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Dodge Avenger Starting and Stalling Problems



  • pskochpskoch Posts: 3
    Well, I gave up and took it to the shop. They said the front O2 sensor went bad and thus flooded my engine and ruining the spark plugs. New plugs and a new front oxygen sensor and she is running like a champ. The fuel pump wasn't turning on because the engine was flooded (there was actually too much pressure).

    Hopefully this helps someone out.
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Avenger that has been stalling (more frequently it seems) while Im driving. While I am driving my tach drops down to zero, power seems to be on, engine seems to be on then all the warrning lights come when when it dies. After a more then 10 minutes it will start up again. It may stay running or it wil stall out again in a matter of minutes. The longer I let it sit, the longer it will run. Ive also noticed some white smoke coming out of the exhaust, which leaves me to believe a gasket problem. But would it stall my car out like it is? Ive also noticed my Coolant was practically empty when I checked one day. Anyone have any comment or suggestions? It would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  • I think my car needs the asd relay changed . There are 3 relay boxes on the firewall in front of the steering wheel. Does anyone know which one is the asd relay?
  • sure buddy if you think that is what the problem is because i just bought an avenger for 500 and nobody could figure out what was wrong with it so i towed it home and figured it out within 30 mins i put a new distributor , cap and rotor and it started up and ran like a champ , very good solid car no problems yet and that was a month ago
  • I swapped an 05' Dodge Neon 2.0L block with the original rebuilt head and componentry from the 96' Dodge Avenger back into the Avenger. Everything went great, but I have no power to the ignition coil, and I have to jump the ASD relay and fuel pump relay to get them to work. The relays had power to activate, but would not close.

    I had to take the harness for the Crank Position Sensor (CPS) and route it from it's original location by the oil filter on the 96' block to behind the starter on the 05' block. I initially used the 05' CPS, to no avail, then swapped the 96' CPS to see if it would work with a 5mm spacer, but still nothing.

    The wiring harness to the relays had several wires with broken/open covers that appears to have been grounding out, and now have been seperated and repaired.

    I have a good ground lead to the coil and both wires from the PCM show good continuity.

    I have no fault codes with a Full diagnostic scan.

    The 120A alternator fuse was blown, and was replaced.

    Is the PCM fried? or what?
  • I pulled the motor, and swapped cranks, and drilled out the CPS hole on the 05' block and ground the face of the CPS mounting surface on the block down to match up with the original .025" sensor to target wheel spacing. After I cleaned it all and put the motor back together it runs like a charm, but just throws a P0351 code, which is in reference to the Primary circuit malfunction to the coil. I will wiggle some wires around or tell the guy he needs a coil. But aside from that it runs great!
  • dodge_95dodge_95 Posts: 1
    hey im having kind of the same problem with my 95 dodge avenger.. i was just wondering if you changed your spark plugs.. or the spark plug wires..
  • sleepygsleepyg Posts: 1
    bought it for 400 and was running but as soon as i pulled in the driveway it stalled on me i know it needed 2 injectors and a tune up it was missing and running rich injectors wer bad .....replaced the injectors and plugs also wires cap and rotor and the cps sensor still no start now i get no spark only thing i think it is is the distributor also tapped on the asd relay ....any help out there .please...need car running...... :cry:
  • ok so for about a year now my car hesitates and is sluggish when i accelerate. When i give it gas it hardley goes anywhere i replaced the cam sensor new computer and the fuel filter fuel pump cleaned my injectors new plugs wires coil pack and now it will jerk hard when im going at a descent speed liked it died and restarted please help if you can :sick:
  • tungktungk Posts: 1
    i have a 1995 2.0
    i replaced the pcm cam shart sensor the asd the cam position and yet it wont crank can you help please!?
  • soonerbsoonerb Posts: 9
    Have you made any progress?

    If not, pull a plug wire and put an old spark plug in it and lay it on some metal on the engine. Have someone crank it over and see if there is spark and get back to me.
  • its a 95 veng with the 2.5l v6...

    and my girl is getting mad at it... so i need to fix it soon...

    it did the sputter then die... well i replaces the plugs and valve gaskets...(got the cuts to prove it...)

    well it stoped sputtering.. and misfiring... but now it just has no idle... none... i had to manually adjust the thottle body to like 10% and it just barley keeps the rpms up to 400...

    i was thinking the dizzy went out but i want to make sure...

    i also want to know why i would have a map code..(map sensor is to high)

    and a tps code...

    pls help me and my veng be one more veng always crusing on the road...

    there becomeing extinct :cry:
  • I have a 97 Avenger with a 2.5 that won't start. I'm not geting spark or fuel. It's my understanding that if the ASD were bad that it would only prevent spark. Because I'm not getting either spark or fuel I assumed that the problem is either the crank shaft sensor, cam shaft sensor or PCM. I was able to detrmine that the crank shaft sensor is good by using a volt meter while slowly turning the engine over by hand. It would alternate from 0 to 5vols and back as the engine rotated. That leaves either the cam shaft sensor, which in reality means replacing the distributor or the PCM. Is there a way to determine which it might be? If there is a flaw in my deduction or you have any suggestions please let m know.
  • Ok, I was wrong. The ASD does shut off the fuel as well as the spark. Bottom line, because the cam shaft sensor is part of the distributor I had to replace it. It is running again.
  • I replaced 3 asd relays and they start once then ckick
  • :cry: Can someone please help me before i throw this car out the window. A few weeks ago after i would drive the car for awhile it would hesitate when i tried to pick up speed and today I took a road trip out of town only 2 hours away and it started doing this again it was acting sluggish and would barely raise speed and when it got upto 40 mph then it was fine can someone please help me with this we have changed spark plugs and fuel filter does anyone have any ideas or have had the same problem...PLEASE HELP
  • I own a 99 dodge avenger2.5 ,you own one john and jim and stacey own one and they all are having the same issues . A poor electronic design we need to voice our problems thru the media, just like toyota vehicles, which are also lemons then its time to bring down dodge if they dont help us to resolve the issues with a product of a car that they designed Dodge Avengers along with all the other Lemons they designed i'm outraged at their poor craftsmanship and if we all speak out thru radio,television,talk shows, we will get there attention and unless they help us to deal with there poor designed products, then we together can help others to do research on all the internet complaints and make people aware of the Poor designs and numerous of Dodge deffects before they go and spend thousands $$$$$ on unneccesary Ripple affect Repairs.I feel for all the Dodge Owners Who's Vehiclses continue to stall in the middle of the road at stop signs and in the middle of an intersection I've almost gotten hit by other cars passing by while i"m trying to push my vehicle off the road Dodge is Just Waiting for a serious accident or a death to occur. Its's very sad and dangerous not knwing where or when the next stall out will occur. Peoples lives are on the line daily due to Poor Electronic Designes By Dodge... :mad:
  • pucknitpucknit Posts: 1
    So how do you replace the distributor?
  • rdeitrichrdeitrich Posts: 3
    Mark plug wires 1 through 6 to match the cylinder they go to then remove them from the distributor cap. Remove distributor cap. Remove rotor. Disconnect wiring harnesses, Remove nuts holding distributor on. Pull distributor out.
  • I turned my avenger into a race car. It runs really well for about 3 lapes then it will start spitting and sputtering then will stall. Can not get it started for about 20 min. then it will start right back up and run good. It idels good and runs good at home i can not get it to do it ive evan ran it up and down the road. ive changed the fuel pump and filter . have not checked any thang else yet was just hoping for some help.
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