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Toyota Sienna Warning Lights & Problem Codes



  • Any idea on how to reset the airbag flashing light? I reset the tire pressure monitor and mine has come on now for almost a week. Is there a way to reset this with a switch under the steering?

    Appreciate a response ....Thanks
  • After an oil change should not the check engine light go off? How can it be reset?
  • jprocjproc Posts: 133
    check engine light and oil changes have nothing to do with each other.I don't think you can reset the engine light either
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Do you mean "Service Engine Soon" instead?

    I think you set the odometer to the total mileage, turn it off, then hold the button while turning the key to the On position. Something like that.
  • You are right. I meant the "Maintenance Reqd" light, not "Check Engine". I'll try to turn it out.
  • You said: "Under the instrument deck, there is a fuse box. Remove the one labelled "EFI" for 30 seconds. That's it."

    Where exactly is the instrument deck located?

  • Has anyone experience the check engine light problem with the Sienas, mine is a 2001 LE
    I been having this problem for a few years and had it cycle on and off a few times --But always a potiential problem when it's time for emissions .
    I had it scanned a few time and it's the ( O441/.0446 code)I was told it could be the Charcoal Canister that on top of the gas tank.
  • I like to know how many Sienna owners have the same problem I do
    My check engine light has come on and been reset several times
    my codes (0041/0046)
    I was told it's the Evap control system
    It could be the charcoal canister that mounted to the top of the gas tank which it's quite costly to repair
  • Whoever said it. My gas cap was loose.. It was not even turned.. Just put on.

    I will let it reset by itself after some trips.

    Hope both of them go off soon,

    Thanks for a good forum
  • Have the same problem with 04 sienna. It seems to come on if I run errands getting in and out the car starting and restarting say more than 5 times in an 2hr period. At that point it begins to ride sluggish. Not sure dealer unable to diagnose problem
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Glad to hear it. :shades:
  • Can you please tell me what they found with your Sienna? I recently had the same thing happen and I am being told from the dealership that my tires are causing the problems and that I need to replace them all.
  • atwb1atwb1 Posts: 1
    We have had our speedo jump back and forth and the car slows down like in first gear. Also check engine, ABS and brake lights in dash stay on. What can cause these to happen?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Do you have an OBDII scanner? I would try to find out what code is being thrown. With that many warning lights it could be electrical.
  • Perhaps take a look at the following link for more details:
  • I have a 2004 Sienna with higher mileage (248,000). I have been having an issue with CEL coming on. It only comes on after the car idles for at least 10 minutes. The codes are always the same P0171 and P0174 system too lean bank 1 & 2. I have a code reader that I can reset the codes with. The CEL will not come back on for over 1000 miles-provided I do not let the van idle. My mechanic friend suggested I clean the MAF which I did-no improvement. He then suggested that I change this part out-which I also did with a rebuilt part. It seems like the CEL takes a little longer to light-but it still comes on after any extended idle time. The CEL never lights when driving -only at idle.

    I have seen suggestions that the coolant temp sensor may be causing this. I have also heard that a clogged fuel filter may exhibit these same symptoms.

    Before I venture any further with replacing parts in search of a cure I would like to hear from the fine members here.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I have a really frustrating situation. My 2002 Toyota Sienna won't pass inspection.
    Several weeks ago, I had a check engine light come on before the inspection that showed I needed a new air sensor near the cat. conv.
    Okay, that was replaced two weeks ago. Since then, no more lights show on my dash.
    The mechanic said that his shop computer still shows my car won't clear.
    He initially said, two weeks ago, that "driving it" was a remedy for this. Well, I've since driven several hundred miles, and though my dashboard check engine light remains off (I'm not showing any lights anymore at all.)....the inspection computer still won't apparently clear.

    What do I do? Even the mechanic has no clue what I should do next. Drive it some more and bring it back again? I've done this twice now, and after several hundred miles, still, though no check engine lights are showing, I can't get my Sienna inspected in N.Y. State. Meanwhile, I'm driving with an expired inspection. I'm real sure that a policeman would believe I've tried my hardest to inspect this. Yeah, right.

    If even the mechanic doesn't know what I should do....then?...What?....Anyone who has any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated!

  • pjksrpjksr Posts: 111
    It's not the number of miles driven that will make your van ready for inspection. There are certain "drive patterns" that must be completed, for the ECU to test your catalyst operation, for example. Conditions that need to be met are for this one test: engine warmed up, drive 15 minutes, varying speed between 30 and 45mph. Do this twice.

    Without knowing which ECU monitors are not ready, I can't help you further. Your mechanic should be able to tell you, though. This is basic. Google "Sienna readiness monitor drive patterns."

    Good luck--hope you've already passed inspections.
  • The AC on my 2004 Sienna XLE stopped cooling. I ran the on board diagnostic function to display trouble codes for the climate control system. I received code 21. My Haynes Repair manual indicated that a 21 indicates trouble with the "solar sensor circuit". What is the solar sensor circuit? I also received a code 24. Haynes does not list a 24 trouble code. Any ideas on what's going on? Also how do I determine the low side service valve for the AC?
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