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Cadillac DeVille Electrical/Lighting



  • I have a 93 deville and after getting my car back from being stolen, I noticed they broke off the turn signal lever. I got a new turn signal lever, with cruise control and wiper controls that looks exactly like the one I had before and the connector is different from whats on the car already. The auto store I bought it from assured me that it was the correct replacement for that car and so did other auto stores I have asked. Am I supposed to plug it in at a different spot?
  • mrwifflemrwiffle Posts: 1
    My wife set off the alarm one day, since then we have almost every time we start the car, turn the key, pull key out, wait 3 min and then try to start again. Lately this isn't working and sometimes the wait is 30 min before we can start the car.
    Today I disconnected the pos term on battery while the key was in the on position, removed key after a few minutes. Now I'm letting the car set before I hook up the terminal again. Praying that works.
  • PLEASE HELP ME. where do i begin i start my car and the display shows i am on empty. my sensor lights daytime lights dont work. my seatbelt chimes dont work i dont know what is wrong.
  • h2hh2h Posts: 3
    if the battery is low or bad would it cause the theft system to act up? The car would not start and sounded as the battery was bad before it not starting I noticed the theft system light in the dash. I also had to replace a window motor last week could this have made the system act up? The car did start with a jump but after stopping it would not re-start without jump. I used another key to start with the second jump and drove the car 20 miles without the light coming back on and the car re started the next day with the same key. It show battery OK at 15.9 when started and 10.2 when not started. I am afraid to drive the car. Do I need a battery?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    First off, YES, YES, YES you need a battery. At 10.2 volts when the car is not running, this battery is dead! A nicely charged battery should be about 12.6 volts.

    The 15.9 volts is the charge being put out by the alternator when running. The Voltage Ok display just shows the alternator is working. Has little to do with the battery condition, except it is high which shows the battery is very weak and is taking a large charge.

    And yes, with all the electronics in the car, when the battery voltage drops, you may get all kinds of error displays. Get a new battery in this car and hopefully all your problems will go away.

    I just put a new battery in my wifes 2005 Deville. Surprising to me, my local Walmart had the correct battery, $77, including the little end vents where rubber hose attaches to vent fumes outside thru the bottom of the floor. The battery in the 2005 is under the rear seat. Local NAPA quoted $147, with the dealer cheaper for a Delco at $140.
  • h2hh2h Posts: 3
    Thanks #156 for the info, I'll replace today.
  • vishwaq3vishwaq3 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a Deville with 159000 miles. I went thru almost all the posts in the forum to check for couple of problems I have.

    1. Check Engine light comes on and out at will
    2. The engine stops in the middle of the road mostly when idle (traffic lights) and the oil pressure light comes on. I had to bring the car back to neutral and stop it. These days in lights I stop the car a bit back and slowly advance so that the engine is up and running.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    You Cadillac will display the Check Engine code/s that have been set. You need to google Cadillac Forum/s and go to these forums, where you can find the procedures to display error codes. Then, either on these forums, or other places on the internet, you can search and find general guidelines about what codes you have set mean. This will give you some general guidance about what is wrong.

    With this number of miles, there is a lot of problems the car can have. The first thing to do is get the check engine codes. You could have bad plugs and/or plug wires. The Engine Idle Sensor may be bad, or the ports in its body are plugged up. The butterfly valve for the throttle can be gooped up badly and is sticking, althought this usually gives you a high idle.
  • cadrolls1cadrolls1 Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem with a 1995 Fleetwood. It took five times to the dealer to get it fixed. It turned out to be the relay switch for the headlights.
  • mbossembosse Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    new batt.,,no start,dash tell me,starter disabled,problem with theft system,remove key.Every time I open the drivers door the alarm goes off..tryed locking doors and unlock drivers with key,alarm goes off,tryed holding pos and neg cables togather for a min.,,no help,can some one help me,its a nice car but dead in my yard,,,Thanks to you all,Mark
  • h2hh2h Posts: 3
    I had the same thing, plus check engine lights. I replace the battery and all was corrected. I got the battery from Walmart for 75.00 and they installed it, but I had to remove back seat 1st. Change the battery... hope this works for you.
  • searimdsearimd Posts: 1
    my headlights stay on all the time, the only way it will go off is by pulling the fuse. Also the enterior light dont work at all. What is the cause of this?
  • I am having a hesitation problem with my 1994 deville concourse. This doesn't occur every time that i accelerate, however, 2 out of 4 times it does. I Just had the motor manufactured and I am still having the same problems. The alternator has also been replaced. I am starting to wonder if this is an electrical problem. If anyone has any advice on what the hell i need to do I would greatly appreciate it.
  • I changed the ign control module, spark plug and wires and the camshaft sensor that is under the distributor cap and it still hesitates and even stalls. I also changed the fuel filter.
    I am stumped. Any other suggestions out there? Please help.
  • I had the heater coming on for no reason and would not shut off even after turning off the engine. It was a bad Body Control Module. I found one at the local salvage yard for 30 dollars. It has not done that since. You must take the chip out of the old BCM and put it into the one you are going to install. The chip is unique to just your car.
    The same with an ECM, you must put in the chip from the old one into the new one. Good luck.
  • Hi All!
    I have a 1998 Cadillac Deville, base model, and the cluster lights just went out on it. Just the center section where the fuel gauge, speedo, coolant temp, and all that stuff in the middle is at. The lighted panels on either side works fine. I checked the cluster fuse in the trunk and it appeared to be fine.
    I tapped the dash a few times, figuring it would jog something, nothing happened.

    I took someone to the bus stop and when they got out and shut the pass. door it seemed to try and light for and instant.

    Do I need to replace the cluster or is there something else that may be the problem somewhere. Also are those things, clusters, hard to take out
  • how do I reprogram my key which has a chip in it and reset the security system. My 1999 cadillac deville had given me a couple of dash warnings that my theft system problem car may not restart
  • I have the same problem on my 2000 dts. Hve you been able to solve this dilema.
  • My brake lights work properly when the headlights are off. All three of them come on, and no bulbs are out.

    With the headlights on:
    When I turn my headlights on, the third brakelight (above the license plate) does not work. The license plate lights are extremely dim, not really illuminating the license plate at all. The light-up pattern of the taillights is different also. The entire taillight is lit, except for the lower inside quarter of each taillight (not applying the brakes). When braking, they light up properly, and they blink properly with the blinker on. If I disconnect the third brakelight, the normal taillight pattern comes back (a thin stripe on the outside edge of each taillight), but all other problems remain.
    The trunk courtesy light is always dim. When it is removed, the license plate lights go off. The license plate lights also go off when the trunk release is disconnected.
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