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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • As well as my Fj80 I am one of those with an 87 Volvo - still going strong. As you can see I like to keep cars a long time! But the RWD Volvo could not get up the hill to my snowy driveway in Massachusetts.
  • e9999e9999 Posts: 18
    I too would like to know how easy it is to put an 04 rear camera on an 03.
    Any experience? just plug in or nightmare?
  • e9999e9999 Posts: 18
    got some odd experiences with the Nav sys on our 03. Seems like it turns some of its functions off perhaps at erratic times. The manual says that you can't program destinations while moving but IIRC this may have happened while standing still too. Not sure that was indeed while stopped though, don't recall. And other menu items just stop working too.
    Experience with this issue?

    and pretty annoying you can't do some of the functions while moving, heck, not safe if the passenger does the input??? grrr...

  • e9999e9999 Posts: 18
    can't find a sales brochure for the 03 anywhere. You know, the glossy thing with photos and descriptions of all the goodies.
    Anybody got a copy or knows where to got one?
    Electronic version fine too.
  • rleongrleong Posts: 41
    I think I have a '03 LC brochure somewhere. I'm assuming you are referring to the ones you picks up at the dealer for free? Let me know what info you are looking for.
  • Several things about the nav system were upgraded for '04, including the addition of the camera. I would be extremely suprised if it were possible to integrate the stock '04 camera with an '03 nav system display. There are at least two aftermarket rear display cameras available, of course they both require you to mount a display somewhere in the cabin.
  • Steelcruiser, I like the way you think (but I can't get over the initial LC buy-in).

    RedLine ATF supposedly lowers the temp in the tranny fluid although I have no way of measuring this (although, interestingly, the 2004 Denalis do have a transmission temp gauge as standard equip.). I do know that in our small ragtag fleet of a Ford Pickup, two Jeep Grand Cherokee LTDs, a Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Volvo XC, and whatever else drifts in we've never, ever had a tranny problem out to 130K miles. We buy'em two years old, drain out all the old fluids and stuff them full of Mobil1 oil and filters, RedLineATF, premium air filters, and superpremium tires. Then we use them. Hard.

    As a side note, I think that the LC owner base is going through the same changes that the BMW and Saab owner base went through about 10 years ago. That is, the kind of people who initiatlly liked the attributes of the BMW 2002 sedan or the old Saab 95's, no longer can afford or even like where BMW and Saab are today. Most of the folks I see driving late model LCs tend to put initials on their shirt pockets and after their name. Then they charge a couple of hundred bucks an hour for "professional services" and wonder why a tradesman with an equal investment has the nerve to charge $65.
  • I own a 03 TLC. Love the truck, chose TLC over LX because I prefer the silver look over wood. However I'm looking for brushed aluminum trim kit. Anyone had any experience?
  • Block- interesting comments on BMW and LC owner bases. I've had several BMWs over the years, including a 2002tii and a couple of heavily modified Alpina versions of other models

    I would like to think that both BMW and Toyota are still building high quality, exceptionally capable vehicles. I also think that many who buy these vehicles (now) are totally unfamiliar or unaware of the tremendous history of either marque.

    I can compare my earlier LCs to my '02, just as I can compare my earlier BMWs to the current offerings. Way back when 2002s and FJ40s were "undiscovered" the cult followings started--in fact there wasn't even a BMW of North America then. Hoffman Motors was the importer and I think the total # of units imported was about 15,000/yr in the early 70s. As you say, many of the customers that started the "movements" may have been priced out of the current market and are driving something else (Hondas?), but it's a business, and it just seems that the more options offered the more they sell?

    While I think the 100 is an improvement in many areas over the 80 series, the refinement of it with the V8, VSC, soundproofing etc, has taken a bit of the edge from the LC. But, having driven cross country in the 100 I can tell you it's one sweet machine and I think that Toy did a good job of adding the luxo features the majority of folks want, without totally taming what the LC has been and stands for. Though I've modified my suspension and have a lift, I think the 100 gives away very little, if anything, to the 80 series in off road capabilities (I'm sure many will disagree with me and say that real LCs have solid axles, just as old time BMW people say that real BMWs have round tail lights).

    I may not be 100% satisfied with the LC US offerings--I'd love to have another one with a solid front axle--but in the Luxo SUV catagory I think it's hard to beat.

    I think BMW's direction is, well, different =) Look at a 3.0cs v. the new 6 series coupe.

    And I don't have initials on my shirt
  • I didn't understand that last sentence about the tradesman having an "equal investment". In what?
  • vavavolvo, an MBA, CPA, JD, MD, etc. has invested in him/herself in advanced education. During that time they had educational costs (at hugely subsidized rates, e.g., medical school) and, perhaps, just perhaps, some lost income which they would call "opportunity costs". Far too frequently IMHO, they leave professional or graduate school and whine about the loans they took out to make this investment in their human capital.

    The tradesman also has capital investments. These are the traditional investments made by a small business person. Machine tools, welders, computers, service vans, etc. etc. Clearly, a successful trades based business will have easily 200K in assets. Most, more. This is often more debt than a professional took on to purchase his assets.

    One difference is that the traditonal small business person usually doesn't whine about his debt load as does the small business person whose assets are in human capital like an MD. And there is less a feeling of entitlement; he doesn't think that someone else should have given him his assets. Some of this is often reflected in consumer behavior: the "professional" once through with school has less of need for capital and might pop for a new TLC. The small business guy might say, gee, I could pick up one more 3/4 ton service truck for another crew AND a Yukon for me to do sales calls in to grow the business for the price of a TLC. (One could argue that a business person who buys a TLC either has a stagnant business into which no more capital should be deployed or has more cash flow than his business plan can keep up with.)
  • Just replaced the head gasket on my 91 land cruiser - broke the air flow meter in the process - any suggestions on rebuilding it or where to purchase used??

  • Try a salvage yard?
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    Though I've modified my suspension and have a lift, I think the 100 gives away very little, if anything, to the 80 series in off road capabilities (I'm sure many will disagree with me and say that real LCs have solid axles, just as old time BMW people say that real BMWs have round tail lights).

    You're comparing a difference in tail lights to a difference in suspension design?

    There is a large difference between independent and live axle suspensions with pros and cons to each design. For more than mild offroad, give me a live axle every time. Much easier to maintain and much cheaper to lift a live axle as well.
  • I'd like to see pics of a modified and lifter LC if they're available.
  • I'm not sure how you concluded from my post that I was comparing round tail lights to IFS. I was responding to blockisland's post and comments on his feeling that customer bases for BMW have changed and that maybe the same thing is happening to the LC customer base.

    To some long time BMW people (the round tail light set), the replacement of the 2002 with the 3series was a big mistake, just as live axle fans think Toy offering an IFS suspension on an LC is heresy.

    My point(s) was that many who are buying, or leasing BMWs and LCs these days are probably unaware of the rich history of these vehicles and the cult followings they created. Some who had the early offerings may feel a bit betrayed". I think if you re-read my post you'll see that my preference would also be for a solid axle LC, but having owned live axle LCs and now an IFS LC, I don't really think the IFS models are any less capable for the BULK of off road use. Do I think that there are situations where I'd like to have a RFS , of course, but it seems to me that you're assessment of the IFS LC is that it isn't much good for any thing other than jumping speed bumps.

    But, as I've already stated, these are my opinions based on my own experience. I agree with your points about the "ease" of raising a live axle v. IFS. Also, my 4WD needs are for snow, some ice, beach sand, and occasionaly some mud. I suspect your needs are much greater than mine.

    I know others that have both an 80 and 100 and are pretty adamant that the 100 gives away nothing to an 80. There were a lot of sneers from 40 and 60 guys when the 80s came out......until they started seeing them on the trail. Maybe you've judged these newer LCs a little to harshly?

    Mobi-hit me off line and I'll send you some pictures and explain the difference between the lift for the IFS LCs v. those for the solid axle ones.
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97

    CLick on each gallery for more pics.

    Mine is the champagne one.

  • Is that an OME lift? From Slee Off-Road? What size BFG's?
  • fj100fj100 Posts: 97
    Yes, OME Lift, which includes 2 rear springs and 4 shocks. For the front - Sway away torsion bars. I purchased these before Slee had his on torsion bars for sale. Yes, all from

    285/75 R 16 BFG ATs - About 33 inches. You can go to 315/75 R16 's (35's) with a few more adjustments.

  • Do the 285/75 R 16 BFG ATs - About 33 inches require the lift? Or will the meats clear without the lift? Thanks.
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