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Toyota 4Runner Vibrations



  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    Unfortunately, ALL 2006 4Runners have the same defect. Toyota is hiding from it and that really gets my motor going!!! You will get the run around and probably be told the same thing I have been told on both of our 2006 4runners; it is a "characteristic" of the vehicle!! You should call the National Highway Traffic Safety commission and file a complaint. That is the only way we are going to get Toyota to step up to the plate. The phone number is in your owners manual. Good luck and please post the results of your meeting with the dealer here for all of us to read.
  • vg245vg245 Posts: 4
    Just swaped the tires. Little better, but still the same problem. Going to the dealer again and i think Lemon Law is waiting for me. I am just so upset with this car. I miss my old maxima.
  • Does anyone know if the 2007's have the same issue? Did they fix it?

    I am pretty much going to go to the Sales Manager and Service Manager and advise them that here in Cali.. there are a million Lawyers who would love to work for me to get me out of the 4runner under Cali Lemon Law, plus added punitive damages. I will bring in the 4 runner every day to have the vibration issue looked at. I will have it tested at an independant garage as well. For my 34K I am willing to take the time and energy to get this resolved.


  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    The dealer cannot do anything for you. You have to get Toyota to "belly up to the bar"!! Since Toyota is denying any culpability, you will probably have to do like I am doing and file under the lemon law. If enough people would contact the National Highway Traffic Safety commission and file a complaint like I did, they will investigate this problem and they can make Toyota fulfill their obligation to us buyers. Complain, Complain, Complain!!! It only takes a few minutes on the phone and can only help the cause, not hurt. The fellow at the Highway Safety commission said they need more complaints in order to do anything. Toyota cannot say that this is not a safety issue since they claim no knowledge of any problem and do not know what is causing this vibration. Engine Mounts? Brakes?? Who knows. The dealer just drives the vehicle and admits to there being a vibration and states each time that Toyota claims this to be a "characteristic". We need to keep in touch about what Toyota will or will not do to resolve this nightmare. I hate driving this junker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I agree. I have already written the NHTSC number down and will be giving them a call. What is weird, is that all of these review auto buying guides didn't mention this. Toyota will only care once it starts hitting their bottom line, and sales of the 4runner start to drop off.

    Honestly I did not read the 4runner problems etc... on this forum before I purchased the 4runner, as I was too busy focusing on getting the best deal. However like those before me, I am upset at the what I now believe is a "snow job" by Toyota.

    One of the reasons I got a 4runner was for safety. This is now in question, especially if we do not know if this vibration can or has caused accidents in the past.

    Has anyone tried the Lexus GX470 TSB that i have seen thrown around in the forums?

  • tbowentbowen Posts: 1
    Hello, I just found this site today. Thought I'd add my experience(s)....I have an '05 SR5 4 wheel drive 4 Runner. Bought it with 4500 miles on it. I have had MORE trouble with the darn thing. I have had the sunroof worked on 4 times, still isn't right. I have a serious vibration problem in the steering wheel on the highway at speeds over 55-60 mph. Funny thing is I don't notice it as much on a really smooth road but the least little uneven-ness really sets it off. I have the original tires on it (Dunlop), I have 23,000 miles on my car and already need new tires. I tried rotating the tires, having them aligned and balanced etc etc. Nothing helps and it has progressed to the point it feels very unstable on the highway and scary. I don't drive off road or do anything "hard" on my tires. My husband hates Toyotas now from this experience and is in the process of making a trade from the 4 Runner to a Ford Explorer. He fears it will cause a wreck, can't afford those expensive tires every 23,000 miles, and the warranty will run out and still not be fixed. The local Toyota shop hates to see me coming, they think I'm a pain and swear no one else has problems with their 4 Runner like I do. I had a limited 2002 4 Runner prior to this and that car was awesome! I think when they changed body styles they really messed up, the newer ones just aren't even close to the previous ones-2002 and prior- as far as quality,reliability etc. Now I wish I'd just kept my '02 4 Runner, I know that car would go for many more years! I wish you all luck in fixing your vehicles, I just don't have any more patience or time to fight Toyota. I need a car I can depend on. Toyota lost a huge fan in me, unless and until they stand up and treat customers right and stand behind their products and go back to quality vehicles like they once did, I will not buy another Toyota!
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    I just test drove a Limited v8 4runner and was loving it, right up until I got about 60 mpg and started noticing a shimmy in the steering wheel. The sales manager I was with seemed surprised and wouldn't let me take it on the freeway to further investigate (though he said I could do it another day, just had to put a plate on the car for legal reasons.) Then I remembered I had read about this problem on Edmunds. Damn! I loved everything else about the car. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and was looking to trade it because while I love the car, it is so uncomfortable for this petite 5ft 2 woman to drive -- (seats sit high and the pedals are too far to the left for me). The 4 runner is much better suited to me, the seats sit lower, the pedals are placed better and the seats are way more comfy. I'm bummed. My test drive took place in Tustin, CA. -- By the by, if it weren't for being uncomfortable for me, I think overall the Jeep GC drives much nicer, feels very stable at all high speeds, and is way quieter. If anyone is looking to get out of their 4runners. I just wouldn't recommend a cherokee to short drivers, based on my experience!
  • I just purchased a 2006 SR5 4wd V8 and am experiencing the vibration/shimmy along with some pulling to the right and a bad radio! I have taken it back twice. The first time the dealer said it was just the interstate that I was driving to the dealership on because their machine said the alignment was dead on. They adjusted the tire pressure and fixed my center console (it was crooked!) and sent me home. The shimmy/vibration still continued and the pulling and then the radio starting having this popping/cracking noise. I went back for a second time. They balanced the tires and agreed to replace the radio. I go back again this Thursday for the pulling and vibration issue. I am floored that I am having these problems with a new car especially since Toyota was suppose to be a reputable vehicle. I'm extremely disappointed. I would love to hear any progress anyone else has made with any of these same issues. :mad:
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    I just read your post and want to urge you to call the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission. Their phone number is in your owners manual. Toll free number. Only way we are going to get Toyota to do something about this problem that exists with all new 4runners!!! I still have a couple of more visits to the dealer yet before I can file for arbitration under the Oregon Lemon Law. I wish people who post here would mention their State of residence; it would help with the argument that this is BIG problem!!! The vibration is not tires; it is in the drivetrain and like I have said earlier, I think it is engine related. Let off the gas and coast for a ways, then step back on the gas and the vibration reappears in the steering wheel. You can really feel it by holding the steering wheel with your left hand and then sticking your left index finger on the light stalk. Gives you a double dose of the vibration and unmistakeable. I will continue to post here and hope all others do the same. We all need to share any info that develops with our problem with Toyota. Thanks.
  • jokol2 - I purchased the car in SC but reside in NC. I will post the results of the appt. tomorrow. I have felt the vibration that you are describing. The shimmy that I felt before isn't as bad but I still feel it here and there and mostly in a curve. I hope the replacement of the radio is a fix at the least!! I feel like a new problem arises every day that I drive this car. I hope to see some solutions soon. I'll keep checking the post.
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    Steve: I just found this posting!!! It is not my tires!! The vibration disappears when you take your foot off the gas and then re-appears when you step back on the gas. If it was the tires, it would be constant. I can feel the same vibration when I start the car up in the morning and then put it into gear; immediately get the vibration in the steering wheel and steering column. The service manager, who is pretty sharp, told me that he test drove a new 4runner off of their lot and it does the same thing and that it is definitely not the tires. When the vehicle is sitting stationery and the vibration only comes into play when you put it in gear, it seems to me that it is the engine or engine mounts. Very, very disturbing. Thanks for your input. JOE
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Maybe you could test drive one or two yourself and see if you can reproduce the vibes.

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  • Update: I took my 4runner yesterday. I don't know if I mentioned in my earlier post but I also had some kind of spots all in the paint on my hood and the top of the car. They are attempting to detail the car and see if they come out!!!! Bad news....I noticed yesterday that I haven't received one piece of paper from these guys. They only had in the system that I was in for a radio replacement and an alignment yesterday. The service consultant finally took out a NOTEPAD to write down all of my complaints.... I think I am in real trouble with this car and now I have no proof to backup anything that has been done. I know they have records in their system but they are vague and don't describe exactly what I came in for everytime. I've yet to hear from them to tell me when to come pick it up. This sucks.
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    You should call Toyota and file a complaint. I did. I received a call from the service manager at the dealer, apologizing for not responding more definitively to my complaints! It will not hurt you to do so and you should be on record with Toyota regarding your complaints. They will give you a case number and they immediately contact the dealer. Having a record of your complaints with Toyota can only help you, not hinder. Keep us informed here of what happens with your vehicle. Joe
  • Update from 3rd visit to dealer - They replaced my radio and it doesn't pop/crack any longer. YAY! It doesn't pull to the left or right any longer. HOWEVER, I still have the shimmy in the steering wheel around a curve at 60-65 and their attempt to fix the paint went from bad to worse. The man I spoke with at their body shop said it was rail dust or overspray. So, the detail dept. was instructed to buff it. That led to huge buff circles all over my hood and some kind of runs down the doors and on each side of the hood. Today I had to give up the car once again. They are going to have it professionaly done now to see if they do a better job with the spots. I also informed the salesman that the shimmy effect around a curve is still happening and not to call me until the car was fixed. The saga continues..............
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Ugh, rail dust and overspray both often come right off using a simple $10 clay bar. Your dealer doesn't sound too swift. :sick:

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  • Steve: Funny you should say that....that is what they told me they used this time. It feels and looks much better. I just wish they would have been smart enough to do that the first time because now I'm stuck with those buff circles on my hood. They were unable to reproduce the shimmy around a curve and suggested that it could be happening when the tires are cold. :confuse:
  • jokol2jokol2 Posts: 27
    I own not one, but 2, 2006 Toyota 4runners. An SR5 V6(my wifes car) and my Sport Edition V6. I also went over to the dealer and drove another one (new) to see if it had the vibration problem and it did! The service manager drove another one and admitted that it also had the vibration problem. I am convinced that all of the 2006 4runners have the same vibration problem and it is beyond my comprehension why more people are not raising cain about this defect. Vibration almost disappears when you let off the gas, and quickly reappears when you step back on the gas. Joe
  • All 2006 4Runners do not have this problem. I have a new V6 SR5 with about 3000 miles and do not have any vibration unless it is so small it is not noticeable. I have 16 inch wheels from a Tacoma and Dunlop tires that might be a difference.
  • I agree with you Mike. I have an '06 4Runner Sport with factory wheels and Dunlop tires, about 4400 miles and no vibration at all.
    I really think this vibration issue is realated to a drivetrain problem; driveshaft, trans, motor/trans mounts, differential, axles, etc.

    Toyota (dealers) should put the vehicles in question on a 4 wheel dyno. :confuse:
    That would narrow the cause down.
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