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Lexus GS Tires and Wheels



  • Just bought a 2005 LS 430 with 18'' and will trade anyone for 17''. have all 5 in excellent cond. and tires are good.
  • I just logged into this forum to find out what tires everyone was using and felt good about. I have a 2008 GS350 RWD with 27000 miles. I just notice this pulling the last two days myself at stop lights where car and trucks make heavy indentions in the road. I thought my car and steering wheel was pulling to the left awfully hard. I thought the grooves in the road must have been deeper than I expected. I have 5 cars and none of them has ever pulled so hard to the left at this stop light. If everything you say here is true about alignment. Then why is it my other cars (2004 Murano, 2005 Altima, 2001 Maxima or 1999 Maxima) do not or has ever had this issue. It was not just at this one traffic light. I also had this happen where I could hardly see any grooves in the road, but again at a traffic light.

    Now that I am reading this, I can see I was not imagining this. I will have to keep an eye on this now.

    As far as tires wear goes. People do need to realize this sports car with soft rubber compound. This is how they get the car to handle and stick to the road so well. It is normal for these tires to only last between 20-30,000 miles. You can buy a 280 or 320 rubber compound tire, but they won't stick the road like a Z 120-180 rated rubber, especially on wet surfaces. But a 280 should last you 40,000 miles on this car. With that said, the car will have a harder ride and more road noise in the car from the tires. Anyone who wanted an even quiter ride from their tires should have bought a ES or LS ( no road noise at all). I did not like that.
  • I also have a Lexus GS300 with 66k, and all 4 of my rims (wheels) have corrosion and bubbling paint. I told Hoffman Lexus of East Hartford CT about the problem yesterday and when I got my car back today, they said that the wheels can be refinished for about $200 - $250 per wheel.

    That's BS, this is my 6th car and I never had problems with bubbling paint or wheel corrosion with factory wheels before. This must be a defect and Lexus should warranty the repair or offer us new wheels. I think that there was a batch of wheels made that weren't properly cleaned prior to painting.

    Anyone else out there? Wonder if this could be a future recall.

    BTW: Get RID of your RUN FLATS; absolute worse tire ever. I switched to Continental DWS and the ride in my GS is noticeably improved. Plus they are super quiet and more forgiving on bumps.
  • I`ve got a 2008 gs350 with 13k. I have a appointment at hoffman this mon. 9/26 on this wheel corrosion-bubbles. You didn`t mention the year on your car.
    I assume mine is under the 4yr. warranty. I`ll let you know.
  • lz4004lz4004 Posts: 37
    Hoffman lexus refinished my wheels at no cost. I`m disappointed that the finish they did was not like the original wheels, a brushed nickel shine. I might look for some chrome one by tsw. The point is beware if your going to layout $250 per wheel, they won`t be the same. Go aftermarket.
  • Got fed up with looking a my factory wheels in such bad shape... Wrote to Lexus Customer Service and NCDS.

    Iz4004; it's a 2006 GS300

  • which yokohamas, s-drive? I have had 3 set of yokohamas on my old gs300. The s-drive are the worse. sounds like a 4x4. The other 2 sets were yk520. They were the most quietest tire I had ever put on that car. They also held up very well, mileage was great. The s-drive started out quiet but got noisier and noisier and finally around 23000 miles I just couldn't stand it anymore and had the yk520 put back on. The s-drive still at that point had a 6 on the tire guage left.
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