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Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo



  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Anyone with experience with the temperature in the 3rd row for either the Rondo or Mazda5? I'm wondering how any heat gets to the feet of 3rd row passengers. Can heat flow under the 2nd row seats to the floor of the 3rd row?
  • As per the Mazda5 the complaints were always based in A/C, but not heating (even for the Canadian fellows). I just tried the A/C feature on my 08 and it works great, yet is difficult to say, as is Winter :P. I'll have to wait until Summer to try it out I guess.

    Regardless, the front seats have ducts underneath to make the air circulate around.

    Now that I think, 6 people seating in a Mazda5 sounds like a lot of human heat to me, who needs a powerful heater for that? :D
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    I've just driven in cars where I've had cold feet before, so I don't want a repeat of that!
  • radar1radar1 Posts: 25
    Today we drove the Rondo 4 cyl. I think it's a nice vehicle, and roomy inside considering it's external size. It rode nice, cornered better than I expected, and has a longer cargo area with the 2nd and 3rd row folded than my Dodge Dakota quad cab pickup bed. I definitely liked the 5 passenger version better than the 7 passenger version when it came to folding the rear seats. My wife thinks the Sportage looks nicer, so now I'll have to research that one some more, especially since we ruled out the 7 passenger Rondo.
    Next we'll try the Mazda5, which I think we'll both like, but the biggest drawbacks I see that might keep me from selecting the Mazda5 is that even after 3 years, there are still no NHTSA or IIHS test ratings (Rondo has NHTSA ratings for both the 07 and 08 models); I wouldn't be able to tow my canoe and camping gear due to towing not recommended (don't want to risk the warranty), and it doesn't have ESC or TCS like most cars have these days. Guess we'll try it to see if the driving impression overcomes the shortcomings.
  • I'm not into SUVs, but if your wife likes the Sportage you better listen to her and make her happy ;-). Just joking, I think the drive tests will give you the last part of the information you need to make a decision at the end

    My only comment is with regards to the NHTS tests. I understand that they would need to be donet, but I would not be concerned at all about the outcome. The Mazda5/Premacy has passed the Euro NCAP and Japanese NCAP with the maximum star ratings each. I can tell you that at least the Euro NCAP is one of the most meticulous programs globally (day-to-day tests include BMWs and Volvos)
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    figures just being announced:
    Rondo: Dec 1,872, YTD 2007 - 26,020; YTD 2006 - 594
    Mazda 5: Dec 1,627, YTD 2007 - 13,718; YTD 2006 - 17,109 - decline of 19.8%
  • radar1radar1 Posts: 25
    Well. I drove the Mazda5, and I liked the way it handled, but then I also liked the way the Rondo handled. Also drove the Mazda Tribute which I didn't like, and a Subaru Outback wagon, which we both liked.
    I wish there was a vehicle that had the best features of all and combined them, like the sliding doors and armrests on the Mazda5, the safety rating and tow rating of the Subaru (now 2700 lbs), and the warranty and seating flexibility of the Rondo. Right now we're leaning toward either the Rondo or Outback as the best choice for our needs.
    The Euro NCAP tests are interesting, showing the Mazda5 slightly better than the Rondo (Carens) for adults, but the Rondo scored better for children. I haven't found the link for the Japanese NCAP tests yet.
  • Yaaay!!, at least I contributed with one for December :D. Not bad numbers for zero Mazda5 marketing :)

    After the first month driving my 08 I feel even more compelled by the Mazda5 changes made compared to my 06. Some of them are subtle (i.e. new luminescent gauges) but Mazda addressed them very well regardless of the sales number. To me indicates that US remains a key market for them, at least to keep the momentum for their Mazda3 and CX-9 cash cows (i.e. A/C for the 2nd row was added only for the US and Canadian markets).

    In order to negotiate with the dealer for my 08 I quickly checked the Rondo on the KIA web site and read some related web articles. I found that some things are gone from the Rondo 07 to the Rondo 08, while the 08 Mazda5 was adding more items for almost the same price (auto A/C, 2nd row A/C, electroluminescent gauges, more armrests, black cd console plate, aux input, body colored mirrors for the Sport trim, etc.).

    In my case, for the 2 Mazda5s final price (new), there is only around 200USD difference. After 2+yrs, not bad at all.
  • I think this just emphasizes my key market point made earlier:

    Toyota passes Ford as second largest automaker in the U.S.
    Mazda grows the most in 2007

    Big ups to Mazda, which won our coveted Biggest Winner of the Year honor by growing its daily average sales rate 9.8% and selling nearly 300,000 vehicles
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    the Mazda 5 did very well in Canada. selling 727 units in December vs 621 for the Rondo.
    YTD for the Mazda 5 - 11,690 vs 8,694 for 2006
    YTD for the Rondo - 7,638 vs 85 for 2006

    Base price of the 2008 Mazda 5 has increase $800 plus $1100 for 5 spd auto and $1100 for a/c
  • I won't jump into conclusions on which car has faired better based on this number until I see a trend but, to me, this means that if you are still on the market for a compact people mover the facelifted 2008 Mazda5 is worth taking a look at (as there is no advertising for it really).

    Are there any numbers for the US 2008 Rondo available? It would be interesting to see if it is a market target effect or just a good month car sales in general...

    Sales up 10.2 Percent; MAZDA5 and MAZDA6 Record Best-Ever January

    IRVINE, Calif. – Coming off a year in which its sales grew more than 10 percent, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) today reported its best January since 1994 with sales of 21,212 vehicles for January 2008, accounting for a 10.2 percent increase versus last year.

    MAZDA6 celebrated its best-ever January with sales of 6,333 units, up 27.0 percent over last year. Not to be outdone, the MAZDA5 multi-activity vehicle, which has been freshened for 2008 and only on the market for a short time, also celebrated its best-ever January with sales of 1,699 units, accounting for a 28.4 percent increase.

    Mazda CX-9, which was recently named North American Truck of the Year, reported sales of 1,850 units while its sibling, CX-7, recorded 2,555 units sold. January sales were led in volume by MAZDA3, which reported sales of 6,579 units.

    “After closing 2007 as the fastest-growing major car company in the U.S., we kicked off 2008 signaling our intention for another strong year,” said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO, MNAO.
  • radar1radar1 Posts: 25
    Looks like the Rondo did much better than last year, and almost twice as well as the Mazda5 in January. I think this is just the 2007 model; I don't think the 2008 Rondo has hit the showrooms yet.
    Rondo 3,226 in Jan 2008 vs 478 in Jan 2007.
    SOURCE Kia Motors America
  • 2008 Rondo not yet in the showrooms? Oh well, KIA may be working on the 2008.5 model instead then.

    Thanks for the info. As I said, I won't jump into any conclusions until I see a trend, but it is good to see that the compact people movers did well this month, especially for an SUV dominated market.

    Oh, and question: When the 07 Rondo was released in the US Market? Is it fair to compare Jan 07 to Jan 08?
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    yet again the Mazda 5 did better in Canada by selling 735 units for January 2008 compared to 663 units for the Rondo. This could be a mixture of '07's and '08's.
  • Thanks for the info, very close. Some Canadian owners have mentioned that about 50% of Mazda5s have been sold in the Quebec area, mainly Montreal (Parlez vous Mazda5? :D). Compared to the market size, Compact People Movers seem far more popular in Canada that in the US in my non-expert opinion...
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    I'd would agree with you, its quite a different market to the US, also its true that they do sell a lot of Mazda's in the province of Quebec.

    Also the Mazda 3 was the 2nd largest selling car in Canada for 2007 with sales of 48,236. Taking into account that the US population is 9.5 times larger than Canada thats equivalent to 458,242 units.

    The number one seller is the Honda Civic and in 3rd place is the Toyota Corolla.
  • yeah, like he said..rondo. I knew a ronda and she was just about as ugly as the kia. Did you LOOK at the car? To me it looks like a toon. Nicely equiped toon. I don't think the Kia will hold its value as well as the "5" which is something that you need to consider at sell/trade-in time. The 5 handles like a sedan (thus the zoom-zoom). The Kia shakes on the freeway and is like the wagon that it is. However, to each his own.
  • ooooo, that's good thinkin!!
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    The KIA shakes on the freeway, sleepwalker? How do you know, have you driven one? If you have, then it needed a wheel balancing.
    My 07 EX V6 is the most stable and solid vehicle on the highway I have ever owned, and I have had my share of Hondas, Subarus, Dodges, Chev's and Fords.
    I drove the Mazda5 and really liked it, however it is not rated to tow at all and the V6 Rondo is rated at 2,500 lbs. That made the difference for me.
    I personally feel that the Rondo, particularly in Urban Grey which mine is, is a very nice looking vehicle, cleanly designed with more than a hint of Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5 in the rear 3/4 view.
    As for value, I guess we will have to wait and see. The 10 yr warranty will be a factor.
  • Sleepwalker said:

    "yeah, like he said..rondo. I knew a ronda and she was just about as ugly as the kia. Did you LOOK at the car? To me it looks like a toon. Nicely equiped toon. I don't think the Kia will hold its value as well as the "5" which is something that you need to consider at sell/trade-in time. The 5 handles like a sedan (thus the zoom-zoom). The Kia shakes on the freeway and is like the wagon that it is. However, to each his own."

    Me personally, I'm keeping my Rondo for the long haul, so resale value is irrelevant. Yes, the Rondo handles like a wagon and I like the way it handles. As for the shaking, unless you were test driving it during an earthquake, I haven't noticed an inordinate amount of shaking. In fact, the smooth ride is one of the Rondo's strengths.

    (Parts of the remaining post is meant to be humourous--whether it's actually humourous or not is another story--and is definitely not meant to be a vicious attack against sleepwalker, who is merely a convenient foil. I could have addressed this to anybody, really. Perhaps I'm pushing it, but I don't think I've crossed a line or strayed off-topic, but that's for the Mod to decide.)

    You're not secure enough of a man to drive a vehicle that looks like a "toon", sleepwalker? You care that much about what other people think? Perhaps you may believe that a real man would drive only a real vehicle--not a Rondo, that's for sure--but a real hot and sporty number. I think, however, that a real man doesn't give a damn what others think and drives whatever vehicle he pleases.

    I certainly agree that the Rondo isn't as long and sleek as the Mazda5, so if you need to drive the Mazda5 as compensation for a certain lack, be my guest. As The Family Guy's Peter Griffin once said, "Every guy you see with a big house or a fancy car or a shiny gold tooth is really just saying, 'Don't look at my penis.'"

    So there I am, driving through the city in my fugly Rondo, with throngs of people lining the streets and pointing and laughing at me. Hey, what do I care? I got it where it counts. I got your Rondo for you right here, jerky.

    If you only hang out in forums that support and reinforce your own tastes, you start getting delusions of grandeur and start believing that your own vehicle is the greatest and prettiest vehicle ever conceived by Man or Martian in the whole Universe plus other dimensions. Would you believe that I've read comments that state that the Mazda5 is one ugly dog, too, that it's just another odd-looking mini people hauler, that they wouldn't be caught dead in one? What, that's just crazy talk, eh? The people who are saying that must be on the wacky tobaccy, whereas the people who say the same thing about the Rondo must be enlightened beings.

    Okay, I get it that the Rondo doesn't conform to what is considered stylish for cars these days, and the Mazda5 does (yea for conformity!). I get it that there are probably more people out there doing the dry heaves when they see the Rondo as compared to the Mazda5. Look at the Rondo's large green-house windows! How 1980s. Check out that low beltline! Dude, low beltlines only look hot on women's jeans. Get a load of that jellybean profile! If your car doesn't look like a flying wedge, get out of town.

    The Rondo is utilitarian to a fault, making no apologies for its lack of sports-car aspirations when it comes to its handling, performance and, yes, looks. The Rondo, quite simply, is a mini-minivan disguised as a tall station wagon (targeting those people who have an adverse reaction to sliding doors and all that it connotes, I suppose). If the Rondo is ugly, it's ugly for the very same reason any minivan is ugly--it's all about the utility and versatility, baby. As this World of Wheels review states:

    Styling? Well, what can you say? Let’s say such nondescript styling really works well with Rondo’s overall mission of substance over style. Curious, too, that when many manufacturers bust a gut to make their crossovers all macho and SUV-like, we have Kia opting to make a crossover more minivan like. But again, if the most efficient use of space means a minivan profile, then that’s what we should get.

    The point is, the Rondo isn't even trying to look cool or slick. The Rondo ain't a pretender--it is exactly what it is. If the Rondo were trying to look stylish but missed the mark, then blast away. But why criticize it for lacking what it wasn't trying to achieve in the first place? If you want cool and slick, get the Mazda5 (because, apparently, the 5 has plenty of that). Personally, I couldn't care less if my practical, everyday ride is not cool or is presumably ugly. Good heavens, who cares?

    Well, there are people out there who do care. And as the old saying goes, to each his own.

    Are you confident enough of a man to drive a beast like the Rondo and risk the ridicule of friends, family, co-workers, pets, ungulates, blow-up dolls? I guess I am.

    (That ends the funny. BTW, if I sounded like a defensive and insecure [non-permissible content removed] for saying all of that--well, you're right. I'm insecure, and secure. How Zen is that?)
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