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Scion tC Rattles, Squeaks and Other Noises

Does anyone hear any rattle from the hatch on a 06 model? I have had my TC for two days now, and have had this rattling sound from the hatch. pretty annoying. does anyone know how to fix it?

Many thanks,


  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    try some foam tape (self-stick) on the hatch part of the bumper stops.. on the left side and right side.. see if that helps you.. let us know.. it's a known problem on the tC's.. usually foam tape on the bumper stops removes it..

    also check to make sure nothing is bouncing around the spare tire area (remove the tire strap from back there too).. also to use foam/vinyl tape on the bottom edge of your license plate back there, that rattles too..

    let us know..
  • Thanks for your tip. one question tho, what are the bumper stops that you were referring to? are they inside the hatch or outside?

  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    if you look on the sides of the hatch.. left side, right side, you will see bumper stops on the hatch itself.. put some foam tape (adhesive type) to that area, and it should act as a buffer between the hatch and the other bumper stop it mates up to..

    they are outside the hatch, on the left side and right side (black rubber with a big bolt holding it to the hatch)hope that explained it for you..
  • After applying some foam tape to the bumper stops on the hatch, I can no longer hear the annoying rattling sound from the back. Thanks Mark19
  • Hey guys as my very first time buying a brand new car, I chose the scion tc. I am very happy with a point. Seems like i'm not the only one with the rattling problems. This rattling is coming from the rear also. I'm wondering if it is the hatch problem i'm reading everywhere. It sounds like its coming from the seats though.

    I've only had had the car for 3 days, I noticed it as I was driving home from the dealer. I thought it might just be a loose article in the trunk that they forgot to secure. I got home and found everything tight and secure. The salesman said that he had some noise after reclining his rear seats, but as soon as he put them up it went away. I treid readjusting my rear seats back and forth between the reclind and inclined positions. I'm not sure if its coming from the seats for from the rear.

    The sound is almost like a thump sometimes, then it can also sound like a clicking poping sound, like metal hitting metal.

    Has anyone got any ideas. I'm brining it in to get looked at on Wednesday, but seems like bringing it in can become a disaster in itself after reading some posts. I'm so disappointed and pissed off.

    Any comments would be appreciated.
  • I recommend always having Scion try to fix it. However, check out this link for some pretty good causes/solutions.
  • I have tried that idea. The rattling was on the passenger side.I had applied it to both sides and then the rattling started to come from the drive side. So i took it off the driver side, and then it was fine. I removed it all togher and it stopped temporarily. I'm beggining to think its a bad body design. The frame seems to warp when you go over bumps because i noticed a huge shift about in the placement of the foam tape. It moved from one side to the other, so i'm thinking that the hatch is not stable. Well i'll test this theory tommorow. Thanks for the post.
  • bhcarbhcar Posts: 2
    I fixed my hatch rattle by putting felt pads on the two rubber pieces on the left and right sides of the hatch.
    That was two weeks ago and the I haven't heard a peep since.
    The felt pads are the ones that you put on furniture bottoms to keep from scratching the floors.
  • OK! This is great! I'm glad I brought my car into the dealer instead of trying to do it myself. I was goign to resolve to just putting tape on the rubber pieces you guys are talking about. But i brought it in and thank God one of the sales managers owns a TC or this could have been a never ending battle. So to make a long story short, i brought it in, the tech says he's seen the problem before. It was a really easy fix. took maybe 10min. Here's how he did it, the two rubber things on the hatch, no the ones on the bottom the ones on the side, he just adjusted those and made them and not its tight and snug! Perfect, no rattleing, just usaual noise from going over bumps. Problem Solved. I own an 06 Flint Micha TC
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 14,173
    just to be clear, he adjusted the ones that are attached to the body of the car, not the ones on the hatch, right?

    I will look to see if that is an easy DIY. Put, just out of curiousity, I threw on a couple of felt chair pads last night.

    Well, my hatch had been sqeaking so bad lately I was ready to trade it in on anything. After the bads, pretty much not a squeak today.

    I still plan to take it in, but at least now I can live with it until after the holidays.

    Even the roof seems to be creaking a bit less. It was either having a good day, or maybe the problems were relataed (somehow the hatch flexing was tweaking the roof)?

    All I know is it ain't easy to cut 2 huge holes in the top of the car and keep the structural integrity intact.

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • Hey, no its not he ones on the body, its the ones on the hatch itself. The two on the sides of the hatch and not the round ones one the bottom. I beleive that the car tends to warp when you go over uneven surfaces, yes indeed not struturally sound, but its a great car over all!
    Hope this helps post update.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 14,173
    If not, I will make sure to discuss with the servie writer when I finally take it in.

    I agree that the body flexs slightly, which contirbutes to the hatch squeak, and also the roof pop. If the hatch isn't tight, it lets the rest of the body twist slightly.

    Just MHO of course. Just think of it like a convertible with the top down.

    Adjusting the stoppers on the hatch, if it makes the hatch sit tight in the opening, should eliminate the squeak (which I think might be the latch rubbing), and theoretically keep the entire body structure stiffer.

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • Your experience sounds like the same exact story as mine. My dealer says it was listed as a "Technical Problem" I'm not sure of the terminology but it is a Bushing in the right rear strut. I've been waiting on the part for mine since December 27th. This is sounding like a common problem. It's a rattle that is hard to detect unless you have someone sitting in the back seat while you go over bumps - my dealer didn't think it was the muffler even though you can move it up and down easy like it's loose.
  • Found out its a strut in the hatch not the back tire. Still makes a funny noise over bumps but its much better. There's some interesting fixes on other Scion forums as well. Simple fixes like putting furniture pads in spots that takes care of the rattle. I'm going back to read further and maybe try it.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 14,173
    I had the struts replaced, and it didn't make any difference (certainly nothing that lasted). But, the furniture pads on the rubber bump stops (on the hatch) actually eliminated just about all of that noise. I couldn't even believe how much of a difference 2 little felt pads made.

    I think someone here had the dealer adjust those strikers, which makes sense, since all the pads really are doing is making a tighter fit to eliminate flexing. That, and eliminating any rubber on rubber squeaking.

    never did figure out a way to put felt pads in the roof to eliminate all the creaking/cracking noises up there!

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • I'm going to take your advice on this one and try the furniture pads.- I still hear a noise but it's much better than before. I thought the dealership was talking about struts in a right rear tire - I'm not technical at all about the mechanics of cars. There's a small rattling in the dash around the speedometer, etc. it starts happening about 10 or 15 minutes into the drive on rough roads and it gets pronounced putting on the brakes - then it will go way...for awhile. I thought it was my key ring rattling.
  • I'm a new owner of a 05 tc.Has any one heard "clicks"-type sound coming from under engine when in reverse and releaseing your foot off main brake? E-Brake is off.
  • slate1slate1 Posts: 84
    I'm seriously looking at an 06 TC or the new Civic Si

    I'm very sensitive to squeaks and rattles - are the problems I see listed more likely in the 05's than the 06's?

    I went through the PITA of owning a Saturn once with non-fixable squeaks and rattles and don't want to go through that again.
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    the clicking.. try putting it in neutral, e-brake on. Push the brake pedal releasing it, see if you hear the clicking there. There has been some people with brake light switches (attached to the top of the brake pedal) that click. wouldn't be the ABS since you're releasing the brake pedal. So try what I recommended.. chances are you have a noisy brake pedal light switch, I had one too.. got it replaced, all good now :D
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    I have an 05. And most of the rattles were fixed with foam tape. I also can say that I think the rattles are inherent in first year production. From what I've heard the 06's only have the hatch rattle. That is fixed by re-adjusting the strike plate for the lock, and causes a tighter fit of the hatch. Also foam tape on the stoppers can take up the slack as well. That's all I've heard from 06 owners. All of the rattles on the 05 tC i have were fixed. Hope that helps you.
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