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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • teddy2teddy2 Posts: 2
    The rx 3000 looks pretty small for a truck.

    I am presently using LC80.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I sold my Mercedes ML320 last week and am in the market for a Land Cruiser. I have ruled out the LX because of two reasons. I need the extra 6500 lb towing capacity vs the 5000 lbs for the LX470, secondly I don't care too much about the variable suspension settings and heigh control, etc etc. The only feature on the LX470 that I will truly miss is the memory settings.


    I am holding of on purchasing a new one until I know what's going to happen in 2006. I believe there is going to be some big changes for the LC/LX. These are the flagship trucks in the Lexus/Toyota line up and the still come with the less powerful older 4.7L V8. Even the 4Runner has the new VVTI V8 with 280 HP.


    If I find a good used 02/03, I'll get it and trade it in when the new one is out.
  • I thought the 120 series was the US equivalent of the GX 470 and 4-runner, referred to as the LC Prado overseas. Or are those part of the 70 or 90 series platform?
  • Toyota has been tight lipped about this one and one would think there would already be news if they were tooling up for a new platform in 2006. I think the earliest will be 2007 and maybe 2008 after the Tundra/Sequoia are introduced. They are all rumored to share the new platform. Maybe they will give us a hint at the FJ debut.
  • I would be curious to know how they are working. My carrier, Verizon, has introduced one (Motorola V710) that apparently doesn't work very well. I was hoping to get one if they can work the bugs out....until I read this:

  • After about six months of intensive looking and, my wife says, agonizing, I finally made my Section 179 purchase on December 31. I bought a Porche Cayenne for 43K which I love as a great AWD go to work rocket. The only (?) reservation I have is that for the 10 year long run, a TLC would have been better. Unfortunatly, I couldn't get over the 60K entry fee for a new one and to buy a three to four year old one for 41-42K didn't seem like enough of a savings to compensate me for the three years put on the car. Now if Toyota wouldn't insist on loading all the TLC with NAV , I would have been interested. (I was told reluctantly by a regional rep that I could special order one NAV less but it would take 5 months etc.) The Seq had no appeal to me.


    Since I think that I will pick up a used TLC when our Volvo XC dies, can I still lurk on this site?
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,489
    All of mine were bought under the sec 179. Excluding the sec 179 rules, one had a yearly depreciation of app 3% per year!! So the actual depreciation cost was 500 per year or 42 dollars per month. With the sec 179 rules...well they are also fantastic business vehicles!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    can I still lurk on this site?


    Not only can you still lurk you may also participate in discussions, ask questions, offer insights, perspectives and information, relate relevant experiences and convey (on-topic) jokes and humor as well as heap praise on's forums and hosts! ;-)


    And, congratulations, BTW!


    tidester, host
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I am in the market for an LC myself and I saw a used 2003 LC Base version (No NAV, etc). The car fax checks out and the dealer is asking 41K or something like that. The truck has done 16K miles. I would prefer something with the NAV and I know it is really hard to find a base version, so if anyone is interested go to and search for for 2003 LC within 100 miles of NYC (Zip 10004).
  • Tilt. IMHO a 2003 TLC with 16,000 miles for 41K is either a real base model (maybe they offer a 2WD base model in cloth?) or is may be a real steal. So, I looked at the ad. Two things jumped out: Lexus of Rockville Center (the dealer offerring it) did not mention color nor if it was 4WD. They did say "fully loaded" though. The dealer's location was 31 miles away from zip code 10004. BUT, the next ad up the page (for 1K more) was from the same dealer. This TLC had 4WD and grey paint. Only thing is, this same dealer is now 21 miles away from the same zip code. As this old lobsterman said earlier, tilt.

  • The Cruiser only comes in 4WD and loaded with most goodies. There are few options like navigation and bling bling wheels. But the base model is very well equipped.
  • I may have been too skeptical. If a decent '03 TLC still in warrranty at 16,000 miles can be had for 41K asking, this is a good deal. What the heck, that is about the same price as a used '04 Denali which will be worth less than the floormats alone in the TLC in 5 or 6 years.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291


    You are probably right. I didn't even bother calling them as the price sounded too good to be true. I figured it was like "We are sorry that particular truck has been sold, But we have a similar one for 47K". Besides, if I want the NAV.
  • I bought my truck with 18,000 miles for $42,000 so it's not ridiculous, simply a wholesale price.
  • Have a 2001 LC that we bought new. Shortly after the 60K service at the dealer, the VSC lights came on and stay on. Dealer hooked it up to the diagnostic computer and found nothing wrong with it. They noticed that the "P" light in the dashboard was out and thought maybe it was a related electrical problem. They replaced the "P" light (little bugger cost over $200 in labor to fix; they had to take apart the dash) and for two days, the VCS lighs stayed off and the "P" lights worked. All of a sudden, the lights came back on and the "P" light doesn't work. I'm of course going back to the dealer, but does anyone have a clue as to what the problem is (the car rides fine)? Also, can anyone recommend a LC "expert" mechanic (either dealership or independent) on Long Island NY who may have the experience and expertise to work on this (I go to the local dealer in Amityville and I don't think they work on many LCs).


  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    FJ Cruiser to be unveiled at Chicago Autoshow according to a number of online articles.
  • I was told from my at friend at toyota that they will build the FJ but don't know if it will come out as a 06 or 07 model year. When i hear more i will let you know
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,489
    Off the top of my head no! But why are you looking to the new Sequoia? I have a 96 TLC and it has 60k. (low low mileage). Most people remark that it looks and smells new. This things are EASILY good to 250,000 and beyond.


    If you are interested in an Escalade, get a used one. I understand they DROP (depreciate) like a heavy boulder. :) :(
  • If someone wants to buy from the General, why buy the A Denali is less money without the 'tude.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I was looking at the latest issue of Money magazine. Has a good article on residual value of most cars/suvs/pickups. The Escalade EXT seems to hold it's value well.
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