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Uplander/Montana/Relay/Terraza TSBs and Problem Codes



  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    You may be better off disabling the traction control/stability system. Can you turn it off? Good luck.
  • gadcinigadcini Posts: 2
    I have turned it off however it still happens. I've asked my mechanic if there was a way to disable it other then the traction control button in the vehicle and he says there is not.
  • I am having problems with t/c and stabilitrack, dealer replaced passenger side wheel bearing 2 years ago and same problem is back. when I bought van new in 2006 I discovered it was a chevy venture in disguise as I had a 99 venture plauged with the same problems . so I pulled back on the drivers side carpet on 07 uplander and discovered that it has the same problem 99 venture had. Water from the a/c condensate drip tube that is supposed to drip on ground was driipping behind carpet on the driver and passenger side floor rotting out all of the metal and wiring on floor told dealer about it and they seemed to not care about it, as all of the wiring for all of problems that I am having is running across the floor boards
  • We're sorry to hear about the electrical difficulties you're experiencing in your Uplander. What are your plans for getting this looked into?

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • My Wife and I are planning on trading it in soon . We will never buy any chevrolet product ever again, your vehicles are not what they used to be, your dealer service departments in my opinion lack the knowledge , and are only replacing parts becuase they dont know what the problems are with these vehicles and others, GM motors needs to put costomers first instead of profits Thank you
  • Here are pages and pages of the same thing, but has anyone ever actually had this FIXED for good? I don't have $1000 a month to drop into this car, but my traction/stability/abs warnings stay on.
  • Good afternoon dkstocker,
    What year and model do you have? If you want for us to check into warranty information, please email us the last 8 digits of your VIN to

    Kind regards,
    GM Customer Service
  • It's a 2005 Terraza CXL, and if it were a Hyundai it would still be under warranty at 75,000 miles.

    You already know this problem is so common it should have been a factory recall, but I guess your Certified Repair Network making a thousand bucks of profit at each visit to not-fix it is reason enough to let it slide. I fail to see how it helps me for you to have my car's serial number . . . BUT if you convince me it is worthwhile I'll email you the VIN
  • I own both a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu (purchased new) and a 2005 Chevrolet Uplander (purchased in 2006). Currently, I am unable to drive either vehicle due to brakes and/or front end problems. My Uplander is on its 3rd or 4th set of rotors and pads. The abs light is on and won't go off. There is a loud noise when driving that sounds like the front end is going to fall apart and I need 1 control arm bushing. While driving home the other night I turned on my road and the van wouldn't accelerate and the noise was so loud my grandchildren were yelling, "What's that noise"!
    The last time I called GM I was told to take the van to my local dealership and call back so that they could monitor the dealership. I spent my entire day there. When I called back with the $1800 bill the person I spoke with had gone for the day. I was called by some (in TX, I'm in MI) who said they had spoken with the manager of the dealership who was willing to help with the charges and he would be calling me. I never got the call. I ended up ordering my transmission coolant lines, getting my brakes done elsewhere and not having anything done about my side molding that has been replaced several times for adhesion failure and turning brown or the automatic door that randomly stops working. I've had 3 or 4 key fobs and the current one does not work. My Malibu has had brake problems, the steering column and lower control arms replaced. Currently, the Malibu has a loud clunk when turning left or right. The Malibu has 60,000+ miles and the Uplander has 61,000+.
    On the day that I was at the dealership with the Uplander I spent most of the day with a salesman looking for a 2010 Malibu. When one was found I was told that I would have to pay to have the car brought in. This was a real turn off so I took my $1800 bill and left. In May, I went to the local Ford dealership and in two weeks I had what I asked for without paying anything up front. I didn't trade either vehicle because I didn't want to hear later that someone had had an accident and died in a vehicle that I previously owned.
    I plan on keeping the Uplander and giving the Malibu to another family member. Since GM has money for the repairs I have listed I am wondering why people are given such a run around when reporting known issues.
  • Here's the latest on my Uplander issues:

    I contacted the Ohio Attorney General, who then contacted GM. An attorney for GM (Brandi) called me, got the VIN number (sounds like the automatons all have the same script) and then did nothing for me. At the AG's request, I took it back to the last dealer who saw it under the bumper to bumper warranty. I was assured by Mike Campola (GM of Pat O'Brien Chevrolet) that they "weren't going to throw darts at the problem" and that a master technician would do the diagnosis.

    After spending an entire day at the dealership, they told me that my check engine light problem requires a fuel injection cleaning, at a cost of $149. I paid $58 for them to tell me this. If that doesn't work, I was told that disassembly of the engine at $1400, plus parts would be required. They would not guarantee that any of this would fix the problem. When I reminded Phil (Service Manager) that they did the same work at 34K miles (under factory warranty) and it didn't fix the problem, he stated that this was necessary for diagnosis. I asked him why I had to pay and he said because this is a maintenance issue and not covered under warranty. When I reminded him that the fuel injection service at 34k was covered by warranty and no charge, I swear I could see the wheels spinning in his pupils and smoke coming out of his ears.

    Meanwhile, I have a car that runs but that I can't renew the tags on because it won't pass e-check. Sarah, there's a difference between customer service and lip service, and everyone on this forum seems to be getting the latter. Can you give us an example of anyone you've actually helped? I'd like to talk to that customer and find out what worked.

    Remember consumers, this problem was reported under the factory 36/36 bumper to bumper warranty and not fixed. Think about that before you buy a new vehicle from GM.
  • I wish that someone would respond who actually did get help from GM and tell us what we should do. At this point I'd just be happy to have someone tell me a fix for the front end of my Uplander and what type of rotors and pad I should purchase other than GM!
  • Good morning gigi1957,

    I see that you've contacted us in the past - if you wanted to email us either your Service Request number (71-**********) or the last 8 digits of your VIN we could check into that further to see if there's anything further we can do. Our email is

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Sorry to hear of the problems with your GM vehicles. I own a 2007 Uplander and it has been less problematic than your vehicle. The brake problems on the early models like yours (2005 was the first year for the Uplander) has a lot to do with the oversized wheels (17 in. rims) and only 5 lugnuts per wheel. GM added an extra lugnut per wheel with the later models which reduces some of the brake problems. I find the brake pads wear quickly (20k to 30k miles) but I haven't had any other issues with the brakes. Aftermarket ceramic brake pads will help, but the number of lugnuts is a design issue which can not be fixed on your vehicle. Also, the later models got GM's 3900 V6 which is a big improvement over the 3500 found in your vehicle. You're probably better off trading in the Uplander and getting something else that better suits your needs and is more reliable. Good luck.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    I can't help you with your front end but I can tell you that I replaced the poor GM front brake pads and rotors with replacement parts made by Raybestos. Problem solved for 40,000+ miles...
  • So Sarah has time to request more VINs but does not have time to tell us why we should provide them. This could be as little as one well-phrased, B.S.-free sentence.

    EXCELLENT customer service. Truly. It has made me a GM customer for LIFE . . .

    . . . not. Way to go Sarah, you are making your company look worse than it already did!
  • Serviceless Sarah is not trying to help you. I know someone in GM's Risk Management group and they talk about the "social media multiplier" to risk (i.e. that a failure goes "viral") What she's trying to do is to negate the effect of this blog so that if potential new car buyers search here, they'll think GM "Cares." If anyone on this message board has actually gotten assistance from GM, I'd like to hear what worked (so far nothing does for me). I took GM's advice, spent a day at a dealer for an intermittent check engine light (under warranty) and was told their best guess is to tear the engine apart at a cost of $1400 (not covered by warranty even though car is still within warranty period and mileage). What's the point of buying a new car from GM when they refuse to honor their warranty? They know they have more lawyers than we can ever afford, and their bullying way of dealing with problems doesn't get them fixed, but it does save GM money and allow them to avoid their obligation to the customers.

    Here's what I suggest (won't get your car fixed but it'll make you happier and might get Serviceless Sarah's attention) -

    Post negative reviews on every website and blog that you can find. Keep it factual but be sure to use lots of keywords - mention every current model that GM makes (even if it's not yours), so that when someone is looking to buy a new car and do research, your review will be near the top of the search list. When you post something on this site, be sure to check the box that says Share on Facebook to spread its reach. At some point Sarah won't be able to keep up (though I doubt her real name is Sarah, there's probably a hundred just like her who all use the same name, even the guys).

    I dont have the time to do this but I've seen it work before - stick some lemons on the side of the car and then drive around in front of the local dealers. Be sure to have someone there with a video camera, and be sure to get the name of the dealership in the shot. Then, post to Youtube and wait for the fun to begin. Be sure to send the link to every media outlet in your area. Instant viral video.

    Sarah (or George, or whatever your name is) what empowerment do you have to fix any of this? If your only authority is to ask for VIN numbers, YOU"RE NOT HELPING. Get someone from GM on this blog who is empowered to make a decision to help us and GET OUT OF THE WAY!
  • I don't know if anyone has actually been helped here or not. I do know that after I posted on here about my 2 GM vehicles there was a woman in our area driving home from church in her 2004 Malibu and the steering locked up causing her to lose control of her car and hit a utility pole. She survive, but her car is totaled. The vehicle had been to the local dealership about 4 times and supposedly they couldn't find the problem. I own a 1984 Chevrolet Corvette that's in better shape than either of my 2005 vehicles.
  • Hello dkstocker,

    Sorry I had missed your follow-up message! Sometimes the search tool we use does not flag all responses, and again I apologize for that.

    With your VIN, we're able to search our records to get a good idea of your history with the vehicle, as well as gives us the ability for us to provide you with any pertinent information we can find about the given situation (relevant recalls, special coverages, warranty information, etc.). We use it to build a Service Request, through which we do interact with the dealership to learn more about what's going on with the vehicle after a diagnosis and to see what we can do in the situation.

    Additionally, if we build this Service Request, it is logged in our database and can be accessed by different departments within GM (including brand quality).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Okay, so I send you my VIN. You get one more tick in your database saying 'this car has problems' and you run a search and find that X work was or was not done. It still doesn't fix my car, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't even get me a free code-reading on a Tech II scanner at my local dealership - MUCH less a free repair on an old car. I'm not really interested in populating a GM database, but I AM somewhat interested in having my car working 100%.

    Pertinent information - apparently there are several insouluble mystery problems or there would be answers on all these threads about how people came away with FIXED cars.
    Recalls - wouldn't that be nice!
    Special coverages - apparently not even STANDARD coverage, see post #99 above
    Warranty information - at 7 years and 75,000 miles, not on a GM

    Color me still unconvinced, skeptical of GM's commitment even to FIX problems, much less genuine Customer Service, and yes even a bit hostile toward the uncaring attitude I find here and elsewhere.

    Here is what a world-class giant car company does, that CARES about their products, CARES about their customers, and CARES that their customers come get more of their products in the future: When there is a known problem with lots of potentially-fatal events caused by the problem being posted all over the internet, they assign some people to find the owners of potentially-affected vehicles and FIX the problem. This is not the same as hope the owners come in, charge them $$$$ and let them drive away with cars still broken in potentially-lethal ways.

    If a scam/fake/worthless aftermarket warranty company can figure out how to send me a postcard asking for my business, how is it General Motors can't? How is this even a question? :(
  • brown1315brown1315 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 chevy Uplander and the service ABS and Traction Control and Service Stability System warnings light have started to come on but not with any regularity. The van only has 108,942 km on it i have read that there are alot of people having these issues. The last 4 digit of vin are 0131. is there actually a fix for this or is it a money pit
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