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Volkswagen Eos Water Leaks



  • You guys don't need new seals. There is a procedure listed in you owners manual that outlines seal treatment. This is to be done every six months. The treatment product is available at all VW dealerships. Most dealers don't know about this treatment so take your manual in and show them. They can order it, the part number is in the manual.

    The product they (VW) sells will treat the seals and make them swell up afterwards. The seals become soft and pliable also. I have used this product myself on my seals on our 08 EOS. We had water leaks before the treatment and now have none. I even took a hose and sprayed water directly on the roof and window seals and could not make my car leak water. I takes about a half an hour to treat your seals around the windows and roof top.
  • I have had leaks in my car since I bought it 17 months ago . The water test here in Australia is the service team throwing a bucket of water over the roof and saying it passes. The last two leaks caused the boot and petrol cap to malfunction as well as the locking and unlocking.

    Last week the rain was so heavy it was the first time I had water gushing in through both windows. The speakers were full of water and I had to stop every 30 minutes to empty the inside of the doors.
    The dealership have advised (it has been in being repaired since last week) that if I have major issues I will need to contact Volkswagen Australia as they deal with refunds and replacements etc.
    The first number I was given by the dealership was disconnected. The second number was for breakdowns and they could not assist with a customer service number. I was also told that the leaks were very rare and taht I was the only car with this issue. I now know this is not true !!

    I have emailed the contact us on their website and have heard nothing. I am due to pick up my car tomorrow (again ) I am really concerned with the possible damage to the electronics , inside floor, floor of car etc.Any advise on how to proceed with getting a replacement vehicle (hopefully with no leaks ) or a refund.

    I must say I love my car when it doesnt rain. I am disappointed that I will now be going down this path.
  • Welcome to the Unhappy Eos group. I am in NJ/USA, we have option to file a complaint to "Better Business Bureau" where manufactor must respond to the lemon law (if fits the criteriar). I'm going through this process myself, since my roof leaked so bad that I had a flood INSIDE. One sniff of the car, after it has been repaired and aired out for over 1 month, the regional rep agreed to replace my car. I'm still waiting... Although my first choice was to return it, since I lost the use of it during the best season, they refuse to this idea... long story. Anyway, my advice is to find out in Aussie if you has similar consumer protection agencies.
    Another concern my neighbor brought up is, even if it has been repair NOW or eventually, in my case, the water damages may cause future unforeseen rust on your electronics and mechanics. Something that can cost you plenty of $ to repair once the warranty expires, since rust may take a while to eat through the wires etc.
    I agree, I love this car, but dry and use the top down because it's a beautiful day, NOT because I can't breathe, it smells so bad!
  • I've had an EOS for 2 years and have travelled 60,000kms (I live in Australia near Sydney). It's normally parked outside and I've never had any leaks. I have lubricated the special rubber seals with the right lubricant and so far all is good. No leaks at all. Search the net and you'll find the VW tech instructions on how to do it - quite straight forward - but don't use it on any seal except the ones in the instructions - normal rubber can't absorb the lubricant. It's expensive stuff, but is available from non VW sources.
  • Thank for your tip. As of today, I only have 7,200 miles on this car, purchased March 08. I stop driving it because the smell is terrible. VW is working on getting me a new one, but they want over $2K from me for a Komfort model, because they no longer make my Turbo model in 09. I don't think I should have to pay the difference. What do you think?
  • jgjiffyjgjiffy Posts: 11
    Cadd, contact me at my screen name at AOL.
  • I sent you an Email there, in case you check here too.
    I just re-read your comments, that you got out and have a Ford instead. I would like to keep Eos, since I prefer FWD & manual trans in the snow.
    The only other complaint is the blind spot, which I don't think they'll change because the roof need the heavy support.
  • paul34bpaul34b Posts: 33
    Well as nervous as I was when I purchased my 2008 EOS 18 months ago, I never had any leaks from above, meaning the roof area. My leaks came from under the car somewhere.

    I had been smelling a moldy odor for a few months that got progressively worse until the end of July 09 so I brought my EOS in for an evaluation. My car was in the shop for over a week. VW did admit there were bad seals from the under-carriage area and water had been soaking under the carpets for some time. Interestingly enough the carpets were never wet to the touch. All carpets, matting and some new seals were replaced throughout the car and windows. No charge to me thank goodness. I did have a big problem but VW did remedy the issue. Oh yea aside from the moldy smell the interior windows would be fogged up every morning. That was another sign something was off. To date it looks like the issue has been solved. My car smells clean again and no moisture inside. It did take over a month to get rid of the moldy smell though.
  • Glad the smell & fog up are gone, you're lucky! But look under the peddles, my steering rod was completely rusted. Even after they removed the entire carpet and insulation, I can't ever get rid of the smell. I think seats are also a factor.
    Good luck to you. Beware of other electrical erosion/rust in the future.
  • jade13jade13 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2007 Eos a couple months ago and don’t think I have a seal leak issue but another water issue. When I went to look at it in the car lot and opened the drivers door a waterfall came out of the bottom of the door. The sale person said there is a pipe that comes from the windshield area that flows down to the door and releases the water. I have never heard of this before but he said it wasn’t an issue because there were probably a couple leaves that plugged up the pipe and they will clean it out. He said it was a “one off” situation and I believed him since I have never ever seen this before and I’ve owned many cars in my time. A couple days after I purchased the car I did have one day where the windows were quite fogged up but nothing since. The car goes from underground pkg to underground pkg so I’ve never had an issue with more fog or waterfalls…until last week. We had quite the down pour one evening and it was left parked outside for 4 hours in the rain. I got back to the car and another waterfall came out of the bottom of the door. This can’t be normal! Any suggestions out there?
  • I had this similar problem with my 2008 Eos, a full cup of water would fall out of the car door when first open after rain or after I washed my car by hand. If you stand too close, you'd drench your shoes! I think my dealer put in weep holes (drilled through the rubber seals) and the problem went away. Don't believe them when they pretend it is a one rare problem. However, do be very concern when their reaction is NOT surprised at all.
    Later, I had a major leak from right corner roof front of passenger side. I cleaned and wipped off all seals every time I washed my car, it was parked indoor garage often too. Yet, they will claim the evil "leaf" which may cause the clog. My problem got so bad, that I eventully filed for lemon law and got the car replaced.
    Your car should still be under some type of warrantee, I hope. Be nice, but be presistant to VW.
  • jade13jade13 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the tips regarding my Waterfall. I emailed them a couple days ago and haven't heard a reply so it looks like I'll have to be persistent with this matter. Luckily the warranty is good until 2013!
  • Besides the obvious inconvinence dealing with the warranty, you should keep track of every phone calls, resolution, duration of car in service, etc. The big picture is, eventually you may need to deal with other issues, ALL addes up when it comes with the Lemon Law, should it ever gets that bad.
    I love this car, but as I read all the others' problems, I learned a lot, and got many ideas and suggestions which made me assertive of my rights.
    Best of luck. Read others input if you have time.
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  • After 24 different contacts with VW , 7 repairs and 2 major floods, I have now filed a complaint with Fair Trading. I sent the dealership on a letter of demand for a full refund after much to and fro they offered a refund of 10 K less than the purchase price. Totally dis satisfied. Can any one advise if they got a full refund. I have had two years of hell
  • JgJiffy at A O L
  • After four visits to the dealer with leaks I insisted that the car should be taken back and replaced with a different model. This they did without any complaints, as I presumed that VW were aware of the problems that could occur with this model. I now drive a VW Golf Estate Sportline with all the toys to bring the value up to the same price as the EOS. I have had this car now for 18months without any problems and with the panoramic roof is just as good in our climate.
  • I went through the process of Lemon Law. You must see your local law to see what fits, and document everything. Eventually, you will get want you want, NOT what they want.
    Minus $10K is not an option.
  • I totally agree!! I have a 2007 EOS and it's been in the shop many times for leaking roof problems as well as a couple of other issues. Each time it comes out they say it's fixed and then it rains and the water pours in. After about 4 times (and over 30 days) in the shop mine is finally not leaking (at the moment). It's really disappointing for a VW, that was not cheap, especially when it seems to be such a common problem amongst EOS owners (from what I can see online), that they were unable to take care of the issue quickly. It was really inconvenient to have to keep going back, every other week, getting a rental and waiting for them to try the latest fix on it, only to have to return it again. I would not buy another VW after this experience, which is a shame because I was happy with my last VW.
  • jimg602jimg602 Posts: 2
    I brought my eos to the dealer last year when the doors were filling with water. We checked other eos on the lot and found the same thing. We checked the trunk and found a lot of water around the spare tire. You have to take the cover (over the spare tire) off. I was told you have to live with the door problem. The technician said he put some sealant in different places and when tested, no water entered the trunk. I found water in the trunk today and brought the car in. It seems water is coming in the truck lid, probably through the lights, but can't get out so it winds up in the trunk. There are 2 holes, that may be drain holes, in the trunk lid but there are rubber grommets in them. I can't see how water can get out. I checked my toyota and found 2 holes for drainage in the lid. I am going back tomorrow to the dealer. At the dealer today he said there is a fix for the doors so check with your dealer.
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