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Jaguar XJ-Series Fuel System Questions

connie5connie5 Posts: 5
FUEL/GAS LEAKAGE. Had 2500 miles on NEW jag, when strong gasoline odor came from our garage. There was gasoline leaking onto floor. called jag roadside service, who refused to pick up car until fire dept said it was ok. Fire dept arrived, and rolled car out of garage onto driveway, where gasoline poured out. Fire chief refused to have tow truck come, until they cleaned tray under tank that was filled with gasoline. This was done, and towed to dealer. Dealer replaced fuel seals which they say failed, but could not guarantee it would not happen again. Jag corporate would not tell me I was safe. Two weeks later, same thing happened and car was towed again. This time I waited 18 days until they put in new gas tank, without any guarantee this would happen again. DANGEROUS PROBLEM, AND I AM PETRIFIED TO DRIVE CAR. MY FIVE CAR PASSENGER AUTOMOBILE HAS BECOME ONE PASSAGE DRIVER, BECAUSE NO ONE WILL DRIVE IN IT. ANYONE ELSE WITH SAME PROBLEM. By the way, this happens when gas tank is filled.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    How weird. What's the big deal about Jaguar fixing a gas line or vent leak at the gas tank? They should be ashamed of themselves not to be able to take care of what is probably a rather straightforward plumbing job.


  • By now, you shold have received info regarding this or a similar problem. As of this date, there is an embargo on the sale of ALL 2006 & 2007 Jag XJ's, due to a fuel tank issue. The solution is at hand, and I presume all XJ's will be refitted with a newly designed gas tank.
  • Just an update to your posting. I bought a New 2006 XJ8L over two weeks ago !! and still have no idea when it will be delivered to me. Although the dealer gave me a 2004 XK8 to drive I would really like the car I purchased. Any clue on how long the gas tank issue is going to take?
  • When we had a similar problem with LR3 fuel tanks about a year ago we canablized LR3s not involved in the recall. Basicly taking tanks out of good vehicles to sell the recalled vehicles. I am not sure if Jaguar has any non-recalled XJ8s around but it could be something you could bring up with the sales manager.
  • Thanks for the update. I just talked to the owner of the Jag dealership and he said that there's a conference call today to bring them up todate with this. I quess the manufacturer just got the ok for the new design and they'll be a rush to get this fixed. Just doesn't seem like a good start to me. Thanks
  • I purchased what appears to be an inline fuel filter for my 1999 Jaguar XJ8. The parts place says it's located under the car on the drivers side, nope, Jaguar says it's in front of the drivers side wheel well nope, anybody replace the fuel filter. Looked in the truck and under the back seat no luck. Car won't kick over but does crank. Suggestion?
  • Just found this forum and interested to see the same problem that I am facing. I have a 2002 XJ8 which cranks but won't fire and I suspect fuel starvation. I can't seem to locate a workshop manual for the car and would love to know where to find the fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel reset (if there is one). Does anyone know where these items are located, or any other likely cause of this problem? Also, does anyone know of an aftermarket workshop manual published for these cars? Thanks
  • ksjksj Posts: 6
    I purchased a second hand 1998 XJ8 Vanden Plais from Jaguar dealer in 2002-2003. It had 43,000 miles. We've spent over $15,000 on repairs. Transmission was redone, a/c and other major problems fixed. Now my car is in the shop. Check engine light came on before and never came back. Dealer said maybe crank shaft--cost anywhere between $2500 to $6000. I love my car. No car can beat the style and look of the classic jaguar look. Should I throw in the towel at this point or fix it? Will there ever be an end to fixing the 1998 jag? I have 86,000 miles to date.
  • ksjksj Posts: 6
    The dealership just told me that my timing chain broke. Once they open the cover, I might also have to change the valves because it could be bent. Now, did anyone have this problem on the timing chain? How come they just don't replace the timing chain at 85,000 or whatever in their service maintenance? It will cost me approximately $3300 to change the timing chain and maybe another $1100 if the valves are bent. Does that sound right?

    After fixing my transmission, air con and timing chain, do you know of any other major problems you've had go wrong?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - you might want to also post your questions here: Got a Quick Technical Question? while we wait to see if someone can chime in hear. There are more gearheads hanging out in that discussion than here, so give it a shot.

    Good luck - let us know how it goes.
  • jag21jag21 Posts: 1
    Can someone please advise the location of my fuel filter on my 1999Jaguar xj8 -- thank you --stu -
  • I have been trying to resolve a long cranking condition on a 94 xj12 I have had to replace the fuel filter about 1500 miles ago because it was almost completely restricted-vehicle would not rev up beyond 2000 rpm's That worked great for about a month but it has started taking 15-20 seconds of cranking before it slowly comes to life it runs fine out on the road no miss or hesitation I replaced the fuel pressure regulator after reading about a tsb pertaining to what sounded like this exact scenario did not change anything I did insert a fuel pressure gauge in place of the fuel filter and watched 85 psi of fuel pressure but noticed it falls off as soon as the pump quits running I went ahead and replaced the fuel filter again as a precaution I then replaced the primary fuel pump with an oem bosch pump not the housing just the pump still not getting anywhere I am starting to go bald on the right side from pulling my hair out is there anyone who has walked this road before or seen this scenario play out? Thanks! :confuse: ">
  • Coupe convertible or sedan?
  • it has just come to my attention that I just responded to a post that has been here for almost a year...somewhat of a ghost town in here
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Yeah, you're right, there haven't been a lot of posts here lately. But oftentimes a new post (or three :-D) will attract other posters who are waiting for something new to read.

    However, if no one shows up soon, try posting in our Answers section over there on the right sidebar.

    Good luck - hope we can help one way or the other!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    The Fuel Filter is located along the frame rail, next to the fuel tank, and near the driver side rear wheel.


  • Just been reading Sep 08 issue of Jaguar World and it has an article about changing the timing chain tensioners. Any 4.0 AJ-V8 built before 21st Oct '98 will have a plastic bodied TCT which fails and causes catastrophic engine damage :sick: the valves and pistons unite in unholy matrimony. If your engine number is 9810210599 or less then it will have the bad tensioner if it has the original factory one still fitted. You need the newer 4.2 spec ones fitted real soon, it says if you can hear any chain rattle from the front end switch it off and tow it to nearest garage before it die$$$. Added to that this engine has a $3k throttle body mod that needs to have been done or it stalls a lot and those cylinder liners are nickasil if manufactured before sep '99 which can fail causing low compression.
  • can someone tell me the firing order of my 1991 jag. xjs v12 also which piston do they call number 1. also where is the fuel filter located on this car..the car seems to idle ok but has no power when accelerate. it will drive up to 60 with no problem as long as you get there slowly. this started all at once while i was driving i just lost power.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    edited April 2010
    FIRING ORDER 1A-6B-5A-2B-3A-4B-6A-1B-2A-5B-4A-3B

    Cylinders numbered from front. As it is viewed from rear of vehicle (driver's seat), "A" is right bank and "B" is left bank.

    Fuel filter Located in trunk behind spare tire.

    Your symptoms suggest you could have dropped a cylinder, either a bad plug or wire or an internal issue. With this V-12, you wouldn't necessary notice a missing cylinder at idle but you would when you accelerate.


  • Thank you for your reply. i always come here for advice and always get good feedback. I have another question if you dont mind. I am going to change my exhaust system to get a more mellow tone and hopefully improve the performance some..more for the sound rather than performance. I cut off the exhaust system just in front of the converters and plan to run a straight through exhaust back to the resanaters. when i removed the 2 into 1 pipes from the manifolds so i could weld on the straight pipes to them i noticed the tops of the pipes are somewhat solid i know the exhaust flows through them ok but dont know why these are there. Are they for back pressure or what? would it be ok to knock these out and allow a straight though eshaust or would this hurt performance? Thanks for any help and info you could give me..All the performance engines i have built I have never seen any exhaust pipes have this type of solid type look comming right out of the manifold
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