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VW Jetta Basic Maintenance Questions (Oil changes, fluids, etc.)



  • Well thanks for the answer. ITs appreciated. BUT.. you can keep the rest of your sarcasm to yourself. For your information I DID search, but found no hits. Didn't see anything wrong with asking a simple question. Next time I guess I won't bother you!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I don't know the answer to your question, but I would think that there would be some other way to reset that other than buying a vag-com. Unless you already have one or plan to get one for other reasons, it seems like an excessive expense for such a minor thing.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    You could try:

    1) Press and HOLD the trip-odometer button "0.0".
    2) Turn your key on.
    3) Release the trip-odometer button.
    4) Push and release the Clock Minute Set Button "min".

    More detailed version:

    1. Keys out of ignition- press and hold in trip odometer reset button "0.0" on right hand side of display
    2. Still holding this button down, insert key into ignition and put to the on position without starting the car.
    3. Display will read "service now"
    4. let go of the "0.0" button and depress the "m" button on the left hand side of the display. this will re-set the service reminder. There is no confirmation on the display other than the words "service now" will disappear.

    You can confirm that the service reminder has been reset, or check how many miles/days remain until service at any time by taking key out of the ignition and holding in the trip reset "0.0" button for between 3 and 5 seconds. The MFD will display miles and hours until next service.

    These were posted as reset procedure for Rabbit (can not imagine Jetta would be different) on a VW forum.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    My goodness tmorriss - Perhaps your searching skills can use some improvement...

    I went to and typed in VW "service reminder" and got at least 14,300 'hits'. (How could you possibly have gotten NO HITS at all???)

    I quickly scanned several of them and the VAGCOM is mentioned so you can reset or TURN OFF the reminder forever.

    There are other ways you can turn it off too. (Not sure if they will work)

    *)Many autoparts stores (Autozone...etc) will reset for free.
    *)Folks with VagCom are usually eager to help fellow VW owners.
    (just search for the list of VAGCOM owners)
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I had assumed he meant that he searched this forum.
  • Hi all--at the chance to risking the rath of pbeebles, I ask the following question:

    My 06 Jetta 2.5 is at 25k--do I need to take it in for service? The owner's manual doesn't show a scheduled service until 30k. The dealer tells me I need to go in, but why isn't this listed in the maintenance requirements? Can the car really go 10k without an oil change? Is the synthetic oil really that good? I took my old 03 Jetta in every 5k, but I thought that was the requirement...

    Also, does it matter that I regular miss the the 3 month window for the oil change (i.e. bring at at 25k or by 6/30/08)? Does the oil get old or something sitting in the engine too long? I travel a lot for work an often take public transport to the office when in town so it sits a lot.

    Thanks guys--clearly I'm no mechanic so I appreciate your help. And yes, I did google this and found nothing helpful.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    We have been following the VW schedule, which (after 5K and 10K) is every 12 mo. or 10,000 miles. Since we do not drive a lot, the 12 mo. comes first for us. So after the 5K and 10K changes we have changed at about 7000-8000 miles due it being 12 months since the prior change. If we drove more I'd have no qualms about going 10K on VW spec synthetic.

    What do you mean by "3 mo. window"? Is your dealer like ours and trying to get you to come in every 3 mo./5000 miles? If I bought into that idiocy, we'd be changing oil at about 2000 miles. You need only follow VW requirements to be sure they will not try to use it against you should there be a warranty issue.

    We have another vehicle that is sometimes surplus, so not getting used much and I just try to be sure some one drives it for at least 10-15 miles every couple weeks. This frequency is based on vehicle storage recomendations that are in the manual for that vehicle.
  • OK--good to know. I won't take it in until 30k then. Yes, the dealer insists I come in every 3 mos. or 5k miles. I looked at th book after my last service at 20k and thought to myslef "wait a minute here." Got the oil changed in December I think, current at 26.5k miles so I guess I'll wait a while.

    Thanks for your help!
  • Hi. THANK YOU! Very much for the suggestions. I will try them and let you know.
  • Hi,
    Bummer.... I tried the suggestion. Unfortunately, it did not work :(
    I'm quite surprised, because its very similar to what you have to do on Toyota's(except for pressing the M buton on the clock). But no go.
    Thx anyway though.
    If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm game.
  • Im looking at good reliable cars for a first car and stumbled upon the 1994-1998 jetta and ive done some research onit and im comparing it to a few oother cars.

    so is this pricy to maintain or is it just another :lemon:
  • i checked the dip stick on my 1995 vw jetta and it looks like pure oil in the transmission,Ive never seen a trany that uses oil,just transmission fluid,did someone screw up or does the transmission on a 95 jetta take oil in the trany?also it doesn't say on the stick whether i should check the level with it running in park or neutral,,anybody got the answer for me,the tranny works fine but i still would like to know what type of fluid and how to check it properly
  • tlesupertlesuper Posts: 1
    I received a company bulletin on a 2008 VW jetta concerning the use of aftermarket oil filters and that a plate on the filter mounting pad needs to be removed or the engine will fail due to insufficient oil pressure. Is this correct and what does the plate do and look like?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I have no idea, but why not just use the OEM filter, rather than risk having this problem. :confuse:
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    That perzactly what I was thinking. Better yet just have the dealer change the oil and filter. If anything happens at least they have a record that it was done at the dealer. Might be worth the extra $$$ the dealer charges.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    It is ALWAYS a good idea to quality German-made filters and replacement parts for a VW.... Did you not purchase a VW due to its German-engineering to begin with?

    All too often, I have "sampled" the FRAM filters at wallymart only to find them of poor-quality and construction.

    HOWEVER: Ocasionally, I open a FRAM box at wallyMart and find a REAL German-made filter within. (Brand name = MANN)

    When I do find MANN filters at WallMart, I purchase several of them.
  • rsbeemerrsbeemer Posts: 1
    My dealer reset my service reminder (blinking wrench) to a 5k interval at the last oil change- they do that sometimes to make people think that there is a service required every 5k. When i told the dealer to reset it back to 10k interval- it was done w/o any problems or questions.
    There is an easy way to reset that service reminder light by yourself:
    1) first turn on the ignition, than press the 0.0 button on the right side of the dashboard than turn off the ignition still pressing the 0.0 button
    2) release the 0.0 button than pres M button on the left side of the dashboard.
    It worked on my '07 rabbit.
    And yes u can change oil every 10k because it is a Castrol synthetic plus u have over 6 quarts of it.
  • jimmydent1jimmydent1 Posts: 4
    a little help please: im trying to change the air filter on a 07 jetta. the dealer says the top engine cover pops up. but i dont want to break anything, and i have pulled on it. any tips or is there more to it. also a web site with a exploded view would be great. thanks jim.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    You did not mention WHICH ENGINE you have.... since VW offers at least 3 different engines, you may need to give us more details.

    I know the cover for the 5-cylinder 2.5L pops-up. Try to "pop" on corner at a time by grasping as close as possible to each knob.

    If you feel it is too hard to "pop"... once you have it off, you may apply a thin layer of rubber-safe grease to the knobs which seat into the rubber grommets.

    There is also a clamp and 2 screws to remove which holds the the air-intake hoses in place.

    Here is a link to photos for the 2.5L engine
  • efgunzefgunz Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 jetta tdi with about 188k miles. last oil change was at 180k. i already know i'm overdue for oil change--plan to do tomorrow. what other filters or regular maintenance would you recommend? i read the post about using an actual vw oil filter--i plan to. thanks in advance for any help on this. --f
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