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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • Yes, especially if you are buying out of the area: ask me or the rep to drive the car -- someone who knows what it sounds like. I have heard it in one car with no NAV, and it wasn't too awful, really... the 2nd car (with NAV) I heard it in was already gone and to Washington state. It's not a horrible thing, but I also can't claim to spend 18 hours on the road in a 2001 Landcruiser either. I sat in one last week that I sold and didn't hear it at all... perhaps it wasn't pronounced.

    The only way to hear it, really, is to hear it.
  • ixixviixixvi Posts: 24
    Hi Dianne,

    First, let me thank you on behalf of all who have come in contact with you. You are a professional, classy lady.

    Might I suggest that in testing the 2001 TLC for the "Boom, Boom" problem you use the same passage on the same exact CD for each test. From a scientific point of view that is the test that is required to see if the problem reveals itself in all TLC or in a few.

    Choose a track that has a lot of deep bass passages. Maybe someone might suggest a CD and the tracks to use.

    Best regards.
  • jvr427jvr427 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 LC with 42,000 miles and had a noise and rattle in my passenger side window for over a year. My original dealership where I purchased the LC changed hands and when I took my LC to another dealership recently I inquired about the rattle. They charged me to look at the window and said the window regulator had excessive play in it and needed to be replaced to the tune of
    $300.00 because it's now over 36,000 miles. This was the same problem the first dealership said was normal, but there is no current record. Do I have any recourse?
  • Well....I've decided to trade in my brande new TLC for something else. What a pitty. Doesn't even have its plates yet. Only 1200 miles. I guess I'm going to take a terrific loss, but does anyone have any idea what kind of trade in value I might be able to get on a one-month old 2000 TLC with 1200 miles in perfect condition. ??


  • I highly recommend a 2001 Cadillac Escalade for guys like you who enjoy a perfect ride. Does this mean I'll be spared from reading any more of those dis-informative posts?
  • lc2000lc2000 Posts: 33
    Dewdman42: Isn't that a little drastic? If your only problem with the LC is a vibrating gas pedal, why don't you hang on and wait for the fix? Even if it takes a few months, it will be well worth the wait. I fully expect the problem to be solved.
  • Same thing with our 2001 TLC. Low frequency (ie. subwoofer) booming. JBL should have a seperate subwoofer control. I haven't had a chance to go to my dealer yet but will.
  • A litle drastic? Yea...maybe. But the only reason I purchased the TLC was because I was under the impression from test drives I did and reviews I read that it was the smoothest ride in an SUV. It totally let me down in that department after only a week of driving it. Not only that, but the windshield wipers are noisy as hell (the motors), and frankly....its just a lot bigger than I really need. I didn't select it based on size....but given that its not driving the way I hoped, its too damn big. I am going to get a BMW X-5. I shoulda just gotten that to begin with, but I didn't.

    And by the way, anyone that thinks that the current landcruiser is a serious offroader is equally a fool. The problem with the landcruiser is that its now stuck in the middle. its not a serious offroader anymore....and they are starting to sadly miss the mark in the luxury department.....and charing a lot of money for it.

    I don't feel like sitting around waiting for a fix from Toyota...which frankly I don't honestly think we're ever going to get.... I don't want to install expensive items such as stereos and what not into a vehicle which I would end up getting rid of in a year anyway. I would just rather try to get rid of it right now. I'm glad you all love your TLC's and super glad for those of you that have no problems. Have fun!

    As for the smart [non-permissible content removed] comment about a cadilac and my so called "disimformative posts" from Jamesbass1......... thanks for your help James.


  • lc2000lc2000 Posts: 33
    Dewdman42: I wish you luck too. However, having owned two BMW's (albeit not 4X4's) I think you are going to need it. Overall, they were the most unreliable vehicles I have ever owned.

    As for the TLC's ride, I don't know what you expected, but I have no complaints. The vehicle rides smooth, handles great, and noting slows it down. As for off roading, it's funny that the experts (check Edmunds, JD Powers, Motor Trend, etc.) think it's the best off road vehicle around.

    Hope you get a good price on your trade.
  • I am not being at all caustic here, but why not trade the LC to me for a new Sequoia? I am dead serious.

  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    The LC is already too big for him. The Sequoia is bigger yet. Doubt that it would work. Maybe you can sell him a Limited Highlander.

    Now, I can understand being dissapointed by a car purchase. If I am though, it is because the car's performance or reliability do not measure up to expectations. The gas pedal vibration may sound a bit "princess & the Pea"ish, but hey, it ain't my foot. OTOH, realizing AFTER I buy a car that it is "just too big", is another thing altogether. I mean, did it grow since you bought it? Did it get heavier? Sounds to me like someone rushed into a purchase. Buy in haste and regret in leisure, and all that. Fact is, Dewd's loss (as in the hit you took for the depreciation) will be someone elses gain. A low mile LC for thousands less than new.

    Finally, the LC not really being a true off-roader? The fact that Dewd is considering the X5 indicates that he, not the LC, is "Not the true off-roader". Speak not of that which you know nothing. Besides, the Audi AllRoad is probably a much better choice if hybrid station wagons are your forte.

  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,488
    I too am perplexed. But as Hi C has said, I have not walked a mile in your shoes. Whomever comes behind and buys your TLC will have a great vehicle. Best of luck in your new purchase.
  • topgntopgn Posts: 132
    Wife will stop working next year, and we are trying to reduce costs.. One of the ways is selling my 2000 LX470 (only 6,000. miles) purchased for only $55,000. However, we have a boat that weighs in at 5500 with trailer. I llke the 4runner but with one kid and one on the way maybe the Sequoia SR5 will fit my lifestyle better than the 4runner. What can I expect to get for the LX in trade or sell outright ( always a bigger hassle)... any suggestions..???
  • gqtenggqteng Posts: 10
    Steve, I wish you luck on your endeavors to find a suitable vehicle for your needs and expectations. There really is no "perfect" vehicle. Sometimes small imperfections that are missed on test drives later come back to haunt you as you get accustomed to the new vehicle. And I had been in that situation before when I bought a Volvo. Hicaira made several good points in his post #34 that I totally agree with. I will leave it at that and rub no more salt into your wounds.

    My 2000 LC is running smooth and quiet. No booming sound discernible from my stereo/speaker system. No vibration felt at all on my gas pedal. All is well at 5200 miles.
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    topgn, You are cracking me up. Your wife is quitting work, and you need to reduce expenses. Instead of selling your boat, you want to get a different vehicle??? Sell the boat!!! And buy a used car. Priorities, my man.
  • No matter what car or truck you put in page, it comes up so far back of invoice/actual cost, you can take a Greyhound there.

    Now, go back and try to actually BUY it for that! is NOT the yardstick with which to measure a good deal by. It's more a "wishful" thinking sorta place, like an AOL chatroom where all the chatters are CA-Blonde, Bambi1969, and Sensualllle... ya know? Maybe I could start getting our Landcruisers from and save us a few thousand in costs.

  • dmac8dmac8 Posts: 54
    Cars Direct is a good benchmark. Obviously, the proof of the pudding......

    I've owned 2 TLC's, a 92 and presently, a 95. The only really negative part of either experience, has been with the dealer where I originally bought them in Chicago, and subsequently with dealers in Las Vegas and the LA area.

    The lessons for me in this are that price and selection are the sole determining factors as to where and from whom I buy. Since selection is reasonably consistent, it leaves price.

    Dianne seems to imply that there is a floor to TLC pricing, although only vaguely. She is entitled to tell you what she will sell something for, but don't lard it with prognostications about what someone else may sell it for.

    Any buyer of this vehicle should do due diligence and shop widely. It will take X amount of time to complete the process so any money left in your pocket is to your good.

    Your mission is to find the seller that on any given day, will take less. Friends of mine have purchased 00 and 01 versions of these vehicles from anywhere from $500 under to $500 over invoice.

    I respect anyone who works at building a "franchise" in this sort of forum, but its insulting to imply a user of Cars Direct is the type of person deluded in AOL chat rooms.

    Is there any prohibition against posting what someone purchased, from whom, and what they paid?
  • You can post whatever you like here, for the most part. I became involved here a while back, probably a thousand posts ago when someone I sold a LC to who traded a problematic Range Rover posted that he'd bought his LC for $100 over invoice.

    My email and website was instantly barraged, and I do mean barraged with Landcruiser requests. I posted here to clarify that it was not ALL of my LCs at that pricing... and plenty of folks expected me to be able to do odd things, even calling their local dealers and allowing my inventory to be picked up there.

    I've answered planty of questions, and posted a ton of information. I have also sold at least two dozen Landcruisers to a terrific array of Tow Hall members who just wanted a fair, no hassle deal. The car they want at a truly good no haggle/no BS price. Most of you are across many areas of the country, too.

    Explain to me how carsdirect can quote $47500 on a Landcruiser 2001 with BG CF C7 when that car MSRPs for almost 57000 and costs me, as a dealer, right now *OVER* $50,000 at the new 11/1/00 pricing increase ...and even prior to the pricing increase is still cost us $2000 more than what they have on the carsdirect screen?
    You cuss out the greedy dealer because of what one internet site posted THEY can sell a car for, but as I said, they are too far off to even consider the price a reality. I have, prior to the pricing increase, sold a 2001 LC with BG CF C7 for $49999 because the color of the car isn't a good one for us retail. That was about $500 bucks over cost. isn't a dealer --and I assure you... they cannot and will not sell a 2001 Landcruiser for 47500 with BG CF C7. That's a more than $2500 loser deal right now.
  • dmac8dmac8 Posts: 54
    I'm not interested in promoting or defending Cars Direct. I suggested they are a useful reference source and led my comments with "the proof of the pudding...."

    I used to be in the car business and am still in sales. From my experience, when you want to discredit information, its best to go lightly on the insults, as in, "if you believe their pricing, you'll believe in love on the internet at AOL chat rooms".

    These vehicles will generally sell for whatever the market will bear, and sometimes, whatever someone will pay.

    TLC's were list price items for a long time. Increased supply and price, along with greater competition have altered that paradigm.

    The odds that I will ever see the person who sells me this vehicle, after completing the transaction, are very slim.

    For this reason, price is paramount. Not a price outwith practical reality, but the lowest I can find. Some things I might pay more for, but shtik wouldn't be one of them.
  • dmac8dmac8 Posts: 54
    It was interesting reading some of the previous posts on people having negative experiences with rattles, poor performing stereos etc. These comments were usually followed by "I expected much more in a $55,000 vehicle".

    Sad reality is, you might experience more quality glitches in a $100,000 vehicle. This is not to rationalize quality shortcomings, but I drove a 01 S500 MB that had some surprising lapses in quality, for a mere 90 grand.

    Qualitatively speaking, I think TLC's are better than anything in the MB line and will prove it out over time.

    I'm fortunate enough to own 2 vehicles and as a result, I tend to only use the TLC for the utility part of its mission. Hauling people, cargo, or both. I've never done any serious off-road driving and towed a U-Haul trailer, once, from Chicago to LA.

    Even before the towing experience (which was mostly positive), I coveted the V8 for the increase in power, and the general level of amenities the new series has.

    However, even though I've never been an off-roader, I like the idea that these vehicles can facilitate that. Problem is, who will take that beautiful paint job and interior into the back country to experience water, mud, rocks and all the other hazards.

    If money is no object, the TLC is part of a stable of vehicles and you wouldn't mind hauling it through the dirt.

    If it's a boulevard cruiser, there are plusher and more comfortable alternatives.

    If you want a hybrid, buy the cheapest Jeep (which is a great off-road and fun vehicle) and a 3 series BMW. Both will consume as much gas and be close to the same insurance combined, as a TLC.

    Perhaps I can get 20 grand for my 95,leaving me 30 short for a new TLC, or, I could keep the 95 and buy an S2000 Honda.

    But, like a moth and the flame, I'll probably defy logic as I think about the V8 and those extra cup-holders.
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