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Pontiac Montana Electrical Issues



  • It might not be a fuse. The window itself sometimes sticks to the window rubber molding. Try taking the motor off of the window, then run the motor to see if it works. With the motor disconnected from the window you can use your hand to "pop" the window away from the rubber window gasket. Then clean the window where it meets the gasket, then apply a silicone spray on the gasket. The silicone will last about 6 months, so you must do this about every 6 months. I finally stopped using the window!!
  • Glad to be of assistance.
    It's too bad GM will not admit to this common electrical problem.
    My local GM dealer says "we never had anyone else with this problem".
    My friends at the GM Technical Center tell me they have known of this problem for 12 years!
  • I have had the same issue with my rear tail lights as well. I was advised since GM won't do anything about it to spread some Di-electric (bulb grease) on both sides of the adapter and the pig tail. Have not had an issue for almost 6 months now. I do check it from time to time.
  • Hello all,

    We are having some trouble with our 2006 Pontiac SV6. Suddenly all the power windows, power locks, and the rear backup sensor have stopped working. When we press the window up/down button we hear a clicking from the driver side dash. All other things seem to be working fine (radio,cd,dvd, dash lights, etc). Can someone please tell us what it could be? and How do we fix it? It sure would be good if we could get a Haynes manual for this model!

    thank you so much!
  • added:

    I also just noticed that the rear window wiper is not working. We checked all fuses -- all seem to be fine.
  • I have a pontiac montana 6v6 2008. Several times the warning lights comes on:
    stability control, abs system, tire inflation. Master mechanic checked and said they moved the harness slightly and secured it. However after the 2nd day of driving on a bad road with lots of bumps; the warning lights came on again intermittenly.
    Will changing the complete harness solve the problems?
    Looking for solutions.
  • Might be the problem descibed many times before on this Forum.......bad rear tail light Pig-Tails (where tail lites plug into the wiring harness). The plug hot wire is shorting out with the other colored wires due to GM using inferior plastic plug that can't take the heat....melts! Part was built by an outside supplier. GM continues to deny this. Replace the Pig-tails...GM has the parts...about $45 per PIg-tail.
  • Imagine that, fix one issue & another starts.
    Now the air compressor won't shut off.
    Any advice, I'm going to check connection under rear tire well to see if any wires are bad.
    Thanks again to Jack & all posters, for all your help.
  • Is it the Auxilary Air Compresor (used to fill tires, tubes and kids pool stuff) (if you have that option) or the Shock Absorber Load Leveling Air Compressor that is running?
    If it's the Shock Absorber Load Leveling Compressor, it could be:
    1. rear leveling sensor is bad, causing the compressor to pump more air to try to fill the leveling shocks. or...
    2. one of the 1/4 inch diameter air tubes from the compressor to the shocks is disconnected, broken or cracked...leaking air.
  • ronkeyronkey Posts: 11
    Turn the key on,and push the accelerator pedal three times slowly,within 5 seconds,this will reset the oil change light.And napa auto parts has the fuel pump [non-permissible content removed],includes sending unit,for 242.00 dollars,and surely some one can do the job for 65.00 dollars or so.
  • I had the same problem on my montana. there is a wiring harness on the passenger side front floorboard under the carpet where th e floor board curves down from the firewall to the floor pan they made a 2 piece wiring harness and patched them together . They seem to corrode at these patch points causing a number of electrical issues. I just trimmed the bad part of the wires off and used crimp heat shrink patch connectors from walmart and electrical heat shrink tubing to fix. Plus rear tailight socket issues cause a wide variety of electrical issues too. I hope this helps before you spend alot of money on switches. I have baught alot of parts on ebay that are greatly discounted without fail. Just do not but from people or dealers from outside the us.

    Good Luck!
  • I have a 2000 Pontiac Montana van and the last couple of months I have had nothing but problems with my brake lights. i have replaced the bulbs so many times and getting sick and tired of it. The lights will usually work for a day or two once new ones are in and then they blow or just don't work. There is never a problem with the brake light in the center above the back door though.
  • This is a common problem with this vehicle....see many, many, previous posts about this. It's the bulb socket...the black wire is shorting out with the colored wires due to a substandard plug material that cannot take the melts.
    Replace the plug (pig-tail) with a new kit...about $40 plus your labor...use crimp connectors.
  • Where can I get this part? Do I need to go to a dealer and order it? I went to an Advanced Auto store today and they had no idea what it was I was wanting and said they couldnt get anything like that ordered,
  • At Dealer.
  • How long can the battery remain discnnected without affecting the memory?
  • I hope I didn't screw my van up too badly. I have the same burnt tail light plug plug issue on a 2001 montana. I tried to file and clean the connections, and I may have either loosened or corrupted the groung on the plug. Now the van won't start. It sounds like the starter is "grinding" but not even trying to turn over. Is this possibly because the assembly is no longer grounded? I kind of freaked and went ahead and cut the ground wire going into the plug assembly, so now I know its not grounded - and not starting.
  • ronkeyronkey Posts: 11
    The tail light does not have anything to do with the starting system.Make sure the battery connections are clean,and tight,Be sure the battery voltage is good,you may have to charge the battery.Or it may be a bad starter.Have the battery checked out to make sure,but try charging it,and see if the engine will turn over,I am assuming the engine is not turning with the starter,.
  • ronkeyronkey Posts: 11
    It is possible the door jam switch is the problem.
  • ronkeyronkey Posts: 11
    Check all fuses,and if they seem to be all good,replace the body control module,
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