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Dodge Sprinter Starting/Stalling Issues



  • tampeltampel Posts: 2
    07 sprinter, not 97
  • Hi All it's Funny i Have All of Those Problems and yes i will Be with you All For the Lawsuit , including the Dash ac Control i Changed 2 and need another one , and changed Transmission That Cost $7500 on 220,000mi Now My Motor Cutting Off ,Some Kind of Electric Problems ? and Changed the Harmanik Ballancer @ 95000mi , and 2 AC Compressors and 4 ac Lines,and All Turbo Rubber Houses 2 Times Have to By Pass the Ac Fan To Keep it Cool it Look Likes All Wiring All Messed up , Thanks For All of the Postings and Lets Find Solutions ?
  • I had a similar problem found the crank sensor and the cam sensor would get hot and stop working. 10 minutes later it would start and run fine. Just don't turn it off.
  • i Have the Same Problems , Now My Van in the Dealer, They Said Needs ignition Switch and Fuse Block and my Bill Going to Be around $700 Will see if That Fix it Tomorrow ?
  • Hi any more Problems ?
  • i Have Same Problems , Did you Fix it ?
  • i will Let you know What My Fix Later Okkkkk
  • Engine occasionally shuts down when starting out going through about 15 mph, after 2-3 seconds it takes off again. Never does this at higher speed. Always at low speed and low rpm. Acts like it just ran out of fuel. Replaced fuel filter - no change.
  • elvodelvod Posts: 1

    @valiant said: I disconnected the CAN lines at the cluster. DIDN'T fix the problem. Tested terminal 15 at Cluster. When it stalls it loses power at 15 at the cluster. Need to trace 15 from the cluster and find its cause for loss.

  • bigjay3bigjay3 Posts: 11

    My first time Edmonds, sorry to hear all the trouble you guys are having, I have a 2005 freight sprinter, 25000K Diesel 100% love it, runs like a bull etc, HOWEVER bad brakes, pedal goes to the floor in the morning, after pumping about 20 times have good pedal and great stoping power, however on interstate if you dont use the brake for 15 minutes pedal goes way down, scares the hell out of me, Im a master mechanic had 4 master cylinders, was at dealers for 2 months, with factory rep, replaced, booster, master rotors etc, they put all the old parts back on and said, get it the hell out of here NO CHARGE, LOVE the vehicle but still brake problems, Im going to try to install a later year master if possible, If I ever cure it Ill be sure to llet you guys know how I did it, BIG JOHN 88 yrs old and still doing my own work, also aircraft

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