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Toyota Sienna Warning Lights & Problem Codes

The last time we got gas in NJ, the attendant did not close the gas cap properly and the check engine light went on. We have now tightened the gas cap and the light is still on. It appears we have to take the van to the dealer to get it checked up could cost 75 dollars or more. Seems like a steep price for silly mistake of a loose gas cap. The van has about 40,000 miles and any ideas on what the problem could be. I would especially like to know if any of these would still be covered by warranty. Just curious.



  • avery1avery1 Posts: 372
    When this happened on my Lexus I was told it could take several days and even a tank of gas to clear the check engine light after I didn't tighten the cap one time.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It will take several drive cycles to clear a CEL caused by a loose or malfunctioning gas cap. Or you can disconnect the battery for ~5 minutes. But if you do the latter don't take it for an emissions test until several drive cycles have elapsed.
  • Thanks for everyone who responded. It did turn out to be the loose gas cap code "P0440" or something. This time the dealer did not charge me anything, but somehow I get the feeling he will not be as nice the next time. So we will be double careful every time we get gas.

  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    I think it's about time that the engine's computer should get things right. I mean, with all the advanced technology today, can't we have a dedicated "loose gas cap" light on the dashboard? and if the "Check Engine" light is the only way to go, can't it come off right after tightening the cap? why should one wait so much time until the computer "resets" itself? Isn't that rediciolus?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We can thank our government for that.

    ODBII requires the idiot light because they want people to go to the dealership to fix it, since it might affect emissions.

    They basically assume the vehicle owner is not smart enough or ethical enough to do the right thing and fix it.

  • I heard that the new model Siennas have a seperate "loose gas cap" indicator light, but I have not personally confirmed that.

  • There is a lose or improperly tightened cap indicator light on the 2006 Sienna Limited. A malfunction light illuminates on the dash. After properly tightening the fuel cap the malfunction light may not go out until after several trips. There is also an indicator that tells you on which side of the car the gas cap is. If the gas cap door is open the left sliding door to the Sienna will not open. If it did it of course could damage the cover.
  • ceo1ceo1 Posts: 23
    After the 2006 blizzard of Colorado, my 2004 Sienna AWD got stuck in the deep snow for a few minutes. As I maneuvered to get it out of the snow, both check engine light and VSC light came on. Without knowing better, I sent it to Boulder Toyota. After reading the codes, they said nothing was wrong with car and it is normal to have these lights come on when the car gets stuck and wheels spins without moving. The punch line is that they charged my $45 to reset those lights that were false alarms to begin with! I think that Boulder Toyota (part of Larry Mill Toyota group) is a crook disguised behind a friendly face.

    For $45 the service manager told me how to reset the lights DIY: Under the instrument deck, there is a fuse box. Remove the one labelled "EFI" for 30 seconds. That's it. Hopefully you all benefit from my tuition. But only do so if you are sure that those lights are false warning as in my situation.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I would bet that you were only able to "maneuver" it out of the snow after the VSC light came on meaning VSC & Trac were then disabled. Prior to that traction braking and engine dethrottled likely prevented you from braking "free".

    Yes, it is normal for the VSC to "fault" after a long period, ~45 seconds of continuous VSC or Trac activation, longer period for semi-continuous. The one in my 2001 AWD RX300 will reset on its own after a period of cool down time.

    But the CEL is another matter entirely, I don't think that was normal for your circumstance.
  • I just had this problem after re-installing battery on my 2005 Sienna AWD. The good thing is that the dealer didn't charge me anything for it; the bad thing was that I had to use the tow service as the VSC light came on with the check engine light. With VSC on, the car won't go more than a few miles per hour.

    I was looking for information on this forum; thought I share the result here.
  • So on Tuesday we bought our Sienna CE ' 06, with only 44 miles on it. We live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and had bad weather for a couple of days. But after having the vehicle only 2 1/2 days - the "check engine light" came on. I have checked the fuel cap...all good. Haven't refilled gas yet. Is it safe to say and do - computer error and just pull out the fuse and then put it back in?
  • The light should reset on its' own after 40 "trips". If there is no longer a "leak" caused by a loose cap. The OBD ( on-board diagnostics )II system checked for leaks in the fuel tank vapor purge system and saw a "leak" and turned on the MIL ( malfunction indicator light ). A "trip" is variable - depending on the recognized "fault", but whenever this happens to me it may take about 2wks to reset the MIL - 3-4 starts/trips a day. It will not affect the operation of the vehicle as long as there is no "current fault"
  • It probably won't help, the "code" may be a "hard code" and is not likely to be "erased" by a mere power supply interruption. If you live here in DFW, you can take it to AutoZone and they can "read" the fault, but not erase it. That way you can see what it is. It may require you take it to the dealer for diagnosis/repair - likely a warranty repair - especially since you seem sure the fuel cap was tight before the light illuminated. If the fault is no longer present, it may deactivate the light after about 40 "trips" - likely about 2wks.
  • Basically, they are right. Most people/companies will do the right thing only under threat of punishment. If the light is on, it will most certainly have an affect on emissions. Most people have no idea of the contents of their cars' owners manual.
  • I have less than 9500 miles on a brand new 2006 Sienna XLE. It has been in the shop 4 times on various problems. The latest is ABS,VSC and TRAF OFF lit up on the dashboard. The service Dept. replaced ABS/TRAC Actuator Assy. Does anyone have the same issue with your van, and btw I'm not impressed with the MPG either...


  • pushanpushan Posts: 15
    I have Sienna XLE 2004 model with 40,000 miles on it. My wife drives the van. She called me while I was out of town on a business trip and reported the same problem (Check Engine, VSC, and Trac off lights on).

    After one or two trips to drop and pickup the kids at school, the light automatically went off. I am not sure why the light came in the first place; I am puzzled.
  • bicalinobicalino Posts: 13
    I too have the check engine, vsc & trac off lights on .
    I went to auto zone , atre scanning , the code indicates
    air/fuel sensor heat circuit response. (bank 1 sensor 1)

    it says probable causes
    1. open or short circuit condition
    2. poor electrcal connection

    I would guess to start looking at the electrical connections at bank 1 sensor 1 , but what is that ?

    cylynder 1 or what .
    I 'd appreciate any help .
  • bicalinobicalino Posts: 13
    turns out , the trouble code indicated bank 1 sensor 1 . air/fuel sensor heat response circuit.
    these are toyota's version of an o2 sensor .
    the heat circuit is added to make it get to operating tempature faster .
    on the sienna ,there are 3 .one on each exhaust manifold & one downstream of the cat. they all work in conjunction w/each other to make adjustments.
    bank one is the first , next to the firewall, two is in front just behind the radiator , & three is last after the cat.
    at toyota , the sensor was $210 so, I bought it on the net from a toyota dealer fo $158, delivered. comes w/ a dab of antisieze on the threads.
    you're supposed to check the 02 sensor w/a voltage meter . there are paramaters to check if the part is in fact bad b4 buying an expensive replacement .
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Where's you go on-line to get it? Just curious.

    This site was recommended to me, are you familiar with them?
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 26
    On 2007 LE I am getting dual warning. On the top left by F(full) of fuel gauge I have a lighted triangle with display
    of FUEL DOOR and at bottom of the gauge by E(empty) I have a lighted gas pump symbol. I did fill up the tank and close the fuel cap to one click and fuel door secured.
    Both the warning indicators still remains.
    Does any one have a similar problem/resolution?
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