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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • I am another person with blistering bass problems in a 2001 Land Cruiser. I test drove a 2000 with the stereo problem. I drove a Sequoia for almost three weeks. The Sequoia has what appears to be the same 6 disc AM/FM cassette deck as the TLC. THERE IS NO BLISTERING BASS PROBLEM IN THE SEQUOIA. I therefore assumed that the stereo in the 2001 would be the same. In retrospect as it has been said: "to assume is to blunder". I blundered. For the past week I have been going around and around with Toyota. The service manager at my dealer immediately recognized that there is a problem. Toyota at first seemed to be playing dumb about the subject. After pestering them for the past week, I have been informed by the customer service manager at my dealership that Toyota does in fact recognize that there is a bass problem in 2001 TLCs. They are working with the manufacturer of the stereo for a fix. The fix is supposedly two months away. Word about this has not filtered down to the dealership level as yet. Until the blistering bass problem is resolved by the manufacturer....boom on, my friends. (or fade out the front speakers)
  • Thank you to all discussing the stereo issue. I was all set to put my money down for the 2001 TLC, until I read your warnings. When I test drove the truck we only listened to the stereo loud and fairly briefly, focusing my attention on the sound of the truck.

    I just came from checking the issue out for myself and sure enough it is PROBLEM. With the engine off the volume control works normally. But, with the engine on, the volume control will not reduce the bass after a certain point. One notch above zero, you can not hear anything, except a loud bass thump, thump. So much for listening to anything soft.

    I am going to wait for the fix, assuming it is coming. Or . . . ?? Again, thanks for the heads up.

  • Truckdigger alleges that there's a couple of you out there with 2001 TLC's WITHOUT the stereo problem. If so, can you post again - possibly with the last 6 digits of your VIN?

    (Personally, I don't recall seeing a post on the 2001 WITHOUT the problem - hence my assertion that there is a strong lillihood that ALL 2001's are effected.)
  • You say you have an 95 Fj80.
    My understanding is that 95's were Fj100s and that the Fj80 was phased out in 1992.
    Anyone clarify?
  • tbevertbever Posts: 39
    Although I have not testdriven a LC specifically to listen for the booming bass problem, I have noticed a similar sounding situation in my new 2001 Sequoia with 6 dash changer (Limited). There does not seem to be a problem with the engine turned off, but as soon as it is on the bass is highly accentuated to the point where I have it turned to -3 or -4. With the bass cranked way down it is not bad, but I would have expected better. This sounds similar to the LC problem but I am not sure if this is the same system. I disagree with post #261 and I think this is a potential problem with the Sequoia also.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    FJ80 - Was fromm'91 to '92, Inline 6, 155 hp
    FZJ80 - Was from '93 to '97, Inline 6, 24valve, 212 hp
    FJ100 - '98 to Present, V8, Completely redesigned.

    I use to have a '95 FZJ80. I currently have a FJ100.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    I have a '99 LC with rear climate control. After driving to work this morning I was checking the rear climate control and how it worked. Here is the issue, even with the temperature control slid all the way over to the hottest position, the system would not blow hot air out of the roof ducts. When I selected the foot ducts, really hot air but when I selected either roof only or roof and feet, the roof ducts would only blow cold air. This does not seem right. Any insight would be much appreciated.

  • fj100: Check your owners manual. I beleive the roof vents will only blow AC. I believe Toyota thought it unwise to send hot air out of the top vents to warm passengers below given that hot air rises.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I think Kurtl100 is correct but there is another issue as well. The ducts in the roof are not well insulated from the elements up there. They are less than an inch from the roof and this would keep the air very cool in cold weather. This is also why, in the summer, you get warm air until you start to drive.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,475
    Gee, makes me glad I don't have these gizmo's that can drive me nuts!
  • Anyone know what the FJ100 lower tailgate is made of? It appears to be either fiberglass or aluminum. On my FJ80 I have no qualms of standing on the tailgate to reach the roof rack but the FJ100 seems very delicate. Thanks!
  • Is a landcruiser with 100,000 miles worth $13,900 if in excellent shape and well equipped?

  • zuma13zuma13 Posts: 35
    Having the identical stereo problem occasioned by ALL 2001 TLC owners, I decided to take matters into my own hands and have a stereo expert look at the system and attempt a "fix". Equipped with an audio system schematic I went to the stereo shop and proceeded to explain the offending symptoms.

    After explaining the problem I turned on the ignition and radio first with the engine not running and then with the engine running. The techician was of the opinion that there was a definite problem and design defect. He found it most curious that the low frequency "booming" had no adjustment other than fading toward the rear speakers.

    After examining the system first hand and analyzing the audio schematic, he concluded that the problem cannot be addressed mechanically. The entire system is integrated and controlled through the vehicles ECU (primary on board computer).

    There is no way to by-pass the problem or adjust it without reprogramming the computer. Which I was advised by Toyota. The mischief was actually programmed by the Toyota and JBL technicians and could only be reprogrammed by them.

    My question is. Why not a more timely fix? I cannot imagine Toyota is unaware of the problem and therefore not have in the "wings" a procedure to repair or fix this obvious flaw.

    I now intend to commence a four time dealer visit with the problem. The law in California is quite specific. If the problem cannot be fixed after four attempts, the vehicle qualifies as a "lemon" within the purview of the California "Lemon Law".

    At this time I don't want a new vehicle or my money back. I really enjoy this vehicle but for the audio problems. However, if a fix isn't offered in a reasonable time frame, I will pursue a legal remedy.
  • You won't like to read this, but the uzj100 tailgate is much stronger than the 80 series tailgate due to its laminate construction. I would not stand in the middle of the 80 series tailgate as it will eventually bow outward in the middle. It's nothing like the 60 series tank-like tailgate. Go ahead and stand on the 100 tailgate.
  • Did you ever get it in writing from Toyota, that they acknowledge the fact that the system is broken? I have had problems convincing Toyota that this is not functioning correctly. I think a lot of us here has had similar if you have a written letter of any sort, could you scan it in and post it? The problem we seem to have is that when individuals go to the dealers or call the hotline they tell us it's all in our head and no one else has this problem. If we all have some kinda proof in hand that this is a problem, we might be able to push them a little harder together.
  • Hello all, I've been driving my new 2001 TLC for a few weeks now including 12" of snow yesterday. (Milwaukee, WI) I'm ready to review. The TLC replaced a 1994 Ford Probe so there is no practical comparison. The SUVs I've driven most are a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee and a 1999 Chevy Blazer. The TLC easily outclasses either of those vehicles. The ride is smooth and quieter than my wife's 1999 Nissan Maxima. Acceleration is excellent for the size. Despite the huge difference in size the TLC is easy to maneuver and seems to have a very tight turning radius for its length.

    Its taken me to Chicago twice now and was very comfortable in heavy expressway traffic. Performance on the snow was excellent. Only jack-rabbit starts activated the active trac and acceleration was strong and smooth even in 6-8 inches of snow. While pushing through turns the skid compensation activated twice. (with a furiously flashing red indicator and loud alarm beep!!) The truck fishtailed minimally each time then resumed the desired curve.

    The final fun was a 60 foot run up my sloping driveway covered with 16-36" drifts. (up to the headlights!) Man what fun! It ground right through with out hesitation. It was so much fun I turned around and ran up and down a few more times.

    Now the problems. Not many.

    Stopping distance seemed long compared to other SUVs I've played with in the snow. The ABS prevented skids but the size of the TLC leads to much longer stopping distances that the smaller Jeep with out ABS.

    The stereo sucks. Man does it suck. (JBL 6-disk, no Nav system). When I test drove it sounded a little boomy but we were concentrating on other things and had the volume way down. Even with the bass at -5 the low end distorts to a loud, one-note, thump. The problem almost disappears with the engine off.

    Reading here I see I'm not alone in my dismay at the stereo. The pattern seems to be they tell potential buyers that a fix is on the way and tell paid customers that it is not a problem. I'm guessing that it is a very difficult fix or it would be done.

    Lawyers are good attack dogs but they can buy lots of lawyers of their own. I think that the press might be a more effective influence. If we don't get a fix we should write auto reviewers for newspapers, magazines and webpages and ask them to comment on the TLC stereo issue. Most big companies survive the financial burden of lawsuits easily. They are less likely to shake off bad press.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Your post is exactly what I have been looking for here. I want to ask a few questions about your uphill drive through snow. Did you have the center differential locked? If not, did the TRACS system activate? If it did, was it just the brakes or did it slow the engine as well?

    The reason I am asking is because of a debate on the Sequoia topic related to these issues. The Sequoia 4WD system is identical to the post 2000 LC with the exception that the Sequoia can go into 2WD as well.

    Thanks for the review.
  • Thanks for the review and can you post some information regarding how much you paid for your LC ??
  • joeeblow1

    Thank you for the insight. Compared to my 91 FJ80, the tailgate on the 100 feels very light. Is the laminate fiberglass?
  • Unlike some other owners, we need good 4WD for the deep sand in Hatteras, NC. Cliffy, I read your earlier posts on the 2001 4WD -- can the LC handle deep sand (i.e., does the Active Trac really act like a virtual lock on the rear diff?)

    If the LC can handle the Hatteras sands, I'm ready to buy it.

    BUT... what's your position on the JBL Stereo problem? I'm not going to tolerate any Toyota BS for a $55,000+ vehicle. Is your dealership willing to agree in writing that the JBL defect will be repaired free of charge once a fix is found?

    Incidentally, I looked at your dealership web page at Stock #NN31573. What's the FE Option?

    Look forward to your response. I'm in Alexandria, so I'm thinking of getting the LC by end of year. Thanks.
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