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Scion tC Rattles, Squeaks and Other Noises



  • Took me three years to get this fixed, here is the service bulletin i FORCED them to look into.
  • I just had this fixed, it took me three years to figure this out, I had to literally force them to look at this issue but I was so convinced. thats exactly what it was.

    Go to and put in thumping noise Scion TC, and there is an entire conversation about this proceedure including the mechanics name he used and his phone number. I literally gave it to my mechanic. it worked.

    Its four pins that hold the windshield in and when it gets cold, one must come loose or something, not really sure but he fixed it with this exact service bulletin. Good luck. Im so happy to pass this information on to someone else, I went out of my way to hunt you down to relay this to you. GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Hi everybody i just signed up for this thing cause i have a problem with my tc...I have the car since 06 and never had a problem with anything...the car is great...i recently droped it 2 inches and it was good for like a week after that i started getting ratteling in my front wheels especialy at low speeds like 5-20mph on bumps or uneven roads...i have checked n tighned every nut and bold in the suspension and its still doing it...I took the strut bar off to see if maybe thats what causeing the problem but it only got worse....i dont know what else to do i checked every possible thing there is to no mechanic but i do all the custom stuff to all my cars and i never had a problem with my car ratteling after getting lowerd....if any body has or had the same problem can you tell me how you fixed it....
  • hey i just lowerd my tc and i have the same problem it rattels when i go from left to right and also when i go over bumps at low u have any suggdestions have u fixed the problem????
  • please... where i can find those rubber stops... i went to scion to ask for them .. and they didnt know about this issue.. It is totally annoy the sound.. and I cant continue putting tape in the huge holes...

    i will appreciate information about where i can buy them...i have a scion tc 2005
  • i have about 35 k miles on a 2008 tc live in nyc stop and go traffic i suddenly hear a fricton (grinding ) sound while driving at certain temperatures... is it time for new brakes??? :confuse:

    Please share ,

  • Hi, I have the same problem, and specially when its first time in the morning if I go in reverse my driveway. I have researched and its the kind of pads you have, its nothing wrong with them, its just the material with these cold weathers make them do that noise. IF you go and check you brakes as I did they are fine. ITs just a weather condition which sucks I know.
    hope it works for you.
    I love my scion tc but it has couple weird problems. squecking noises coming from everwhere ...
  • yonyyony Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm new to tC. What's the best deal for tC 2013 now? thanks.
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