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Honda Accord Coupe Starting and Stalling Problems



  • hypermikhypermik Posts: 1
    My 2001 Accord Coupe (170K) has been stalling for over year. There was never any indicators why it would do this but it finally didn't start back up and that's when they found the MAIN RELAY was down. They said it didn't show up on the computer before because it would only shut off for a minute when the car dies then come back on. Easy self fix for $40-50 at NAPA. This drove me crazy so I hope this help everyone.
  • Having trouble with the Starter. The original starter was making a noise after I started the car. Took to my mechanic--the starter was bad--He installed three. The first two sounded like the drive was hanging into flywheel. The third isn't as loud, but it a clinging sound is coming from it. I'm afraid the flywheel will go bad on me.
    Was wondering if there was a spacer missing between starter and flywheel housing???
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