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Ford Freestar Electrical Problems



  • cmcshicmcshi Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem. I have taken it to Freeway Ford dealership and they told me it was my battery. I took the battery back were I purchased it and it checked out fine. I have days were it runs fine and days were it just want start at all.
  • kringlakringla Posts: 2
    Have had car in dealership four times in 2012. First time for power steering pump asy and gear asy-steering. Next for fuel pump and fuel rail sensor in May 2012. Two weeks later in for throttle air and engine control which I believe is the PCM. Also did a recall problem -torque converter replacement. Now, had a dead battery. The DVD player comes on at will, radio comes on when it decides to and my car alarm goes off for no reason. I can't lock my car without being concerned about the alarm beeping for no reason.

    I am so discouraged and do not know what to expect next and don't know what to do about the electrical issues. Any ideas anyone?
  • cspano99cspano99 Posts: 1
    my freestar is dead... was blowing fuses for the radio for 2 van wont start.. apparently the main computer control thing is dead.... this is soo wrong for a 6 yr old van. anybody else have issues with this?? i am sure this will be costly... also my cluster dash has been dead for a year now..
  • :lemon: I,ve have this same problem with my ford freestar 2005.
    I'd be going on a brigde or an upgrade at 3000RPM's then the engine stalls and dies. I'M able to start it while costing, simply putting it in nuetral, turning off the ignition fully then restart. But, this problem has to stop. my kids, me and wife, i need a solution to this problem!!!!!!! :lemon:
  • I have an 05 Freestar, the tire light came on mine as well butt all my tires was good too. I got the hair brained idea to check my spare and that was it, it was low. I allso get the traction control light on as well, that one is what im on here looking for the answer for, lol. Good luck
  • This is an ongoing problem with the 2004 and 2005 Ford Freestars. It is water going through the vents of the wipers running down the wiring harness and shorting out the chip for the transmission among other things. Ford is well aware of the problem but do not want to take the steps to fix it. I have had it shorted out twice both time I have been on the road with children in my vehicle. Luck was with me both times as that the roads were not busy and there was no one behind me to case in accident. Get in touch with your local BBB or contact If enough complaints go to the NHTSA there will be an investigation and they can force Ford to recall the vehicle and fix it right. The current recall for the Torque Converter is not fixing the problem there is other issues with the vehicle and Ford just refuses to take care of it.
  • acurafan2013acurafan2013 Posts: 2
    edited November 2012
    Yesterday I cleaned the car battery terminals with a brush because it has some corrosion build up. Right after cleaning it I tried starting the car and it would turn over please anyone who can help me determine if the battery is actually dead or if corrosion is the problem please respond all help is appreciated.
  • Yesterday I cleaned the car battery terminals with a brush because it has some corrosion build up. Right after cleaning it I tried starting the car and it would turn over please anyone who can help me determine if the battery is actually dead or if corrosion is the problem please respond all help is appreciated.
  • The Freestar/Monterey don't use a timing belt. It's a chain, so it never needs replacing.
  • i have a 2004 freestar, the pass window stoped working. @80k miles.
    i opened the door panel, got to look @ window motor. all was good.
    by the looks.
    with the key in the run position, and the door switch pluged back in,
    i taped on the motor. the same time, with the door switch in the down position.
    well after 6 good HITS. the window works ALL THE TIME NOW.
    shabby work, low cost parts, that do NOT last long. my window was stuck in the upper limit switch. oh sure, the motor DID click when i pushed any button. try this on yours, and save FACE AND MONEY. THEN YOU TOO CAN LAUGH AT FORD. LIKE I DO.....
  • I have a 2004 freestar, its ok,as fords go.
    it has 80k on it and the cruz works when it wants to, or never.
    now, the van starts when it wants to. battery is very clean, i replaced the battery 9 months ago.
    now believe this or NOT, i sprayed WD40 very heavy on the starter relay, on the starter.
    BINGO? it started, and i restarted it 4 times after that. well i thought that was it. was i WRONG!!!
    1 HR later i forgot my flashlite in the van, and after getting it out. i said? WILL IT START?
    HELL NO. WOULD NOT EVEN CRANK OVER. i will look at it in the morning. too dark.
    i did jump the starter relay, and it cranked over, every time. BUT WOULD NOT START.
    anybody got any ideas? Leasureman
  • ive had problems with my radio on my freestar. the buttons didnt work and then the battery was being drained and i couldnt start it in the mornings. At the same time i was starting the car the radio came on suddenly. I disconnected the radio and i am looking for some one to fix it.
  • I am having the exact problem that you described with the radio and the battery. Have you found a solution?
  • Sorry, I didn't find a solution. It doesn't happen daily but still is a problem.
  • In 2007, I bought 2005 Freestar that used to be a lease. I had no problems with it until March 2011. I was having problems with slight stuttering. I took it to my dad's friend who owned an auto clinic. They replaced the fuel pump. The stuttering stopped. 8 months later, there started a loud squealing (sounded like the belt was slipping) and the engine and RPMs started going up and down like it was going to stop. About 2 or 3 seconds later, it stalls. Had no problem restarting it while in neutral or park. Check engine light came on reading P0340. Error with Camshaft Position Sensor (CMP). I change the Tension Pulley, then the Idler Pulley, Power Stirring Pump. Also replaced the CMP. No luck. In January 2012, I starting taking the Alternator apart. when I started playing with the pulley on it, I heard a weird scratching. So I replaced the Alternator. At first, the engine sounded way better. I pressed down on the gas peddle and the squealing only lasted for a fraction of a second but then stalled out. I later learned that I could drive up to 60 MPH as long as the RPMs don't go past 2,000. Drove 36 miles on the interstate and it never stalled out. As an experiment, I revved up the engine. When it went over 2,000 RMPs, it still stalled out. Ford wanted a $100 just to look at it. I left and would live with it. In April 2012, while waiting for the recall parts to come in stock at the dealership, my Freestar starting running normal again with no problems. No squealing and no stalling when I dive over 2,000 RPMs. The check engine light is off. I still went ahead and called Ford for the recall and they told me they wouldn't replace the part unless it wasn't working.

    In the meantime, one of the rear-side mirrors won't always open or close. Then the A/C won't work in the rear. And the inside Door handle on the passenger side sliding door won't open the door. Until I have the money and the time to get to the door issue, I can live with these.

    Then on the first week of December 2012, the check engine light came on. Code P0401. EGR malfunction or vacuum hose leak or clogged. A month later, it started losing power and it stalled out. The next day I drove it 19 miles each way to work and from work. Sound and acted normal. The next day, my wife drove it again and it started shaking and stalled out. I then noticed that I could only drive 20 MPH and keeping the RMPs low, the van wouldn't stall out. I then did some checking on it and saw that the EGR was bad and replaced it in Jan 2013. The check engine light went out. Suddenly the engine started shaking bad. RPMs started going up and down constantly and would stall out. I rechecked the fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel pressure. Nothing wrong. So it's not a fuel issue. Changed the spark plugs. No success. I put the top plastic pieces and the wipers back on, made sure I plugged them in. The wipers won't work no. Drove home slowly at 20 MPH and then went up to O'Reilly's and did a computer check. It shown code P0340, which is the Camshaft Position Sensor again. This time I'm going to check the wiring. I'm also going to check the PCM.
  • darkhawkdarkhawk Posts: 3
    edited January 2013
    I had a situation simular to yours. I had put in a new battery around May 2012. Around October 2012 my van wouldn't start. I jumped it and it started and stayed running. The next day it was dead again. I took it to Auto Zone to do a check and they said the battery and alternator was working fine. I did some checking with a friend, and he tried a drain test and found out that the new alternator I had installed had a drain and was drawing power from my battery constantly. I took the alternator back to Auto Zone and put in the new one. It was no longer drawing power from the battery when the van is turned off.

    The test also shown that a lot of power was also being drain into the fuse box.

    Check for a battery drain.
  • Check for a battery drain from your alternator.
  • The Answer to all the problem everyone is having thinking its the battery and starter isn't the problem...the answer to the problem is the PCM=power control module whick is located under the the black cover the windshield wipers are connected to...the water is getting in the wiring and everything wet which is causing the transmission code to come up and the spuddering and the trans not to engage in gear at times...failure to fix it on fords part everyone is having the same problem...what needs to be done is the black cover needs to be taken off and something put over the PCM to keep it from getting wet but first needs to be dried out and then put back together. hope that helps everyone.
  • harj1harj1 Posts: 1
    I had similar problems with my 2005 Freestar 4.2 - what it turned out to be was Camshaft Position Sensor & Synchronizer. You have to replace this part completely to sort out squealing problem (thinking it is the belts) and RPMs' going up and down. I had my repair done at Ford Dealership.
  • I took this video tonight.

    Immediately after, took my daughter on a test drive to show her what the van was doing. Wouldn't you know the *$&!$ van worked perfectly???
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