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Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager Cooling System (radiator, fan, etc.)



  • I have an 02 caravan with error code p1491, I replaced the fuses and the relay but the fans keep coming on even with the ignition off until eventually the battery is drained. Does anyone have a fix for this?
  • pmarypmary Posts: 14
    I used to get the P1491 code on my 01 Caravan before I changed my leaky engine cooling radiator. It seemed that coolant was draining on to the wire leading to the far fan motor creating a grounding short. Some of the wire insulation was cracked so I graffted in a new section. The old rad looked okay until I took it out and and the the hot side tank was corroded along the fins. There is 2 other small rads (tranny& AC) that hang off the front of the engine rad and 2 electric fans. It took me a couple hours and a 6 pack of beer to fix it! The fan relay was behind the rad on top of the cross beam on the driver's side. I had to remove the head lamp module to access it.
  • pmarypmary Posts: 14
    On my 01 caravan the fan relay is behind the rad on top of a cross beam on the driver's side. You have to remove the driver's side headlamp module to acess it.
  • schampioschampio Posts: 1
    The service manual for 1998 T&C LXi 3.8L is a bit misleading on this. Its still on the drivers side at the bottom inside of the radiator mount just above the inlet hose. No need to pull the headlight as it doesn't buy you anything. You'll have to pull the air cleaner hose and aircleaner holder to get at it. Mine wasn't riveted (thank goodness) and dropped below the the lower bumper flare for easier access after I pulled the 2x 8mm machine screws. The interlock was pesky (slide the orange lock plate near the seal lip to the left and it will release without breaking. I found a $52 Niehoff Ignition Relay RL38851 OE at Kragen/Oreilly's that fit perfect, considerably cheaper than the $96 the dealer wanted for the same thing. Chrysler really needs to rework their design for ease of access. Its one thing to put it here for cooling (theoretically) but really, right above the hotter than heck radiator return hose and down where every puddle can splash it? According to the service department this is a frequently failing item.
  • i have a Dodge Caravan/Plymouth Voyager 96 just wondering where does the return hose go into the rad mine seems to be missing so i gotta replace it. look at the jug today and was leaking out cause no hose
  • jnapperjnapper Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Plymouth Voyager with the 3.3 engine. I have a problem with the cooling system leaking antifreeze. I replace the cap and the thermostat. The problem seems to be on the drivers side of the vehicle. There was no wetness on the top of the motor. What should I be looking for?
  • i done mine and at 3 cans it got cold 4 it got better
  • I have a 1999 Ply Voyager with a 2.4 that I bought brand new. In the last two weeks it has been running hot whenever I turn on the AC.
    I have replaced the fan assembly, coolant temperature sensor, and the radiator fan fuse. It still runs hot with the AC on. For some reason the fans are not coming on when they are suppose to. The fans are working because I tested them before I put them in. The new sensor gives the correct temp reading on the dash. Suggestions for what I may have missed, thanks.
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