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Caravan/Voyager Electrical Issues



  • It sounds like nothing more than a very badly timed coincidence. Your sending unit in the fuel tank probably needs replacing.
  • thanks Mr Joe Peterson 56 i will try that i have a friend at work who will help me and i will post results
  • Found on my 1999 Voyager that the motor for the power window was stuffed.
    Easy to check, take off door panel, disconnect plug from window winder. Hook up some test wires to a 12v battery, then quickly touch the tabs on the motor.

    As the motor turns in both directions try swapping the leads over. If it starts to move, it could be the window switch. If no movement, motor is stuffed, you'll need a new winder mechanism.
  • I need a fuse and relay center for the Chrysler/plymouth 1998 minivan voyager with an 3.3 liters engine, the part has this numbers on the side:
    4707892 B EATX

    Does someone has a spare used one?
    Thanks a lot
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Why don't you just buy a new one; by the time you pay for shipping and then deal with a used relay which may or may not work, you'll have messed around and spent more than simply buying new.
  • firealarmguyfirealarmguy Posts: 8
    edited December 2011
    If you are asking for a relay that plugs into the box by the battery. Buy a new one my dealer wants $33. for these but a good garage supply sells them for
    $7. I had the one for my tranny go bad and all I had was first gear. I carry new spares in my glove box now. I have changed 6 or 7 now in my 97.
  • joe, I too have the same problem and I too thot it was possibly a bad sender but I'm not replacing it until I have addressed ALL my other elec probs. I too re-soldered my inst cluster which fixed a myriad of probs [all due to fractured solder on ground returns]. Now, I'm experiencing my int lights, my door ajar light, door locks etc all going berserk... I've pulled most of the actuator relays to prevent excessive wear to the hardware until I've corrected this issue - which I believe to be yet another int ground, located somewhere other than the inst cluster. [I'm taking this on this w'end]. I've found that this latest problem is exacerbated by cold weather and just by getting the cab interior nice and toasty, does all the erratic behavior stop or is greatly reduced. I too am an electronics technologist and my best guesstimate is once again, bad ground[s] caused by either a loose screw or damaged/corroded wire/connector INSIDE the van: this eliminates all the modules, and hardware under the hood....
    As an aside, my battery went intermittent on me [pure happenstance]. It not only screwed up my factory authorized alarm system but it also caused another problem. Since then, as soon as the ignition is on, the speedometer reads 15Km/hr on the dial. To any tech, this isn't a mystery. What I believe has happened is that the inst cluster Eprom has become corrupted and, considering that the speedometer is just a meter movement, the DC OFFSET hex value programmed into either an independent Eprom or an Eprom within the main controller CPU has been altered... After a little research, I know I can buy a computer interface jig to readjust this value, but at what cost? In my opinion, Canadian Tire, who's battery failure triggered this event should be liable for this issue.
    Oh, and as an aside, I did try your tip to remove and reseat the interior fuse panel connectors to fix my problem with a relay buzzing int when the headlights were on..... I believe this minor problem is also related to my second, major int probs....
    What it all comes down to in my mind is that Daimler Benz used cheap tin connectors and the 'new and improved' leadless yet brittle solder...
    Cheers John Beck, Langley BC
  • teltomteltom Posts: 7
    edited December 2011
    Help my 2003 2.4litre caravan se, has gone sad??, The headlight switch will not turnoff the lights at all, At first the lights would turn off after several on/off on/off movements of the heradlight switch, But now they will not turn off at all, I have to close the door and hope they shut off after the (i guess master cut-off relay shuts off everything approx 8-10 minutes)However everything stays on untill that happens the radio, dash, lights headlights, and rear taillights also stay on untill the master timed cutoff relay shuts down the stuff, However if i open any door,or side slideing doors, the lights go back on again untill the mstr cutoff i assume shuts down everything again, The factory headlight switch has a very nice delay feature that when it works as it should keeps the headlight on for a few minutes or so ,and the auto parts store informed me the switch will cost more because it has the delay featre built in to it>??Has anyone elso replaced there headlight switch before that can advise how diffulicult it is.?? or maybe advise what i need to remove to make the repair happen ??Help i look for a response or two ,Thank you in advance Teltom
  • Just a note for you to think about I had my interior lights go a little nutty. They would turn on and off all the time, driving not driving, day time and night. I removed the bulbs but thought about it later and replaced the relay by the brake pedal and that has solved the problem. the relay contact would routinely close for no reason. SO you may want to replace that (for the low cost of it) and see if that may be the problem.
  • Help anyone who can offer there input on my headlight switch in my 2003 2.4 litre caravan,It will not shut off anything, now as my battery keeps draining because 0f the lights ,radio taillights along with other items, all stay on untill the master system shut-down relay timed circuit ,takes over after the default period of several minutes ,and shuts the lights and related componets off,I wondering if there is a way i can make a simple switch and connect it to the highlight relay, so when i need to shut them off i simple preee a normaly the button or switch , and the headlight relay would drop coil voltage and not come on untill i make the relay think its being turned on again,?? Crazy ideas i bet all are thinking, but im on a very limited stimulus allotment $$ wise and need to cut any possibile cost to repair this, on the cheap side,I searched several salvage yards and to no-avail all the van switches that were there will not fit in the mounting hole of the 2003 2.4 litre caravan ,i guess they changed the switch and mirror controls after 2003 ,as you can see there is no good way to correct this issue other than replaceing it with a new one?? I hope someone may have a seceret fix for the worn out headlight switch array?? Till then ill keep on putting the jumper cables in the vechile to assure my caravan wont leave me on the road side??, Thanks all
  • does anyone know if i can split the fuse box on a 2000 dodge caravan engine fuse box, the metal flange that the positive and negative cables are connected to are loose but i cant tighten the bolts (if any) on the connection unless i can separate the box,,,, any one have any ideas a new one cost 400+ ouch>
  • Hi:
    Happened to us - change the speed sensor
  • I just had the exact same thing happen to me today. I just pounded the dash cover really hard and everything came back on. Smacked the dash above the ABS and it went out. The engine service soon light wouldn't work.
    Not very scientific or mechanical but the price was right
  • Thumping the dash will begin to lose effectiveness. Depending on temperature, vibration and even humidity, the problem will progressively get worse and the symptoms will start to vary... Do NOT trust 'any' major shop to attempt a fix, they'll try replacing everything from the onboard computer to the kitchen sink w/out success! The only solid fix is to remove the speedo cluster, strip it down and resolder the fractured solder joints on the socket which connects to the harness which you have to remove in order to get the cluster out. The entire repair process takes a competent novice about 2 hours to complete. I have pictures of the process but have no idea on how to post them to this site......
  • I bought a 1997 Grand Voyager with 133,000 miles on it last week. Everything has been fine until today. Get in the van to go pick up grandson from school and the a/c fan won't blow! I live in Texas so it's hot!! So I think, "well I'll just have to roll the windows down until we can look at that". The electric windows won't operate! Tried turning the van off and restarting it twice, to no avail. BTW - the radio wasn't working at this time either. Twenty minutes later I make it to the school thinking I'm gonna die of heat stroke. When I turn off the van I can hear the a/c fan blow for a split second. Start the van back up and everything is working properly. Obviously this is some type of electrical issue, but where do I start to try to figure out what's wrong?
  • pmarypmary Posts: 14
    On my 2001 Caravan with the same symptoms I replaced the PCM ( Power Control Module) to correct the problem. I believe on the 97 model it is called the ECM (Electronic Control Module) mounted in the engine compartment on the fire wall or on top of the D/S wheel house. You mite luck in for a used one at a local auto wrecker for $ 20. Good Luck.
  • I tried cleaning the blue plug because there was green corrosion visible on the wires. Have had the power lock problem, would pull the IOD fuse, worked great for a while until I had to start pulling the fuse daily. The instrument panel has freaked out a few times, but started working again right away. Most recently the car wouldn't start or charge, which forced my hand into looking for a problem. I took the wires out of the connector, cleaned them up as best I could with scotch brite and sandpaper and a couple of tiny screwdrivers. I applied conductive grease (hope this doesn't cause me more problems), wiped down the wires and put them back in the connector. My car was able to take a jump, and started up fine. The instrument panel freaked out once, but that has been the only problem since. So thanks for the advice on cleaning the connector. Only thing now is I've seen you talk about replacing the IPM and the PCM, and seen others talk about touching up the soder on the speedometer cluster, and I'm wondering if I should get out now before my van gets possessed. Guess I'll have to keep an eye on it.
  • the wiper switch on my 1996 grand voyager has quit working. The wipers will work when I push in the switch to activate the wash fluid. I have checked the wiper motor fuse and it looks OK. What can I look at for this problem?
  • I just bought this van, it has 188 k mi on it, drives and feels good but it's registration says it is a plymouth voyager while the vehicle has dodge caravan all over it. Carfax identifies it as a voyager also. Whats the deal here?

    Also, When I bought the vehicle a couple days ago, the dash guages worked but now none of them do. The lights, wipers, dash lights, radio and all still work. I checked the fuses under the dash and they are all working and functional. Any ideas or suggestions? Sort of frustrating. :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: ">link title
  • johnbeckjohnbeck Posts: 12
    edited April 2013
    Check this site for other posts on 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan electrical problems & you should find previous answers to this problem and other related intermittent dashboard electrical problems. Its caused by fractured solder joints on the connector spikes which the wiring harness plugs onto which is mounted under the dash board display cluster.
    Pictures on disassembly/repair procedure:
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