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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • Had the "beast" in for it's 30,000 service. Love this vehicle. Had annoying rattle which started about 25k. Dealership acknowledged problem and has ordered parts for correction.

    Also, transmission is a little jerky when moving back from passing gear @ 60mph or above. Not frequently, but sporadically. Dealership claims that with transmission fluid change they see no problem. Haven't had a chance to test yet. Anyone else aware of this?
  • I am new to this and have been looking for a SUV to replace my Bronco and the TLC seems great but expensive.

    I am looking at a 2001 LC with the third seat and about $4200 of options. What would one expect to have to pay for it at this point in time? Are thereany special dealers in the contry to get an exceptional on one? Also any comment about the dealer saying that he couldn't find one w/o a 3rd row seat.

    Thanks for any input provided.

  • Have been reading this message board for some time and enjoy staying current with the Cruiser news.

    I have a 93 fzj80 with 138,000 miles and it still drives better than most new cars. In fact my wife liked it so much that when it was time to turn in our 98 Expedition she picked a 2000 TLC and she has been in heaven for the past month.It's her dream car and with 2 kids and 2 dogs it fullfills all our needs.

    I've owned 2 Jeeps and the Expedition and I still can not believe it took me this long to find the advantages of owning a TLC. You shop only price and you make poor decisions. The TLC is worth the money.

    Looked at the Sequioa and it's a nice SUV but someone else said it best, " It's not a Landcruiser.

    I hope this brief comment will help someone else make the right future SUV purchase.
  • I've just finished one week after trading my 740I in for the 2000 TLC. This was one of the harvest car decisions I've had to make.

    One thing for sure, the 740I is one of the best sedans on the road. Comfort, handling, pleasure of driving, etc.

    However, the more I'm in the LC, the more I like it. It undoubtably is the best riding SUV. I've driven them all and owned a few Suburbans.

    One good point is that I'm driving slower than with the BMW, so I'm sure that's a plus. I really like the versatility of the LC for every day use, etc.

    Thanks to all those who have posted in the past on their own experiences.

    ps. I also looked at the LX 470 and to tell you the truth I like having the Land Cruiser nameplate and all the money I saved.
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    Have you guys notice the change in the new

    Cruisers and LX470's. They are installing Plastic

    rear wind deflectors. What happen to the metal

    ones? Does anybody here knows why? (They look and

    feel really cheap.)


  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,477
    I am glad to hear that the switch from BMW 740i to TLC turned out nicely for you!
  • Here's a question that I hope someone with personal experience can give me an answer to.

    I'm considering buying an Escort Passport SR1 radar detector to be installed in my 2001 Lexus LX470. The SR1 is a model whose detector is concealed behind the front grille, with a separate display mounted in the passenger compartment.

    Having been told that the display would be mounted on the top of the steering column, just under my line of sight through the top of the steering wheel to the instrument panel, I can't help wondering how this actually works out for the driver.

    Does anyone have personal experience with such an installation in an LX470 or a Toyota Land Cruiser? If so, I'd certainly appreciate your comments on how satisfactory such an installation has been for you.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I see that you have already posted your message in the Radar detectors discussion topic in the Aftermarket & Accessories message board. Hopefully someone can help you out in here or there.

    Vans and SUVs message boards
  • mghmgh Posts: 43

    For whatever is worth...

    I Don't know this particular set up, but if you want full protection for your LX470 I will strongly recommend you to buy the VALENTINE ONE RADAR DETECTOR. You can also add the remote feature so outside people don't see it at night when in alerting mode.

    THIS IS THE BEST PROTECTION MONEY CAN BUY 360 DEGREES.Plus you can always take it and use it in a high performance car remenber that the LX470?Land cruiser is electronically limited.

    Visit the web it even tells you where and how many are pointing at you. I had passports and a escorts since 1986 back then they where the best. But after the company split the partner with the brains open his own company and develop VALENTINE.

  • Well, got another rock star's Landcruiser trade here, this time a 2001 Thunder Cloud/gray leather with Nav, BG, CF, and C7, and 6k miles. Too darn big for the guy, so he swapped it for a Limited 4Runner last week.

    In regards to the 740 BMW trade, wow, 7 series are nice cars! Only fitting it ought to come in for our best as well.

    stevelr, the Landcruiser minimal extras here in CA are BG and FE. Yes, you will get a third rear seat and rear air at the very least. The "C7" is optional (roof rack, rear deflector, runn boards, rear mat) as are the actual floor mats. I know MSRP in Calif is $57600 for a car with C7 CF BG and FE... and losing the "C7" is a $1780 deduction. Meaning, the "basic" car with BG and FE stickers for $55820. I have sold cars like that for under $50000 in the past before the 11/1/00 pricing increased the 2001 models. That may be a good idea for you to price with BUT don't expect dealers across the USA to bow to pricing like that, as I am very aggressive for Landcruiser pricing where others smaller might not be. :D

  • Hello,
    Has anyone experienced problems with power anthena in LCs? My anthena mast would not retract all the way down. It is not curved or disformed, but there is a build up of some sort on the mast (maybe from all the salt and mud we had in Chicago this winter). Anyway, I was wondering if there is a safe way to clean it? Also, what is the good way to maintain/lubricate anthena? I remember reading somewhere that car polish would do the trick. Please advise.
  • I wish you the best with your new LC. Enjoy the ride.
  • Thanks to all those sending regards on the 740i/LC trade. Had family visiting this weekend and was happy to have the LC.

    rewyllys: I've had Escorts and now for the past 4 years a Valentine One. Nothing compares with the Valentine One for protection. Check them out.
  • I agree with the other posts recommending the Valentine, there is no comparison versus the competition. I'm reading in that you evidently want to operate in "stealth" mode with a behind the grille mount and display on the steering column. Unfortunately, Valentine or anyone else can't give you 360 degree protection if it cannot see behind you. To get the full benefit of the Valentine it just about has to be mounted on the windshield high enough that it can "see" over the rear seats and out the back. I think I know what you are trying to accomplish, but you would sacrifice a big percentage of the products advantage. I have had only one speeding ticket in several years of 30K to 40K per year driving miles with the Valentine. That one was from an airplane being timed over a measured distance, no fault of the Valentine. Car & Driver did an extensive test awhile back on detectors, Valentine was so far superior it makes no sense to me to even consider another brand.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I really wish I could ad my two cents on the radar detectors but I can't. The Commonwealth of Virginia prohibits us from receiving radio signals emitted by radar guns. To me, this is a first amendment issue but everybody thinks I'm nuts when I claim a constitutional right to receive whatever radio signals I want, even if they come from a patrol car on the side of the road. Because of this, I don't have any personal experience to share on these systems.
  • Was your 2000 TLC purchase a "new" vehicle? Can you advise as to what options you purchased, milage, color and amount paid under/over invoice? The posts thus far by daved528 and ssolomon2 regarding recent purchases should prove useful in negotiating my purchase. However, only one of those was "new" i.e. under 100 miles.
    I am planning on buying this week so a prompt response would be most appreciated. Congrats to the recent 2000 TLC owners! I hope to be joining your ranks very soon!!!
  • Even though the topic whether Toyota will continue the Land Cruiser seems to pop up every once in a while, I am convinced that Toyota will continue to sell the LC since the Sequoia is mainly made for the US. The current LC model has been on the market with "minor" changes for close to ten years. Has anybody heard of possible major changes for the model year 2002?
    Thanks for your response,
  • In answer to the question about the power antenna, I just replaced the mast/cable assembly in my 98 after it snapped. TLC has about 55K miles and frequent daily use. Replacing is a little tricky. First, unscrew the chome ring at the antenna base using a special tool or a nice rag and pliers. (I used the rag/pliers route carefully and left no marks.) Remove front right wheel/tire and then the inner-fender trim. You have to disconnect a few more things than you'd like to get the antenna cable off but once out, it's easy to take apart the spool to remove the broken cable which you'll find wound up inside. Put everything back together,reinstall in the TLC. Now, have someone nudge the antenna down button while you feed the new cable mast assembly down from the top. Once you've fed it all in, put the chrome ring back on and you're done.

    Hope this helps.
  • Having used a Valentine One for three years now - in autos as well as mounted on my Ducati touring sport - there is no superior product. The range is very impressive. BTW, mounted behind/under the small windshield of my bike, the unit "sees" around/through me to detect radar approaching from behind! Expensive, but excellent protection.
  • With regards to my purchase. Yes it was on open MSO vehicle; meaning it had never been titled. The list prise was 58472. Options included Third rear seat/climate control, power quarter windows. Gold trim package; Extra Mile Option package D. Color: White w/Oak.

    Mileage: 10,000. However, my vehicle was bought through the Toyota Auction in Texas. Most of the vehicles are lease cars with a few like mine that were driven by a Toyota employee (not a dealership) in the Gulf States region. So the price I paid (44,000+) would not be fair to compare to a dealer's price. I believe that this vehicle has an invoice in the area of $51-$52,000. Hope this helps.
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