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Jaguar XJ-Series: Sudden Acceleration



  • djagmandjagman Posts: 5
  • :surprise: Add yet another (ME) to the list of uncontrolled acceleration. This is going to sound bizarre to all of you because i experienced this in my 1994 XJ6. I can't bother whether you are anyone believes me, but alone, i went out to my cherry car in a parking lot, after a session in a nice casino on the poker table. I turned the ignition on and suddenly the engine went to an astronomical RPM scaring me to immediately turn the ignition off. I had not touched the accelerator at all. i was out of town, late at night, and needed to drive home, so i tried it again with the same result. i did try to tap the accelerator to decrease the rpm on this second crazy time. That didn't help. This was all in park. I got out to look under the hood for a stuck linkage and found it to be normal in movement. On the third attempt, it started like normal, amazing me. no accident, but scary. This same thing happened one more time since. this 94 is all jaguar original equipment with regards to carb, computer, electrical, engine, trans, etc. no further action taken. I wish i just had a general idea of what is going on before i get in a wreck. Being a mechanical engineer, and electronics knowledgeable, i have a theory that can't be proved. But hopefully we all find out what is going on. I think it is a computer problem. And to replace the computer might not help anything at all. :surprise:
  • hey DJAGMAN,

    What is "THROTLE BY WIRE" that you put in your message?

    Also, Could faulty ABS feed into the computer be our culprit? A defective ABS sensor or defective ABS sensor wire could send panic signals to computer. Just a theory from other peeps experiences. Computer glitches of all kinds related to ABS problems and ABS trouble lights. :lemon:
  • I must join the club. I have a 2004 Jaguar S type and with under 5,000 miles I encountered the unexpected acceleration. I remember sitting at a traffic light on a very cold day and the car lurched forward and hit the bumper of the car in front of me. I took the car to the dealer and they ran diagnostic tests and told me there was nothing wrong. They also stated that they never encountered this problem before. I guess they never read this forum. I feel like a Toyota owner. I did go through the Lemon Law process and won when I had a Chrysler product but those problems happened before 12,000 miles and they had 3 chances to correct the transmission. They gave me all my money back after usung it for 4 years. Since I never encountered the problem again with the Jag, I really had no case. Of course I never knew anyone else was having thie same problem until I googled it today. Watching Toyota prompted to do so. What can be done to ensure our safety????
  • What makes it hard for technicians to deal with this issue is the fact that if you took your car, put it in drive, stepped hard on the brake, then depressed the gas pedal aggressively, you couldn't lurch forward. Try it and you'll see. Unintended acceleration while moving on the freeway is easier to comprehend, because it's hard to stop a car going full throttle at 60 mph, even with both feet on the brake. But stopped at a light, this idea of gas pedal going full throttle and brake system totally failing at the same moment, and then both systems returning to normal in the next second, is very very difficult to prove as plausible.
  • gamaegamae Posts: 1
    I had the "lurch forward while stopped in traffic" problem one time. Took the car to the dealer who said it was some kind of "fuel injection" problem; fixed it and told me to always be certain to use the best gasoline available; no stopping at the "7-11 convenience store for no-name petrol."

    Never had the problem again. This car has been the best, most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It is a privilege to own and drive. I have a 100,000 miles on it and have had NO PROBLEM ever with it.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,681
    Well I'm *very* glad to hear you've had good luck with your car----but the dealer's explanation (if I'm hearing it right) that the TYPE of fuel caused an acceleration surge, makes no sense to me whatsoever. Of course, buying top quality fuel is generally good advice anyway. Its like when an astrologer wearing a pointy hat ends up telling you to follow your charts, eat right and get plenty of exercise---well, you're bound to feel better in any event.

    Some cars have rather peculiar shift patterns as they downshift, and this may give the sensation of surging forward.

    But if you're at a light with your foot firmly on the brake, no way that car is going anywhere.
  • I just paid over 2K in repairs to the bottom of my 1999 XJ8L Jaguar. I was lightly pressing on the accelorator to complete pulling into a parking space. My jag went into "flight mode" and in an instant I was over the concrete sidewalk and almost in the restaurant! I was startled out of my mind! I immediately slammed on the brakes and the car did stop. I put it in reverse and got out to check the damage. The concrete was completely crumbled and my car was pouring oil into the parking space. I had it towed and the repair specialist said I bent my subframe! He said this would have taken alot of power at impact to damage.

    I was so thankful I wasn't at a red light and didn't rear-end someone. I could have caused severe whiplash and damage to another person and vehicle!

    I did have a warning that this was happening two days prior but at the time thought only "hum, that was weird?" I was pulling out of an shopping plaza into a traffic lane and my wheels "burned rubber"! I was shocked. The car drove normal after it and so I let it go as "weird".

    My Jaguar specialist has never heard of these problems and has been working on Jaguars for over 40 years! He said he kept it a few extra days and drove it on errands etc. with no symptoms of my experience.

    Please share other exact experiences so we can prevent future injuries and expense!
  • I have been using BP Premium 93 octane gas with Nitro or whatever that stuff is in it. Do you think that additive is the problem?

    If so, what gasoline brand would you recommend?
  • No I can't see any cause and effect there at all.
  • I had to share my story involving an unprovoked and unexpected acceleration in my 2002 Jaguar XJ8. As I was attempting to pull out of a gas station bay, my car suddenly sped forward at a high rate of speed. I avoided hitting an air pump station, a sign, a tree, and a utility pole. I then sailed over one curb, down and over an embankment, over a second curb and then onto a highway finding myself in the wrong lane (thankfully no one was in my way)! I had absolutely no control over my vehicle whatsoever during this ordeal. I was then thankfully able to limp into a nearrby shopping mall parking lot. My car sustained over $5000 damage, mostly to the cross member "cradle" and bottom bumper. I feel very fortunate that I did not harm anyone or anything. I'm lucky to have survived this bizarre and most terrifying magic carpet ride! Now I'm petrified to drive this car!
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    We've had an '01 XJ8 in our garage since December of 2000, having taken delivery of this car brand new. I'll readily admit, that 28,000 miles, it's a low mileage car, however the only issues we've ever had are with the sunroof tracks. mechanically, the car has been flawless.

    To one of the earlier posters, I find it hard to believe the car is "drive by wire". Although I haven't been under the hood of ours lately, I'm pretty sure that I saw a cable and bellcrank on the throttle body, the last time I looked in that vicinity....
  • I had a similiar incident with my 2004 Jaguar XJ8. As I was accelerating onto the on ramp, my car decided to continue to accelerate. For about 3 miles the car continued to accelerate. After giving up on the brakes doing anything, I down shifted, put the car in neutral, shutoff and turned on the car, everything to try and control the car. Then I was stomping on and manipulating the accelerator until the car decided to come back into control. I've been dealing with Jaguar Corporate on this issue, who pretty much is saying "not our problem". Is there enough people here who have had this problem who are interested in doing a class action law suit against Jaguar? It sure seems like they don't give a damn if we die or not. They have no interest to even investigate the matter properly.
  • My 2005 vp has done the acceleration thing 4 times in 36000 miles. My wife will no longer drive it. The dealership is going to review it on Monday. Expect them to find no fault and Charge me $1000's. I have been lucky and been able to put the car in neutral , turn off the key and restart. The issue has only happened from a stop .My cell phone picks up interference from the car. I am thinking that the run by wire is not shielded properly and outside rf signals are causing the problem. Love the car , but the dealership is more interested in [non-permissible content removed] covering then problem solving. I beleive Jag is covering this up in fear of a recall. Also had an issue with them on lifetime window firm repair that they would not honor.
  • xbaronxbaron Posts: 6
    Had the car repaired, they flashed the memory for 135.00 but found no fault. Also said some hoses were loose. I sold it, replaced it with an FX. I will miss the XJ. The bottom line was we could not trust the car again. Hope I do not get a recall on a defect like I did when I sold my firebird.
  • Stopping in a local street
  • this weekend driving in a local street after making a slow slow braking my car in my car took off a high speed .suddle acceleration that I was not able to control crashing two car in front of me ,Brakes were not functional I. am scare out of my mind. took my car to the jaguar dealer and they "claimed they never hear of another case" that my car was in perfect mechanical condition""not malfunction detected "but denied to give me the pc report ,claiming was confidential??
    A question to another people who experience the same case ,this episodes of suddle acceleration occurred more that ones???p lease help me
  • xbaronxbaron Posts: 6
    I had uncontrolled acceleration 4 times in 35000 miles with my 05xj. Got the same line that it was an unknown problem. Traded it in for a XF. Really did not want to sell my car but the thought of killing others on the road was a good motivator. It is a real problem but the stakes are too high on a personal level to continue to drive a car that could destroy your life.
  • Thank you very much for your response I am contemplating to sell my car to?you are complete right "the stakes are too hight"
    Take care
  • zvwadezvwade Posts: 1
    In December 2011, I purchased a pre-owned 2004 Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas (58K miles, garage kept—it was a beauty, I couldn’t resist!). After purchasing the car, I searched the Internet for any known problems (should’ve done that prior to making the purchase!). That was when I found that the car had a problem with sudden acceleration. On Saturday, May 12, I was pulling into a parking space at the post office. The car suddenly lurched forward and my brakes were not responsive, my car slammed into the curb. Had there been a pedestrian crossing the parking lot at that time, the results could have been fatal. Now my car sits in my driveway and I am afraid to drive it, for fear the next time this occurs I may be in traffic and lose control of the vehicle. Surely, I cannot sell the car knowing that is a life-threatening problem. I want to explore filing a class action suit against Jaguar. If anyone is interested in getting in on this, please email me at I am consulting with an attorney today.

    I am angry the car of that the car I’ve dreamt of owning since I was a child is unsafe to drive. I can only be thankful that my second vehicle is a Lexus.
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