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Cadillac DeVille Tires/Wheels



  • Also, when you visit the dealership tell dealer about TSB 000310007A&E,1312011 and 3249. All deal with the vibration problems you are experiencing. Another option, check your front right wheel hub for wear and raise your tire pressure to 35-38 psi and see if that helps.

  • 220mech220mech Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, I am new to the Cadillac world having just purchased a 2004 Deville DTS. what a great car. I did a lot or research read all the horror stories about the N* but I am still glad I bought the car. I was scaning thru older post's and noticed everyone's concern about oil consumption.
    The reason the N* uses oil is because it is desinged that way. The N* is made to operate at high speeds all day long so the cylinders have an agggressive cross hatch pattern to keep oil on the cyl walls to keep the pistons well lubed. Now if I could just get rid of the vibration at hwy speeds
    All would be well. I'll try some of the things I've read in these posts and see if anything helps. :)
  • rkmetzrkmetz Posts: 4
    thanks powerflt. i wrote down the tsb numbers and still have not got my new wheel. im hoping monday it comes and im taking the car to the dealer. i am starting to think my caddy came with a brand new feature,auto massage mode and only i was lucky enough to receive it.
  • Wow...its been 27k miles and the Ventus HR II tires I put on the DTS last November 06 are starting to show some wear. The rear tires are cusping on the outer edges and the rotations are not doing anything to even out the wear. These are unidirectional tires and can only be rotated front to back same side. Time to have the rear wheels looked at for alignment. Road noise has increased a bit, however, that may be due to me running them at 34 psi for better MPG rather than the 30 psi Cadillac recommends. Over all, very nice tires and great handling on the interstate and secondary road's switchbacks.
  • rkmetzrkmetz Posts: 4
    hello mr acweck. i was just wondering if you ever got rid of the vibration in your deville? its august 9th and i am on my way to the dealer who says two of my brand new michelins are bad. so back to the tire shop for two new tires. so basically i still have the same problem. i will keep you posted. rich
  • acweckacweck Posts: 5
    Hello rkmetz,

    No, unfortunately, I have never gotten rid of the vibration in my 2003 DeVille. It's a little better (and I emphasize "a little"), as it now kind-of comes and goes. For example, last Saturday - August 4th - I drove to the dealership to see my salesman about driving another DeVille to see if it did the same thing. On the way there, there was virtually no vibration at all. On the way home, however, it vibrated. I've been driving back and forth to work on the interstate lately, as opposed to the two-lane highway I usually take due to less traffic. I was hoping maybe the problem just needed to work itself out and as I said, it is a little better but certainly not "dramatically" so, as the Service Manager at the dealership felt it was. All in all, after over four months and counting, the issue still hasn't been resolved to my satisfaction and something tells me it never will be.

    As a side note, when I drove my car on my lunch hour today I heard sort-of a "thumping" noise from the rear end whenever I would hit bumps or joints in the pavement. So now I suppose something back there is loose... a suspension component... the exhaust pipe/muffler assembly... who knows!? Then there's the creaking/rattling noise coming from the area of the climate control/stereo head units and ashtray. I took it to the dealership for this problem a while back, which they attempted to fix by replacing the bezel over both head units. It seemed to be fixed for a while but now it's back and every time I hit a sharp enough bump it sets off a cacophonous rattle/creak from that area of the dash. (The problem, I think, lies in the stereo head unit because all you have to do is push inward on it and it makes that creaking noise, which I tend to blame on shoddy workmanship and cheap materials. Sorry, I'm getting away from the main topic of discussion, here...)

    Anyway, I drove a 2002 DeVille on August 4th and it vibrated just like my '03 does... a little worse, actually. I now no longer have trouble believing that this vibration is normal behavior for these cars. My salesman said he would get with the Service Manager on the following Monday and contact Cadillac to see if there were any other possible solutions. I'm still waiting to hear back on that one. I won't hold my breath because I may turn blue... (Can you tell I'm just a little exasperated?)

    Up until now I've not really been sure what to think but now I'm starting to think, "just get rid of it". Judging by your previous comment, "it's just a car but it may be just somebody else's car soon", I get the impression you're thinking along the same lines...
  • rkmetzrkmetz Posts: 4
    hello mr ackweck, this is so strange, the tire company put two brand brand new tires (michelin energy mxv4) on my car today and as i was driving back home on a completely smooth highway i noticed the vibration coming and going! i am going to contact the local dealer and let him know i still have the problem.soon i will take the car to the next dealer and give them a shot at it. but today i decided to go test drive a 2005 deville from a dealer 30 miles away. this was a certified cadillac with a 6 year,100000 mile had 30000 miles on it. we got out on the road and i heard a major clunking noise from under the hood. i quickly turned the car around and parked it. i was shocked to think they would put such a label on this car. i knew my business was done there so i left.but something magical happened, i suddenly felt a whole lot better about my car! so i will keep you posted if i find anything out.
  • acweckacweck Posts: 5
    Best of luck to you, rkmetz! I think I've pretty much resigned myself to getting rid of my DeVille. I'm just trying to decide whether to sell it myself or call my salesman and tell him to get me another car... something other than a Cadillac. The dealership where I bought mine also has an import division that sells Mercedes and Volvos, so those might be an option. Again, good luck to you and thank you for sharing your experience.
  • I have a 2001 Deville and the rear driver tire kept getting low. I took it in to have the tires checked and the mechanic said that the tire was fine and the problem was due to rusting of the chrome wheel. He removed the rust and applied a sealant and stated that this should take care of the problem. Has anyone ever heard of that before?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Yep, 1997 Deville.

    While paying for the tire/wheel work, I asked the owner is they see many of these problems.

    He said "I haven't seen your car, but is it a Cadillac?"

    I said 'yes'.

    He said they are the worse for this happening. The chrome on the bead isn't good, it will litterly flake off all around the tire. I had taken the tire off and put soap on it, and it was leaking all around the inside of the bead.
  • Okay so i just got my deville and one hubcap isn't on it and i couldn't figure out why till i realized its missing the little part that holds the hubcap onto the axle and i was wondering if anyone knows what this part is called or have a spare one laying around.

    Thanks in advance

  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    eBay is your friend.
  • I have a 2004 Cadillac deville that was vibrating and shaking at highway speeds, I had the tires rebalanced, wheel bearings put in, and it ended up being the front strut mounts worn out, had to replace the mounts and struts and get an alignment.
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