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Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager Cooling System (radiator, fan, etc.)



  • Thanks everyone, I ended up replacing the resistor pack myself (very easy). I think it cost me $18 and some change. I ended up having to cut off a small piece of wire to the blower motor(melted) and replace the end with a female connector from autozone for about $6 dollars.

    All in all I think the whole thing was about $24 and tax.

    And to think, the dealer said it was going to cost me $80 to LOOK AT IT!!!!

    Bill :shades:
  • eric2eric2 Posts: 14
    my 98 voyager overheated again today, it has an overheated problem about 1 month ago, I replaced the fan relay, then it seems running good until today. When I stopped my car in the parking space, I heard a noise coming from the front, sounds like something boiling water. I guess it was the coolant, but when I look at the temp guage, the temp was right at the middle, seems normal to me, but next second, lots of white smoke come out under the hood, but no burnt smell, and the coolant spill over over the floor.....smoke stops about after 10 mintues. what should I do next?? please advice.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    What you saw was apparently steam and not smoke, a very important (and fortunate for you) distinction. It sounds like you need to fill the radiator and coolant overflow bottle and get it to a decent mechanic to debug the problem.

    Best Regards,
  • The radiator fan keeps running on my 2001 Chrysler Town and Country, even with the ignition off. Also got engine light signal. Switched 40A relay in fuse box and this did not change situation. I believe the fan motor control relay is stuck in the closed position. Problem is I can't find where this relay is located on the car. Checked Chilton and Haynes manuals without success. Can't find anything on-line pertaining to location. Both Murray's and Autozone have replacement part but were no help in locating where to find it on the van. Dealers are all down for the weekend.

    Does anyone know where this relay is located.
  • have a 2003 caravan 3.3l with 100,000 kms that keeps loosing coolant. dont notice any on ground, white exhaust, filmy windows or odors. No matter how hot engine is running, the rad hoses are never hard, alwalys soft but not collapsed. any help would be appreciated.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I'd check the weep hole on the nose of your water pump. While the pump on our 2003 is still intact and not leaking after well over 170,000 kms, I've heard from other 2003 owners that their pumps started leaking right around the 100,000 km mark.

    Best Regards,
  • I have a '93 Caravan 3.0 litre that runs like a top; it does, however, suffer from age related complaints, the most recent of which is a coolant leak. I naturally found this following a much needed cooling system flush. The leak appears to be coming from the pipe on the return side to the radiator. The hose is new, and the little pipe it comes off of appears to be in good shape, so if I had to guess, I would say the o-ring on the engine side of the pipe is shot. My question is this: How do you replace it? Visibility is nil when it comes to seeing just how to get at it.

    Many thanks in advance for any input,

  • dmainsdmains Posts: 4
    The fan motors on my 1999 voyager are not working. Fuse is good. Where do I look from here?

    Thank you
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Could be the fan relay. Pull the connector off the fan and, probe the connector pins with a voltmeter. When you think the fan should be coming on (by looking at your temperature gauge), i think their should be 12V across the pins.

    Another thing you could do is to try and apply 12V directly to the fan motor (after taking off the connector) and see if the fan spins. Need to be careful if you do this using the battery, however, 'cause a short might melt the wires you were using.

    The purpose of these two experiments is to try and isolate the problem to either the fan motor itself or the controlling relay, sensor, and associated wiring.
  • dmainsdmains Posts: 4
    I cannot seem to locate the relay for the radiator cooling fans. Would appreciate some help in finding the relay.

  • My 2001 had the relay between the front of the radiator and the grill on the cross bar, drivers side. Take the six screws off the top of the grill and you can spread it enough to get a hand on the relay to pull out the plugs. Helps also if you remove bolt on top of cover, driver side of radiator that holds down the plastic cover. Gives you more room without taking out the whole grill. Could not find the right part anywhere on line or at Local auto supply shops(Autozone and Murrays).. Best bet is to go to Dodge or Chrysler dealer for the part and they will also help you locate and give tips at getting to the part.

    Hope this helps. I just replaced mine last week. My problem was that the fans would not shut off, so I had to pull the 40A relay in the fuse box.
  • crackorncrackorn Posts: 1
    Same problem with my 99 voyager got the o rings changed $ 250 still leaking I need to take it back but the weird thing is it seem to leak when there is no pressure when it's cold as it just empties what's above the I guess that o ring that was changed
    When it's hot there is nothing.........
  • tecguytecguy Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Dodge caravan and the radiator fans are coming on all on their own, even with no keys in the ignition.Error code (P1491-Radiator fan control relay circuit) I suspect it is the relay myself. any help is ... :sick:
  • jrcaraccijrcaracci Posts: 3
    Same happened to my daughters 2001 Town&Country. Answer should be in #38 on this list and the answer I got in #31. The relay is between the radiator and the grill in the 2001 and probably on your 2003. Could only find the right relay at a Chrysler/dodge dealer. It costs about $65 if you install it yourself. Check with your dealer to make sure the relay is located the same as my 2001 model.
  • dmainsdmains Posts: 4
    the headlights on my 99 voyager do not seem bright enough on high beam. I just replaced them with the sylvania ultra lights but it made little differance. Any suggestions?
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Could be a combination of things. If the wiring is okay (receiving full wattage), then it may be adjustment or be due to yellowing of the lens cover. The covers on my '98 DGC are quite hazed and the lights are quite inadequate. But, I have a set of PIAA driving lights mounted to the front bumper, so brights are, well, just that. :D

    There are, apparently, products on the market to remove the hazing/yellowing, but doing so tends to cause them to yellow more quickly in the future. Still, that might be better than replacing them outright!
  • Hi All...

    I had a air compressor put in my 1999 Plymouth Voyager and the freon was not replace. Can you tell me how many cans of freon to put in. The mechanic told me to get three cans for him to put in and bring 50.00 but my son knows how to put in and have added 1 and a half cans but car is not cool enough . Is three cans sufficient?? We don't want to put too much so please advise.

    Thanks so very much....
  • I have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan with 85k and seems to be leaking antifreeze. Is this common?

    Will leak stop fix it?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Is this common?" No.

    "Will leak stop fix it?" Maybe, maybe not, it depends upon what's leaking.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Any idea from where your leak is coming? As Shipo said, it depends on what is leaking. Also, depending on what is leaking, it may be easier/preferable to fix the leak rather than put an additive in the coolant.
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