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Mazda 5 vs Kia Rondo



  • The Rondo continues to be categorized very different ways by awards programs, ratings system, federal agencies, and by consumers. Wagon? Minivan? SUV? Crossover (whatever that is)?

    Having owned/driven it now since October, I've been asked many times "what exactly is a Rondo?" It is asked either by friends who've driven in it and are quite impressed (by its cargo room, driving characteristics, 7 seats, and good mpg) or by friends and family from afar who want to know about my new car.

    My own tailored answer is that it's essentially a "microvan." Smaller than all other minivans, FWD, 5-7 seating, lots of hauling room, car-like drive. That's how I view it in my mind. It is only un-minivan like in not having an AWD option nor sliding side doors.
  • :) It is interesting that you like to name it like that. In general owners want to step away from the minivan category because is not the case i.e. if we review and try to match minivian specifications, but the dreaded (yet extremely useful) sliding door does not help the case in the case of the Mazda5 :)

    If we were in Europe or Asia they would have a proper, more realistic classification:
    - Compact MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle)
    - MAV (Multi Activity Vehicle)
    - Space Wagon

    Oh well it will take time I guess (if the Mazda5 and Rondo models don't disappear first in favor of a small SUV or a crossover XX whatever)
  • radar1radar1 Posts: 25
    Just saw this report.

    IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2008 Kia Rondo was named a "Best Value" by Parents Magazine and in their annual list of Best Family Cars. Parents cited the optional third row, allowing seating for seven, as just one of the reasons the Rondo is a good choice for families.
    The full report can be found here; edmundscom-best-family,286202.shtml

  • Here you go, the whole list. My wife is subscribed to this magazine, I'm sure they can do a better job on the site navigation though :D: - - ents/slideshow/data/1202324985924.xml&page=1

    Also this should mean that the 2008 has been finally launched in the US I believe. Any new stuff compared to the 2007?
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    Mazda 5: 2021 units a 29.1% increase over sales of Feb '07 of 1565 units

    Rondo sales: 3616 units
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Thanks. Some extra info on the Mazda5 for the US and Canada, from the press release:

    The MAZDA5 multi-activity vehicle, which has been freshened for 2008, sold 2,021 units, a 29.1 percent increase, and the best month for the vehicle since March, 2006

    Mazda Canada, Inc. reported February sales of 5,810 units, up 12.4 percent, and their best-ever February. Additionally, Mazda Canada reported best-ever February sales for MAZDA5, MX-5 and B-Series. Year-to-date, MCI reports 10,542 vehicles sold, up 9.3 percent.
  • timtlmtimtlm Posts: 5
    Haven't checked out this thread in a while, and thought I would post my opinion on some of the topics discussed. I am mid 20's with my first kid. The reasons why I went with the Rondo over the M5.
    1. I felt that the rondo had more room overall (seating and cargo), although this has been hard to prove/disprove because the cargo room calculations on vehicles must have been different methods. If you've looked at both, I would be certain that most people would side with the Rondo on space.
    2. More seating options (this has already been discussed in great detail).
    3. I liked the look better than the M5, A lot of this has to do with the sliding doors. I think the M5 looks like a "microvan" because of these. The "sporty" look and the "microvan" oxymoron appearance does not work for me. I describe the Rondo as a tall station wagon or hatcback. However, I agree that the different colors make a huge difference in the Rondo's appearance. I have black, but would have also accepted urban gray. I don't like the lighter colors on the Rondo because how the black trim/grill contrasts with the color. The beige shown in the edmunds review doesn't do the black or gray Rondos justice. (This is my opinion, so no offense other Rondo owners).
    4. Price: cheaper than the used M5 that Kia had on the lot
    5. The drive was great. Honestly didn't notice much difference between the M5, but I'll take your word and most reviewers words for it that the M5 handles better. But, Rondo had ESC and ABS standard, which resulted in a safer feel.

    My only hang-up was that it was a Kia. I am a previous Mazda owner (87 323 -- Great reliable car) and a firm believer in Japanese cars. But the waranty and the more recent improvements in reliablility made me feel comfortable.

    Also, please see my pic showing cargo room. This is a standard size Range/Oven new in the box that slid easily into the Rondo with the back seats down. I know I was impressed. I wonder if the M5 can do the same.

    Full-Size Link
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    :surprise: Good pic, impressive indeed. I'm not sure if I can answer to your question, do you have the actual box size by any chance?

    The Mazda5 hatch opening is around: 34" (86.36cm) Height, 40" (101.6cm) Width. Your box looks tall so that may be an issue.

    Any picture with all the occupants (5 or 7 seater)? Something like this?
  • timtlmtimtlm Posts: 5
    Unfortunately, I don't have the exact measurements of the box, but my best guess would be 34" wide and 32" tall (30"x27.5" without the box). Based on your measurments of the M5 opening, I would guess that it would fit. However, you couldn't base it on the widest/tallest point because the hatch opening is rounded and not a perfect rectangle. I don't have any pictures of people sitting in the rondo.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    Rondo - 767
    Mazda 5 - 1028
  • medicinemanmedicineman Posts: 135
    In one of my previous posts that included pics of the Rondo's interior, I regretted not having a photo demonstrating "two adults plus child seat in the second row." Well, during my Internet travels, I happened upon this pic. Like I said before, I'm not claiming you can get two CFL linebackers back there along with baby seat, but it's alright for my kin. BTW, that pic is obviously available to the public, so I don't feel like a creep for linking to it (I have other pics that'll make you think I'm a creep, but that's another story).

    As for some real-world pics of the Rondo maxed out with people inside (as opposed to that photoshopped advertisement of people in the M5 with the roof and side ripped off), how about this? Now that's some capacity. Strangely enough, that's the type of cargo I also like to haul around.

    BTW, I haven't been following this thread since I last posted (in case anyone asked me anything earlier) and that ain't likely to change (need to pick and choose where to spend my time, eh).
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    1st pic, very good one, great example, it also gets my point around, car seats are not created equal. This seat clearly goes over the poor parents' or grandparents' arms, great photo opp but I wouldn't like to ride like that for 1hr
    2nd pic, yes, that is usually the way I load my car during the weekend, very realistic ;). I have not received a check though

    You may have not missed to much, nobody has asked anything really (apart from me on some box dimensions), new pics have answered most of the questions, no strings attached. Oh, I also attached the Mazda5 convertible. Yes, WITH the roof pictured it would have been impossible to seat those 6 souls :D

    Thanks for the pics!
  • We just bought our 5 Saturday and have been enjoying it. Since we're upgrading/downgrading from a Suburban just about any vehicle would be tighter but we've been happy with the results. We've got a total of 350 miles on it and our first tank of gas with mixed highway and city driving was ~26.5MPG. We're looking forward to getting it broken in and I'll do some additional tweaking to see if we can get around 30MPG on the highway. When I get a few more adults or large children around I'll try to snap some pics for everyone to see how it holds up with larger individuals in the back but with our entire family it seems to work great. We have 2 adults (and I am biggie sized) and 4 kids...two of which are in their tween, teen years and the other two are under 8.

    2008 Mazda 5
    5 speed Manual
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    in their section under Best & Worst, they mentioned:
    "Most overlooked cars - These aren't top sellers, but all are good values and perform well" listed the Mazda 5 and Kia Rondo

    In the Vehicle Profiles section, they stated:

    "Mazda 5 - The Mazda 5 has the utility of a small minivan yet is maneuverable, economical and affordable. Based on the Mazda 3, it delivers responsive handling, a comfortable ride, and a relatively quiet interior, although road noise is pronounced. Fuel economy was a decent 23 mpg (US) overall. The four-cylinder engine provides adequate performance but lacks reserve power when carrying full loads or climbing hills. A five-speed automatic is new for 2008. Visibility and acess are excellent. It has flexible seating for four passengers and their luggage, or it can accommodate six with minimal cargo. Reliability has been average"

    "Kia Rondo - The Rondo offers an impressive amount of room for its compact size. With seating for up to seven, it has minivanlike utility with the dimensions of a small car. It competes mainly with the six-passenger Mazda 5. Built on the same platform as the Kia Optima, the Rondo also shares its 2.4 liter, four-cylinder engine, as well as the optional 2.7 liter V6. Fit and finish is very good, and access is very easy. The ride is comfortable and quiet, and the powertrain is refined. Handling is not particularly agile. Stability control and curtain air bags are standard"

    drive - 2008 Rondo EX 2.4L
    location - Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Good info. I just wander about the Mazda5 "average" reliability, what is it based on? Both my cars have been really good, not average. In other mazda5 forums I've read complaints like the back tires uneven use (which is fixed with regular balancing IMO), but nothing scary really (i.w. like Lemons or engines blowing away). The only issues on mine have been: one of the liftgate struts came defective, changed quickly under warranty, and the 2005 exhaust recall on my 06, which actually did not affect Manual Tranny cars, yet it was recalled just to be sure. I got a rental for free and $500 dollars for the inconvenience during the time it was in the shop.

    Any reliability stories with the Rondo? Lemons, Issues?

    I'll follow conwelpic. This forum is very poor in some areas, you cannot even have a signature:

    drives - 2006 and 2008 Mazda5 5-speed manual transmission, US
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    I'll follow conwelpic. This forum is very poor in some areas, you cannot even have a signature:

    your right coolmazda5, I was trying to do that so I don't have to repeat it with each entry, maybe the designers of this forum will take a hint and get up to date with most of the other forums. Can you even put in a avatar?

    Drive - 2008 Rondo EX 2.4L
    Location - Prince Edward Country, Ontario, Canada
  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42
    My understanding is that the Mazda5's "average" reliability is mainly due to the 2006 recall. For those who don't know, Mazda had to "recall" the 2006 Mazda5s with the automatic because someone drove one in the manu-matic mode at highway speeds in 2nd gear. Apparently, this heated up the Catalytic converter and could potentially be an issue. Unfortunately, Mazda had to pull all the 5s off the road until a fix was found. I imagine that wan't too fun for those who went through it, but not really a major issue like wheels falling off or something.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Got it mrbwa1. Yes, I was one of the recalled ones :( but Mazda did a good job IMO. I was surprised about the "average" qualification as I owned a Honda, a Chevy, tons of Fords, VWs, Nissan and these 2 Mazdas so far so good (knocking on wood)!

    It is not a daily thing that you buy the same car again based on the 1st one reliability, versatility and satisfaction...

    drives - 2006 and 2008 Mazda5 5-speed manual transmission, US

    BTW, something related to this topic:

    Mazda Claims Top Spot in Recent Reliability Survey. Feb 19, 2008

    Warranty DIRECT ‘Reliability League Table’ 2007 TOP 10 RESULTS

    Manufacturer Incidence Rate %*

    1 Mazda 8.04
    2 Honda 8.90
    3 Toyota 15.78
    4 Mitsubishi 17.04
    5 Kia 17.39
    6 Subaru 18.46
    7 Nissan 18.86
    8 Lexus 20.05
    9 Mini 21.90
    10 Citroen 25.98

    * Number of mechanical failures reported by policy holders for every 100 vehicles aged between three and nine years old.

    Source: Mazda USA Web Site. Inside Mazda (Press Release)
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Can you give us the original web link.
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