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Volvo C70 Window and Door Problems



  • Hello!
    This is my first post on Edmunds, I was searching for repair information on my 1998 C70 coupe. Boy do I have problems. My inspection was due on 12/06, when I went to have it inspected I could not get it done because the driver's side window will not go up or down, who would have known that if you window does not go up or down in VA, that you car will not pass inspection?. I got a Volvo technician to look at it, and he said the window regulator motor needs replacing. The motor, X bracket etc would cost around $500 and the labor around $600. The total cost at Don Beyer Volvo in Falls Church, VA, a whooping $1,200.00!!! Nobel Volvo of Fredericksburg, VA wants $1,032 to fix it. So, while I save up the money to get it fixed, I am riding around with an almost two month expired inspection sticker. Right now, with the help of a friend, I have a stick of wood pushing the window up to keep it from falling down. It has still dropped down about an inch, and with it being winter and cold, it really, really makes things a pain. Also, got another problem. I got this car from CarMax in Dulles, VA. It had around 63,000 miles on it at the time. The serpentine belt has been replaced, but I do not see anything about timing belt being replaced. The car now has 99,000 miles on it, and I still have not gotten the timing belt put on. Why you ask, well, I found out from the Don Beyer dealership that to get the 75,000 service, which includes the timing belt, it would cost me close to $800.00, and I do not even know if that includes changing the water pump out. I have read that if you do not change the water pump out, that it will start to leak, as the new belt puts extra strain on it. So I have a window that does not work, a timing belt that is getting ready to pop, and possibly destroy probably one of the best engines I have ever owned, and there are more problems. Here is where I need help from the people out there reading this. The two back tires on my Volvo C70 are worn down to the yellow belt on the very inside, I mean completely bald extending to about a half of inch to an inch. Both of the tires on the very inside are like this. I was told by a Volvo tech, that the C70 has some suspension problems and what was showing was a known problem with them. Does anybody know what could be causing it? How much it will cost to fix it? I have had the car aligned and this did not fix it, unless they messed up the alignment and this caused it, but I do not think so. I also will have to get the tires replaced after it is fixed. Currently I have the 225/45/17 Sumitomo's which I have had great luck with and I love them. So, it looks like I am going to have the tires replaced/suspension fixed (will this stop my car from passing inspection too?) I got the same tires priced on and I can get the Sumitomo's for $79.00 a piece, just over three hundred dollars for the four.
    The last problem I have, the drivers seat stopped going back and forth, the electrical buttons do not work. I checked the fuses, they are all fine. Does anyone know what happened to the seat, and how much will it cost to fix it?

    Thanks much,

  • I was driving my car with a semi-broken window. I was having to push it up whenever I would put it down. After about a couple of days of having this issue, it just fell all the down in to the window. Now, I'm being quoted 500+ Euros to have it fixed. Can anyone shed some light on what is a good website to get used Volvo parts off of? and cheap hopefully?


    Annoyed Volvo Owner
  • k1orcak1orca Posts: 2
    there is a raised area in the center of my 2007 volvo c70's upper dash. it somehow was raised and appears to be a dvd screen. i cannot close it and don't know where the switch is. it happened after the car washers finished w/the car. appreciate help. also, the right side door handle appears to have a spring or something broken - it won't open the door - and when pulled just pulls out without any resistance. help? thanks so much. new car to me...looked in the manual and couldn't find anything.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,148
    the screen in the dash is the navigation system. Sounds like you have an expensive feature you weren't aware of.

    To fix the door handle is going to involved removing the door panel. You need to visit the dealer.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • woffwoff Posts: 1
    I have a small problem it is cold -17 and my drivers window is not closing right due to cold,is this normal????
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,006
    edited December 2010
    No, that's not normal. Temperatue should not cause window problems. Take it to your dealer.
  • The Navigation system on a 2007 is controlled in two ways. There are controls on the back of the steering wheel on the right (about 10 oclock) and there is a remote control. If there is no remote in your car, you may want to get one. To close the system, toggle the button on the steering wheel to the left. There are two controls, one is a toggle and one is a four way joystick thing. If the system is on, you can move the cursor up or down with the joystick. Then, typically, the left toggle moves back a screen, and the right toggle either enters, or moves forward. Good luck!
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