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Jeep Wrangler Hard and Soft Tops



  • Hello paulp! How has the history of your Jeep overall? What, is it 6 years? I am soon to buy a used Wrangler. Any advice? It is a model under 2000.
  • We've been very lucky in this area due to the fact that we've always switched tops soon after buying a new Jeep wrangler.. This time mad eno exception.. Acquiring the Bestop half top system for our 08 wrangler.. things could have been better.. thou we get allot of looks, cause we are the only ones within 100 miles or more that has a top like this on our jeep.. some have even asked if this is soemthing "standard" offered by jeep. Thou we've had to make soem alterations due to the fact that while camping, someone tried to break into our "duster cover" Thus I've hand tooled a hard shell cover our a slightly used truck bed liner.. Other wise.. if you are thinking of getting this time of top for your jeep.. make sure you wait till the summer to put it on.. Also.. I still have my slightly used clear window softop.. and yes it's for sale.. Pms accepted.. Offers welcome.. No shipping..
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