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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • grantchstrgrantchstr Posts: 371
    All I can tell you is that my LC (Fj80 of 1991 Vintage) had a hell of a clicking noise but after repacking (which took the dealer three goes - it was expensive but the second two attempts were on the Toyota repair guarantee) the clicking noise went away.
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    Post '94 fzj80s seem to be more susceptible to head gasket failures, possibly due to re-designed radiators that clog up with deposits. If I were buying a '95 to '97 TLC, I would have the cooling system checked for exhaust gases, indicating a leak between the combustion chambers and the cooling system. Change the coolant frequently and keep a close eye on the rad. If you need to replace the radiator, consider going with the '93/'94 style, or aftermarket, all metal rad.

    Brake pads wear quickly, but they are easily changed. The braking system itself works very well. Front axle seals are a maintenance item on all 80 series rigs.
  • cdlynchcdlynch Posts: 2
    Traction control is not available on a 1999 TLC, but is standard in 2000. Is this a marketing gimmick of some sort? I may want to save money and buy a used 1999 instead of a 2000 ($5 - $7k price difference). The 1999 has an electronic full time 4 wheel drive system which redirects power the non slipping wheel (to the best of my limited knowledge) - isn't this the same thing as traction control? Can someone please shed some light on this for me?

    thank you in advance.

  • dabobtdabobt Posts: 28
    Anyone know anything definitive on a date for the 2004 models? My local dealer just says "usually September."

    I have a lease that ends at the end of September so my timing is somewhat critical.

    I check here often (along with the web) as far as any clues about new options for 2004 as well. The only thing I have seen is one poster saying there might be a rear-view camera wired to the nav system.

    I was hoping for HID lights.

    So any info someone has on those two topics would be much appreciated.

  • rugetirugeti Posts: 54
    Don't quote me on this, but I recall seeing some discussions that HID lights are not put on certain SUV's due to their height and the possibility of blinding other drivers.

    As for the other issue, I'm with you and would like to know when they are arriving and what, if anything, is going to be changed.
  • dabobtdabobt Posts: 28
    I just checked a couple of manu web sites. The Lexus LX does not have them, and they don't appear to be an option. But the Escalade does have them. So it doesn't appear to be s federal mandate or something.

    I have noticed in several reviews they felt the headlights were weak on recent TLC's - hence my interest.

  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    have HID also (I own an '03). Why Lexus doesn't offer them on the GX/LX I will never know. Properly aimed HID's shouldn't bother anyone, even on tall vehicles... NO ONE has ever complained about mine -- no flashing lights from oncoming traffic, etc.
  • hank14hank14 Posts: 133
    Tx Aggie-
    Gigem! I agree with Steelcruiser and Joeeblow that a good maintenance history is the key. Have it checked out by a good mechanic who's looked at a few of these. It took me 4-5 months of looking and reading old posts to convince me the Landcruiser is the way to go. I bought a 99 with 117,000 miles and complete service records. I plan on testing the "those things will last forever" theory.

    Becca- If you like it, buy it. I passed up the opportunity for a '90 FJ62. They are definitely classics, and that thing was 10 times nicer than my '90 Ford. You may have to update the maintenance, but if it's mechanically sound, it should be worth it.

    cdlynch- The 99 does not have any traction control features like the newer models, but the 4wd system is very flexible- full time 4WD high, 4wd high w/ center differential locked, 4wd low w/ center differential locked, and some have a locking rear differential. Look at the "Toyota 4WD Systems Explained" board for a complete discussion of these features.
    In regular, full time 4wd, one wheel with no traction will get all the power and begin to spin.
    The debate will rage on and on about which of these systems is best, and I haven't used mine enough yet to say.
  • My cousin said he's having the HIDs insatalled on his 99 470, but I haven't seen them yet, so he may think he's getting them, but may be getting a snow job.

    I've put some PIAA Extreme White bulbs in my '02 and have PIAA Super Whites in my '94. Not HID, but an improvement.

    Hopefully, we'll get an '05 next generation LC and it will have HIDs on it.
  • idahodougidahodoug Posts: 537
    Here in the US, we have crappy headlamp regs and sleeping political appointee regulators. In Europe where they consider vehicle safety and motoring proficiency paramount, the opposite climate exists. As I write this, HID headlamp systems throughout Europe have been dramatically revised due to excessive stray light to oncoming traffic. They were nearly banned, but automakers have accepted a new plan where all vehicles with them must have a high speed automatic leveling system for the lamps that even dips them when you come over a small rise. Several European vehicles already have had this feature for a couple years.

    That's why US SUVs have them (not sold in Europe or any other country besides the US). The Cruiser is built for a world market. Since the laws are in flux, Toyota may be waiting for the dust to settle before adding HIDs. Shouldn't be long.

    As for adding HIDs, I'll be interested in hearing if this actually happens, or if the cousin is paying a few hundred bucks for some blue bulbs and upgraded wiring. Let us know, because if there is a way to add true HID lamps, they're very effective.

    On a related note, I'm trying out an upgraded high beam for my 80 series using a 9011 bulb that only requires a bit of filing to fit. Should get them in a week or so and will share results.

  • What does the LC NAV system do when you go off road or on a forest service road that is not in it's map database? Does it show the actual location? Or does it complain or do anything strange? Can you get it to plot a "back track" route to get you back to where you left the known road?

    I ask this because the Range Rover NAV apparently has some sort of off road capability. I don't know how it works, but the above scenario would be one useful mode.

    Also does the NAV DVD data disk stay in the reader under the passenger seat, or does the data get loaded into some kind of memory so the DVD can be removed and safely stored? If the latter, what kind of memory?

  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    Traction control was added because of the "Moose Test", basically the car will keep you from going out of control if you swerve to miss an object at 50 mph or above. Frankly, I would run over the Moose in this suituation since it is a Land Cruiser. Also, this system is extremely good for offroading.

  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    On a lead from an Aussie LC driver, I went to John Deere (actually made by GE) and ordered some 55W HIR bulbs, these bulbs make an incredible difference. One nub on housing on the bulbs have to be filed down a little to fit however this took about 30 seconds per bulb. These are the low beams have DOT written on them and they cost about $28 bucks each. For high beams, I ordered 130W IPF HIRs. These were $58 each. These lights have made an incredible difference. I would highly recommend these. These are not HID's.

    Here are links to an articles on the bulbs.

    Best Regards,

  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Thanks idahodoug.. now I have a reasonable explanation as to why the large import SUV's don't have HID's. Still.. why would it be so difficult (costly) for Lex SUV's destined for the U.S. to have HID's as an option? I'm not 100% sure, but don't RangeRovers have 'em?
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    The 9011 bulbs you speak of are the John Deere bulbs, it had 9011 printed on the housing. The John Deere part # is AH162232.

  • Doug:
    Will do. Forgot to mention Andrew's post on the JDeere bulbs.
    As to HIDs on the 470, maybe RX 330, LC 430 et al systems fit?
    Will be seeing my cousin this weekend and will see if he's had it done yet.
  • rugetirugeti Posts: 54
    I feel funny asking this question, because one of the main reasons we are considering the LC is it's quality/reliability.

    Given that we will likely keep the car for 7 years, what are your opinions about buying an extended warranty from the dealer? For those of you that have, what can I expect to pay?

    Historically, I've always said no, mainly because we have usually turned our cars over before the warranty ended. This wont be the case with this car, because one of our justifications for spending the extra $$$ to get the LC is because it is a car we will be happy driving longer.
  • Will the 55W HIR bulbs you mentioned work on a 98?

  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    The 55w John Deere bulbs will work on the '98 model. When you get them, take the current bulb out, match up the housings to the new bulb, file the height of one tab down, insert new bulb, done!

    The funny part is when you call the John Deere dealer, these bulbs are for their $200k (8 wheels) plus tractors. The guy said, that is a big tractor, I said, "Yes sir it is!"
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,701

    7 years? Gee, don't even bother! If you drive between 12-15k per year that will put you in 84-105k. With a 1987 TLC I had 2200 in unscheduled repairs with app 250k miles.
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