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Scion tC Tires and Wheels



  • bec1498bec1498 Posts: 1
    I drive and love my 2006 Scion tC. I have just over 40,000 miles on it and the dealership has been tracking my tread wear and I am getting close to having to replace them because they will be legally bald soon. Should I put the stock back on- Bridgestone Protenza or something else? It looks like I have gotten good life out of the ones I have based on other reviews. I am a mostly city driver maybe putting on 10 miles a day in school season.

    Any recommendations for snow tires? I live in Cleveland and fishtail a lot in the winter. I had a pair of Blizzacks for a Dodge Stratus and loved them. Would they work for my Scion? Could I get away with just outfitting the front two like I did with my Stratus or do I have to do the four?

    Potholes are killer around here too any suggestions to soften the blow when I can't avoid them or didn't see them?

    Thanks for the time!
  • I just got back from a stay in Germany where I had my 07 Scion TC. First off... I love that car. It did great on the Autobahn and all that. Part of that was the tires though. I'm from Texas, so the whole winter and summer tires thing was a new experience. I found that the Dunlop Winters were awesome. Granted, I drive a manual, which is a bit better, if you know how to drive them, in the more harsh conditions. 3 winters with the Dunlops and no problems. The traction was incredible even with the hills and such that I had to travel each day. Even at 120-130 MPH they did real well.
    To clarify something right quick too... In Germany, you have to have the winters on from October-Easter. So... I wasn't just driving them in the snow, but a lot of rain as well.
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