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Uplander/Montana/Relay/Terraza TSBs and Problem Codes

stobarstobar Posts: 110
I'm taking my '05 Terraza in for service on Monday and I am desperately looking for a copy of the "Flickering Lights" TSB to show the Service Manager. Can anyone tell me where I can find it? I have been looking on line with little luck. I thought I had printed a copy of it a few months back, but can not find it. Also, there was a previous TSB issued in '05 stating to replace the alternator, but believe I read somewhere that the Voltage Regulator replacement superseded replacement of the alternator? Many thanks.


  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    I believe I found the answer: "GM has recently issued (revised) TSB # 05-06-03-003B (Headlamps and/or interior lights flicker intermittently) for the 2005 & 2006 Chevrolet Uplander, Buick Terraza, Saturn Relay, and Pontiac Montana SV6 - which instructs the dealer to replace the generator voltage regulator with a kit, part #15926088 (and NOT the entire generator)." Now there was also another TSB issued in 2005 that said to replace the alternator. Should I try for a new alternator? Did that solve the problem, or did the revised TSB with Voltage Regulator replacement fix it? Thanks
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    Took the van in and finally got the Service Manager to order the voltage regulator part once I showed him the TSB information. Will take about a week to come in from Flint, MI. Didn't bring up the alternator replacement from original TSB as after reviewing old posts, I don't believe it solved the problem, and believe the revised TSB to replace voltage regulator did. Not sure if many of the original people who used to post regularly are still reading this Forum, but would like to know if the Voltage Regulator fixed your flickering lights issue. Mine hasn't been that bad, but on long road trips, there were a few times that it got annoying, and I don't want people to think I'm flashing them. Thanks.
  • Stobar,

    The voltage regulator didn't completely fix the problem, but it did improve it. Although occasionally annoying, most of the time it's a non-issue.
  • Prior to having any TSBs applied the issue was very noticable and fairly predictable (release throttle while headlights, rear seat entertainment, and heat were on and the lights would dim and recover in about 1/2 second, as the engine RPMs dropped, the computer figured out that the juice was too low for the load, and commanded something to compensate).

    After the first TSB (alternator replacement), the issue remanined, but to a lesser degree. The lights didn't dim as much or as frequently.

    Now that we've had the final TSB applied (voltage regulator), I haven't seen the dimming occur even once. This may not mean that it's "fixed", but it sure seems like it so far..
  • FYI, we just found out what the horrible whistling noise at 65-70 mph is on our 2005 Montana: The Windshield. Apparently it was installed off balance or off center, the dealer installed new one and the noise disappeared. Now if they can just get rid of the other 5000 problems....
  • Yes the new TSB did fix the flickering problem. I went to a different dealer, who took the time to research with GM. They replaced the generator, and used some kind of tape and wrapped around all the wires. I am finally happy, but doubt I will ever own another GM product, because of all the problems that I had to go through. :confuse:
  • I have had my 05 terraza to the dealership 4 times to fix the flickering dash lights. They replaced the alternator twice, the voltage regulator once and now are going to wrap some foil kinda tape around some wires. This is the first new vehicle I ever bought and wish I never bought it. It is an electrical disaster. The radio has been taken out 4 times and sent in, every time I get it back, something else is wrong with it. The last time the aux button did not work so after getting the radio back, I lost my xm band. I have had the door ajar beeper beep for 3 hours with no key in the ignition and no message on the display telling me what door was ajar. After slamming all the doors and starting the engine several times, it finally quiet. I could go on and on with electrical problems! Does other people have other electrical problems with their vans?
  • Not like you have had. I'm sorry to hear you've had such a terrible experience. The only electrical issue we've had with our 05 Terraza so far was the flickering lights, and that was addressed with two visits- the first replaced the alternator and the second the voltage regulator.
  • The only problem I have had with my Saturn Relay 3, 2006 model, with 16,000 miles, is the "flickering lights". I called the dealer and had it scheduled for the TSB fix, they put in a new regulator and its been fine ever since. I had no problems with the dealer and no other problems with the van. (other than the tail light that I broke...)
  • This is the first time I've read about the tape solution. Is that in a new TSB?
  • rlmiller9rlmiller9 Posts: 48
    We have a saturn relay that does the samething just a little higher speed at about 80 the wind noise from the wind shield area is deafning !!!
  • tdoghb2tdoghb2 Posts: 2
    I stated in another discussion that I have had it in many, many times over the past 2 years for electrical problems. The traction control light comes on here and there, The book states that if it stays on it could be an engine problem. I will turn on the radio, hear a popping noise, it will black out for a few seconds and then come back on. a few other minor things but none of these issues show up on the computer so the dealership has no idea what is wrong. They have tried replacing wires and sensors and this and that but still have not fixed a thing. They are now consulting with GM. Way too many problems for a new vehicle and paid way too much money for the hassles! :lemon:
  • dweitzeldweitzel Posts: 2
    I still have many electrical problems with my 05 terraza. I now have 29,000 miles on it and GM has offered an extended warranty of 4 years 40,000 miles starting now. I am not settling for this. I spent every penny I had on this van with intentions of keeping it for a long time. The way I see things at this point I have 2 options, 1 being keep it and pay out the nose to get things fixed when the warranty is up, or 2 take one hell of a beating and trade it in. I would like for GM to buy the van back, but I am not getting far with that. My electrical issues never end. The dealer can't seem to fix them. I have been to 2 dealers and am still unsatisfied. This is a good place to blow off some steam!
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    I sympathise with you. We just took the second option ourselves.

    To be clear, I loved the Terraza. But what I didn't love was the way it constantly eats front brakes. The rotors have been turned several times now. And just the last time my wife had it in for service, the mechanic replaced the tie rod ends for excessive wear. I'm fairly certain that the warped brakes pulsating led to the second issue. The two combined led to the factory OEM tires (50,000-mile rated) to need replaced at 31,000 miles. After researching the replacement cost, it was going to be at least $500 all said and done. Given that the brakes are going to keep doing this, we decided to swallow our pride and trade it off.

    Mind you, I doubt 2006+ owners will have the same issues we had with the 2005's brakes. I'm still convinced that the reason GM quietly changed all the CSVs from 5 lugs to 6 lugs between the 2005 and 2006 models is BECAUSE they know about the problem, and the silent change (brakes, hub, wheels and all) takes care of the issue. But that doesn't help us 2006 owners. :(
  • bassprobasspro Posts: 34
    I had brake issues to on a 2005 uplander and had the rotors turned three time in 30,000 miles. I had the front rotors changed to heavy duty at my shop at 33,000 and now have 96,000+ and have yet to even have one rotor turned. Flickering light issue is a bit of a problem. MC
  • Is anybody else having trouble with the wipers not working on these van. My wife drives an 07 Relay and it has been to the dealer twice and herself and I have had to fix the wiper motor on the side of the road everytime we drive it. The dealer told me it was ice build up on the windshield, we live in upstate NY and the car is parked in the garage at night but in heavy wet snow they dont even move. We WERE repete saturn buyers (this was our third from the same dealership) but this is realy pissing me off and when I tried to Lemon it out the salesmanager told me that it was not a drivabilty issue and it was VERY TOUGH to Lemon out a car that moves. Well if you cant see where you are going the car is useless :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I have a 06 Uplander.. These cars are all LEMONS..
  • After telling me for over 10,000 miles that i was imagining it they finally replaced the voltage regulator. Initially they replaced the alternator saying they thought the alternator was too small for all the devices that Terraza has. I thought "How is this my problem?" Don't let them do the alternator because that doesn't fix it. Replacing the Voltage Regulator will. Now what do you know about the Service Stability System Error? My traction control will kick in driving 55 mph down the highway on dry pavement....yeah it throws you into oncoming traffic. They replaced a sensor and that worked for a day. Then unexpectedly it started up again! :cry:
  • electbcelectbc Posts: 4
    There seems to be problems with brake pulsating, the dealer that handled mine had to replace one caliper and resurfaced the rotors. I see now that there is a TSB to replace the shields protecting the rotors.
    TSB #070523003 taken from the NHTSA website. NHTSA item # 10022957
  • That TSB originally came out in August of 2007. It was recently updated and has a new date on it. I have a subscription to All Data .com Unless your van is still in warranty it doesn't matter that there is a brake shield issue. They will be happy to replace them if your van is past warranty but it will be a billable service. I'm currently going back and forth with the dealer trying to make them understand that I've had brake issues going back to less than 10K on it and it should be covered, but they will have nothing to do with my argument.
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