her to click into place and begin, but now, although not the quickest, I keep my finger on her for sometime before letting go. I wondered if the motor was on the way out but not so in my case..
  • powersropowersro Posts: 1
    May sound strange but I have a solution. Not really a solution as a work around. I have a 2001 and have a similar problem starting. The work around is to take out the key and turn it upside down. This usually restarts the car. I'm not sure it's the turning as much as taking it out. Try it next time it fails to start. Mine was like this when I bought the car three years ago and was told the workaround by the previous owner.

  • The problem is with the immobiliser ring around the ignition switch where the key goes in. It is better to replace the ring as it costs only £35.00 from volvo. Cheap fix as you can install it yourself in under 10 minutes. Repairing it only gives you reprieve for a short while.
  • rshelleyrshelley Posts: 1
    I had exactly the same problem with my 2004 C70 GT. Turned out to be the ignition. Not sure what you'd call it but its where you insert the key. Basically, the imobiliser isn't being de activated so the car wont start. Repair cost including the part was £90 at my local garage. I suspect a main dealer would charge more.
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