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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • From one of the other boards:

    #18 of 18 The Land Cruiser is definitely being discontinued!! by krisko Feb 04, 2001 (11:23 am)

    This is as close to fact as it can be, info from Southeast Toyota in Jax. The fact is that the LC is eating into Lexus sales, the Sequoia is eating into the LC's market share. Bottom line, Lexus will sell the $65,000 SUVs, Toyota will sell the $40,000 ones. The Land Cruiser will still be available for other parts of the world. 2001 is the last model year for the Toyota Land Cruiser here in the states.
  • Last week I went into a local dealer to "look". He really wanted to unload a new 2000 Land Cruiser. He was into the $47,000 range by the time I left. Options included: Third rear seat/climate control, roof rack, towing hitch, running boards, hood protector,auto dimming/temperature displaying mirror, and wood trim. Color: Champagne Pearl with oak interior.
    Hope this helps.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Funny, I have been told by every person I know at Toyota that the LC will not be discontinued. Where did you get this rumor?
  • From the Toyota Sequoia vs Toyota Land Cruiser forum. I copied it as it was printed.
  • Thanks for the info drumbold.

    ssolomon -- I thought I remembered you posting that your vehice was pre-driven but untitled. Thanks for the confirmation. Congrats on your purchase.

    2cruisers -- I would still be interested in hearing what options, color and price you negotiated in your deal. I am stalled in negotiations and would appreciate any info ASAP.

    Best regards!
  • Hello fellow "cruisers"!! I hope that someone out there can advise me on the cost of getting my 1997 TLC serviced. I'm approaching 90K and I'm not having any problems, I recieved a card in the mail from where I brought my vehicle and they're saying that I need to have it serviced. I just called and was told that the price of servicing my LC would be around $450.00. First of all, is this fair and would it be worth this. I will do it if I feel that it's needed, but I really would hate to pay for something that I don't need. Any advise would be appreciated.
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    Does anybody here knows why they change the metal rear wind deflectors on the 2001 LX470/LC to Plastic/fiberglass?

    Your comments are greatly appreciated.



    DWRICHA Answer: About your service question on the 97LC.
    Go to your owners manual and check what is the service schedule for 90K or talk to the service department.

    Important Items:

    Transmission oil change
    Differential oil change
    Fuel injectors clean
    Adjust diferential shaft
    Spark plugs
    Tire rotation
    check your wires houses belts etc.
    These are just the basic items. You will be surprise how much you can save in this doing it your self items. I will recommend you doing the transmission and differential oil change by a service tech or dealer.

    I keep my cars in excellent shape following this basic rule trouble free and I save a ton of money. Remember a TLC is no different than any other car out there. Some times people take you for a ride just because you have a Land Cruiser just like owning a boat and going to the dealer they get you for everything they can.
    Your Land Cruiser will have no problem going in to the 200,000 miles range if you fallow this.

    Hope this helps.

  • The Landcruiser is NOT being discontinued. Good heavens, were I to type "Cliffy wears green shorts on Sundays" would that make it so just because it was here!?

    Landcruiser isn't being discontinued, and they are even bringing out a 2nd Landcruiser "retro" model in the next 18 months.

    PS: you can cut and print that because it's true. But, I do not know Cliffy's undershorts color on Sundays.
  • jgts1jgts1 Posts: 32
    Just curious.....does anyone have some new info on the JBL stereo problem, maybe a fix soon- my lease is up on my 4Runner LTD in the next couple months and want a 2001 Land Cruiser, but not if it has this annoying problem.
  • dwricha, There's not a lot to be done at 90K miles, but you can do some maintenance to keep your mind at ease. The front axle seals probably need to be replaced. This is very costly to have the dealer do it as it's a lot of labor, but it's not technically difficult. You can have the valve clearances checked, but more than likely they will still be well within tolerances. I checked mine at 115K miles, and they were fine.

    I would do a basic tune up (new plugs, test plug wires & replace if needed; all filters), replace drivetrain fluids (tranny, t-case, diffs), flush the brake fluid (should do this at least once every 2 years), replace coolant, and repack wheel bearings if you're not replacing the axle seals. Make sure the rear wheel bearings are re-packed, too. Many dealers do not realize the rear axles are full-floating, and they have wheel bearing packed in grease just like the fronts. Do the belts, too, if they haven't been done in 30K miles. Check over the cooling system hoses and brake rotors/pads/hoses.

    Having the dealer do all this will cost you a lot more than $450 :). Consider doing it yourself.
  • The service manager at the dealership we got our 2001 LC sent me an e-mail saying that Toyota acknowledged the problem and that "they anticipate a new amp or stereo being availible in the future, I have been told it may be as long as 90 days."

    Cliffy, Diane, can you verify this?

    I don't know how this may affect new LC production, but hopefully a fix for existing LC's will soon be available.

    P.S. Cliffy, do you really wear green shorts on Sundays??! :-)
  • A fix is in the wind... in the wind. May materialize soon. I don't have any concrete info, just *know* thru sources.

  • I have previously posted confirming the blistering bass problem with 2001 TLCs.

    Today I received a phone call from the service manager at the dealership where I purchased my TLC. (John Elway Toyota in Englewood, Colorado). I was advised that Toyota has sent their re-engineered amp fix for myself and one other customer. I am having the new amp installed Monday afternoon. We'll see if this really fixes the problem......maybe there is a God after all........
  • The "Retro" Landcruiser I referred to:

    Remember the old FJ40 Landcruiser ( from the 60's?)

    Rumor has it that the Landcruiser will go more back to the basics - a real off-road machine. Rumor has it that Rod Millen helped build this new "retro" car.

    FYI, off for now. I set up a new "news/future" section at my website ( where I will start to add new things that are expected, including the photos of the new Hybrid SUV 'comin soon!

  • Actually the TLC was imported from '58 to late '83. So the new TLC will have a live front axle with turbo diesel, 5 speed tranny, and available vinyl bench seat like they get in Venezuela? That would be awesome.
  • jgts1jgts1 Posts: 32
    I called my dealer today and inquired with service about the issue....basically, the guy had absolutely no knowledge of this problem- I told him that this was widely discussed on the internet...I said "at least 8-10 people have this problem that I know of, you think its just a coincidence."- he said "well, these people could have installed alarms, remote starts, different radios- which could have caused the bass problem, you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet."

    I said "of course, I'm sure all of these people did alterations to their vehicles and they are all crazy- your going to have to come up with a better explanation than that."

    If you don't know, just say it.
  • To all of you that responded to my concerns servicing my 1997 TLC, I'd like to say thank you. In this day and age, there are people that care enough to offer their knowledge to help. This is a great forum, I'm proud to own what I consider one of the best SUV's made today and to be a part of this community. Thank You!!

    By the way, I now have a friend that's a qualified TLC specialist, I read to him the list of concerns that I gained from you and he's going to look at my vehicle. He even offered other things that he's going to look at to keep my TLC in top shape and save me the cost of dealership overcharge.
  • I just got a call from the dealer I brought my LC to have looked at too... He left a message on my machine last night, but I'm not sure I want to have them do that yet. He said the amp is a unit that they are "TESTING"...that scares me a bit...why does my LC have to be their test think they would have installed it in a good few of their own test models that they wouldn't need to rip into my truck for a "test". I'm just a little skeptical because I know someone else on this board went thru this whole thing with Toyota where they promised this hardware would fix the issue and it didn't...course that was a couple of months ago...since it's been 4 months since people started complaining...they might have actually found a fix. If someone else got this new and improved unit installed, please post on how it has been working out for you.
  • bloodybeef (nice name btw), You're the test, not your vehicle. Only you can decide if it sounds OK.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Since I read it here, it must be true that I wear green shorts on Sunday. Thanks for letting me know.
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